Friday, March 1, 2013

What happened to Daemons in WHFB?

Looks like 40K only..

Here is what I hear in the WHFB side of things:

I hear Nurgle units are the only ones worth taking.
Beasts are a must have and Fiends are crap.
Gifts can only be exchanged for magic weapons.
Heralds limited to Lv.1 Wizards, except for Tz at Lv.2.
Khorne locus that gives Hatred costs almost as much as he does.
No armor options and decreased ward saves on the GDs.
And there's no dispel scroll.
The Skull Cannon is ridiculously underpriced while the new Tz Chariot is terrible.
Even the lores are exactly the same as the WoC ones.. aside from the lore attribute being different.

How did one of the best designed books (aside from power level) turn into a disaster.

Anyone got some info out there?  Written by Mat Ward.


TheBoredMage said...

I dont the issue is with Ward on this one, The 40k dex was written by Crudence and Kelly, and you can see a lot of the influence of the 40k codex in the WHFB rule book. I think Crudence and Kelly kept ward in line on this one.

HERO said...

I don't think it's Ward either, but I'm really curious why the book sounds like a disaster.

TheBoredmage said...

Its not so much a disaster, as its a very different army then previously. There is synergy between the two versions of the book now. You are however correct that Nurgle is top dog, however Daemonnettes are in my opinion the best core choice now in fantasy, for a small point cost they are immune to all stat tests (except leadership). Khorne did take it pretty hard, and the canon is an under priced must have.
Best core I have found so is 2 cannons and 4 solo beasts of nurgle.

Greaters got castrated, best lord is now a prince for his price. Heralds are ok, but use them right as some of the locusts are almost as much as the herald themselves.

Again not so much that its a bad army, its just a very different army then previously.

enkiel Enkiel said...

there's a few weird thing, like the table for wind of magic, or the double 6, you lose your unit, double 1, you gain what you just lost...

I'm not too worried, its just not gonna be an over the top book... i really like to compare it to O&G ; when it goes right, its great, and it goes wrong, its very bad.

HERO said...

But isn't that a disaster? Get a Keeper, Daemonettes, some heralds to go with them, Khorne Cannons and Nurgle Beasts? If this is the best, then that's absolutely terrible.

Before with the book, you could do: Tz, heralds, Fateweaver, just tons of magic diversity. Nurgle was the worst but has the best resilience and staying power. Mono-Khorne was ridiculous in damage output, absolutely unrivaled, and ASF as a given for Slaanesh was great. There were so many builds you could do with the last book and all of them were effective.

Different approach is no reason for poor internal design. If only one unit stands out from each category, then we're basically looking at GavDex2.0.

Black Blow Fly said...

Remember that the last daemon book was super hated by many people. That probably had a big influence on Matt Ward. Super armies usually get nerfed the next time around.

HERO said...

Yes, I remember. Doesn't explain the poor design though.

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Feuermann said...

GW has selled enought daemons, so they ultranerf them and made people buy another army if they want to have posibilities of win

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