Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good job GW, nice FAQ

Good job guys, really.

From the German site, because they always get stuff faster than us:

Google translate:

Page 26 - demon of Tzeentch
replace the last sentence with the following: "In addition
Tzeentch demons repeat all protection drafts
of 1 "
Page 49, 100, Sections - disease drones device-type,
change the device-type to "cavalry with schwebemo
Module "or cavalry with floating module (Charaktermo
dell) ".
Page 66 - powerful rewards, Obesity
change the sentence as follows: "the demon has +1 life
point and the special rule it does not die. "
Page 104 - demon of Tzeentch
Change the last half sentence as follows: "protect drafts of 1
be "repeated.
Summary - Icon of Chaos
replace the first paragraph with the following: "If
you the melee bestimmst result, you add one
Results point to your website, in particular if the
melee at least one friendly unit with an
Bound icon of chaos. "

Do they not realize they didn't answer a single thing people are looking for?

NOTHING about the Tzeentch Chariot.
NOTHING about Masque and Blue Scribes not being Heralds.
NOTHING about Fiends reducing I to 0.
NOTHING about Heralds being Primary detachment only.



Anonymous said...

Do you realize that google translate made that completely illegible?

Obergrot said...

And to translate it properly: (if wanted)
- Additionally Demons of Tzeentch may reroll all saves of 1.
- blightdrones: they are cavalry with jump packs (C)

- Demon get´s +1 Wound and "It will not die" (life points are the german translation for wounds by GW)

- like before: Demons of Tzeentch may rerloo all saves of 1.

-At the end of a close combat you add one point to the combat resolution if you have at least one friendly unit with an Icon of Chaos in this close combat

hope this is easier to read. Mistakes may be eaten ...

And to the post: Yay, answers to all the question no one would ask!

Lucius said...

I think this is not the FAQ you're waiting for. It just corrects translation errors that were not even present in the English Codex (like tthe reroll of 1 - in the German codex it was just for Inv-saves, not for all saves like in the English version).

There'll be another FAQ later I guess.

GiToRaZor said...

Schwebemodule are jet packs (the thing the Tau suits got in case the word is wrong), Sprungmodule are jump packs. And th FAQ is only refering to translation errors in the first place.

yrdetraxe said...

That proves you have never read a FAQ completely! ;-)

As written in every FAQ:

Where a version number has a letter,
E.g. 1.1a, this means it has had a local update, only in that
language, to clarify a translation issue or other minor

majorwesjanson said...

This exists to fix typos and bring the german version into line with the other versions. We will get a real FAQ, don't worry.

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