Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tz Flamer Chariot WTF?!


The exalted flamer is the rider of the chariot.
All the shots come from him.
He does not have relentless.
His two firing modes are both Heavy.

The chariot is fast, skimmer, open top, chariot.

Does this seriously mean the chariot can't move to fire its weapons?!

How terrible is that?!


Paul Chappell said...

Well, Chariots are Vehicles, aren't they? Haven't actually seen the codex, so can't say for sure myself...

Sire said...

Going by strickt RAW (as one should) then yes, no shooting and moving. I suspect that this one slipped through the cracks, and will be rectified soon enough.

Cayen said...

they are vehicles, and treated as vehicles for purposes of moving and shooting.

Steven Morrow said...

is it a vehicle or a transport vehicle?

HERO said...

It seems VERY odd to me that they can't move and shoot. I'm sure we'll see an errata soon. And you don't get 3d6 attacks, you make a D6 for each attack on the rider's profile. And it's also not every model you kill, it's characters only.

HERO said...

Chariots are vehicles, yes, but it's not the chariot that's doing the shooting, it's the rider (Exalted Flamer).

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