Friday, December 30, 2016

Armada: Wave 5 articles coming soon

If you haven't seen it already, stop everything and do it now!

Phew! The holidays have been really crazy but I hope all of you have had a great time so far.

I will be available to write in the next couple of days and I'll be unloading on this blog with a huge amount of material that will cover all the cool new stuff we got for Armada.  My Regionals isn't until sometime in mid Feb, but so much has changed in the last couple of months that I'm actually thinking about going Imps this time around.  However, I might entertain the option to bring my giant space cigar as well since I think Home One is in a pretty target-saturated meta.

I'll be traveling still in the next couple of days until I'm at my parents' house, but I'll try to sneak in an article or two if I have time.

Here's a preview of some of the articles you'll see from me in the next couple of days:
  • Wave 5 squadrons and ships review
  • Results from Worlds, new Regionals data, the meta going forward
  • Some new lists I want to try with this data in mind; both Imperials and Rebels
  • How I intend on prepping for Regionals, what I plan on taking and why

Btw, Rogue One was amazing.  It's my favorite Star Wars movie to date, but I'm also very sad about Carrie Fisher passing.  May the force be with you Princess!