Monday, July 13, 2020

New points are here! Time to boogy

Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way.

Here we go folks, we got points for days. I hope you guys all took my lead and started making your 1750 point armies with 8th Ed. points ahead of this points drop, otherwise, you are sure to be disappointed. To sum up before I go into anything else, both CWE and DE took a big points hit in some critical areas, but the one Eldar that made it out alive was Harlequins. You see, when I went through and reviewed the upcoming 9th Ed. changes a few posts ago, I specifically mentioned the one saving grace for Harlequins in 9th and that was its point changes. If points were good, Harlequins would be viable. Not top-tier, but playable for sure. Out of all three Eldar races, Harlequins definitely had the last laugh.

Now, let's dive into the previous lists that I tried to build. I'll start with my first love first, Dark Eldar, and then get into CWE, before finally touching on what I would with Harlequins.

1750, using old points:
  • 2x Archons with BPs and PGL
  • 2x10 Warriors with 2x Blaster, Dark Lance in Dissie Raider
  • 4x5 Warriors with Blaster in Dissie Raider
  • 2x Razorwings with Dissies
  • 3x Ravagers with Dissies

Total firepower coming from the list I built before we saw the points was:
  • 19 Dissies
  • 8 Blasters
  • 2 Dark Lances
  • And a healthy amount of Poison shots
With the new points, here's what my 2K list looks like: