Monday, March 11, 2013

Multi-god is the way to go

Everyone but Khorne.

New list:


Lv.3 Lord of Change = 305
Divination, 2x Greater Gifts, 1x Lesser Gift

Herald of Slaanesh = 85
Beguilement, 1x Lesser Gift

Herald of Slaanesh = 80
Seeker, Grace, 1x Lesser Gift

Herald of Nurgle = 80
Fecundity, 1x Lesser Gift

20x Daemonettes (Champ, Instrument) = 195
11x Plaguebearers (Champ, Icon) = 114
10x Plaguebearers (Champ) = 95
10x Plaguebearers (Champ) = 95

20x Seekers (Champ, Icon) = 255

Seeker Cavalcade (2/1 Exalted) = 155
Soul Grinder (Nurgle, Phlegm) = 180
Burning Chariot (Horrors) = 110

Aegis + Quad-Gun = 100

After several games, I've decided to change my Slaanesh/Tz force into a more diverse multi-god force minus Khorne. As awesome as the dogs, Crushers + Karanak is, I want the majority of my fighting force to be Tzeentch and Slaanesh. Nurgle are there simply because I need objective drivers. Their T4 and natural Shrouded gives them unmatched resilience when compared to the other gods. Especially since the Herald is T5, gives the squad FNP and they hide behind the ADL (thus getting a 2++ cover), hopefully by an objective. For some wild reason, the Nurgle Herald has BS5, so he mans the Quad-Gun and all is well.

The rest of the units here are pretty self-explanatory. The Seeker Cavalcade pushes up with the Seekers, Burning Chariot (if needed) and the Lord of Change, while the rest of the army sits back. I will hold 1-2 units of PBs in reserve, just in case they need to grab separate points around the map, or if they need to backup the primary objective holders on the ADL. The Icon will guide them there.  Lord of Change picks up Divination and spellslings his way to victory, buffing and nerfing units as he please.

Once the Seekers move into a good position, the 20-man unit of Daemonettes will enter, hopefully get a good D3+6" Run roll, and join the upcoming slaughter. The Soul Grinder will sit behind the ADL to support the scoring PB unit.  Since he is behind the Quad-Gun itself, he will benefit from a cover save.


Kyle Cruickshank said...

I really like how you are taking on the new codex, and the lists your coming up with. Some solid information here, and much that I will be using in future encounters!

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Mush said...

"Especially since the Herald is T5, gives the squad FNP and they hide behind the ADL (thus getting a 2++ cover), hopefully by an objective."

Why not just stick horrors behind a aegis line, daemons can go to ground now and horrors can re-roll 1s. That's a 2+ re-rollable cover save, personally I find that harder to shift and you don't need to invest in a herald either.

HERO said...

Of course that can work too, but I personally like standing up and getting all my shots next turn with the Herald. The premium you pay is for the majority, FNP and a constant BS5 gun. Horrors are just too inconsistent for me sadly. Personal preference!

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