Monday, March 18, 2013

40K Allies and WHFB

Lookin' good man.

So what are the chances that WHFB will see Allies as a permanent thing 9th Edition?

It's been a while now since 6th Ed. 40K has been released.  What are your thoughts on having allies in general?  For me, it always feels like Imperials get a lot of their bases covered while Xenos gets kinda screwed.  Eldar being BB with Dark Eldar really does help, but what about Tyranids?

How do all of you feel about allies in 40K and maybe in WHFB?  Do you see any super imbalance in WHFB?


Anonymous said...

In 40k I think a little bit of fine tuning needs to be done, but is otherwise nice to have.

I personally rarely play with allies, but I like the concept. I'd like to see more detractors for more absurd allies though.

riotknight said...

40K has an easier time of breaking down a chart (1 HQ, 1-2 Troops etc)

Fantasy would have to find a different way to balance it, A starting point for me would be something like.
Max Allies 20%, and 25% of that must be core (So a total of 5% of Core Allies)
The rest could be spent however, but at least one Hero/Lord must be present.
Every selection counts towards the total of that section (So if you take 200pts in a Rare choice, it leaves you 300pts from the parent list)

Since Fantasy already has a more clearly defined Forces of Order/Destruction you could do more with Allied Bonuses and it could be fun. But there are some obvious balance issues to look at (Discarding the existing ones). Every Army with Access to a Steam Tank? Scary. Every Army with Access to Level 4 Goblin Shaman for relatively little investment? etc... The list goes on and you can see some gross combos that exist in doubles lists already.... It would take a long time to balance to even GW's standard of Balance.

A good idea is to take a look at Hordes of Chaos and Tamurkhan, they do an okay jobn of handling "Allied" forces (somewhat).

Yrellian said...

I agree with riot. The slot system works easier for 40k, plus the nature of smaller units still being effective (10 man Kabalite squad, etc). But I really think the percentage system works well with fantasy. If you kinda based it off of Storm of Magic Pacts, where it takes 1 hero, and 1 core unit, but make the core unit require 25% of allied alotment, that could work. With Storm of Magic, its an additional 25% on top, so in a 2500pt game, you'd have 625 pts to work with. So that would be ~157pts for core. The pacts allow 1 special unit and 1 rare unit for each core unit, and Id leave it like that, it can ignore the rest of the %restrictions. One issue I can see being a flaw in this is that A) it makes games quite a bit bigger, and B) Certain armies are pointless at that level, ie ogres, even high elves, etc.

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