Saturday, October 27, 2012

Playing some MTG

RTR is amazing!

If you guys were wondering where I've been.. I've been playing quite a bit of competitive Magic.  There's a lot of players at work and although I try my best to stay out of FNM, I might go next week with my UW Control deck.

So right now, I have 2 decks in the works.  There's my GW Aggro deck and UW Control.  Personally, I've always felt home with blue due to my permission-based playstyle, so I tend to play that deck a lot more.  Here's what my decks currently look like:

UW Control
GW Aggro

I can't wait for next set to release the rest of the guilds; Dimir being my favorite from the set and Boros in close second.  RTR is by far the most fun I've had with Magic in years.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

6th Ed. CSM book review

Ready for Eternal War!

Originally posted by me on BoLS.

I'm just going to go out and say it, I love Phil Kelly.  This man has brought us many great works and the new Chaos Space Marine codex is no different.

He leaves his trademark design elements in the codex because he allows you, the player, the ability to customize your army as you see fit.  The best thing about all of his books is that he gives you options.  Options that can be kept cheap, so you can field of what you love, and options that can gear your army out to the teeth but at a competitive price.  This is why I believe Phil Kelly is the best GW designer.

This is long!
Be prepared to read :)

This review is not going to be a direct compare and contrast of the old CSM book.  I will still compare a little bit here and there, but the reason I'd like to avoid this is because this is the first codex to be written in 6th Ed.  If we think back to what GW designers did with 8th Ed. Fantasy, we might assume that this codex is what's going to determine the scale of power and direction that future 40K books will be written.  Whether or not this is true is unknown until the next couple of books come out.

Let us explore some of the options in the new CSM book shall we?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ready for Eternal War

Rot, Glorious Rot!

Yup, I said it.
Here's what I'm currently building to:


Typhus = 230

35x Plague Zombies = 150
7x Plague Marines (Rhino, PF, 2x Plasma Gun) = 258
7x Plague Marines (Rhino, PF, 2x Plasma Gun) = 258
7x Plague Marines (Rhino, PF, 2x Plasma Gun) = 258

6x Terminators (MoN, 1x CF, 6x CbM) = 266

7x Havocs (MoN, 4x Autocannon) = 162
7x Havocs (MoN, 4x Autocannon) = 162
2x Obliterators (MoN) = 152
ADL w/ Quad-Gun = 100

I already have the Plague Marines, but I need my god damn shipment of Terminators to come so I can start converting them into Death Guard.  Anyone got any ideas on what to do with the Autocannons?  I need to make 8 of them for my Havocs and I'm not sure how.

The idea here is simple:  7s everywhere, Havocs behind the ADL with Quad-Gun joined by the Oblits.  The huge unit of 35x Plague Zombies will go somewhere to claim, contest or hold down and objective, and the Plague Marines will just roll up and be badasses.  No Epidemis and Plaguebearers, sorry.  I'll try to stay away from the cheese until DoC get released in the near future.  Who knows what will change?

Now here's a funny question... Typhus' Zombies rule makes it so Cultists can't take any options.. does that mean I can't increase the squad size either.

If I drop the Plague Zombies, I might just take an extra Oblit and add more Terminators!