Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Resurrecting a dead army

This should be fun.

Yup, bringing back the dead.  I have no idea why the sudden interest in Vampire Counts, but I have a crap ton of them sitting the garage waiting to get updated.  Warhammer Fantasy has died down a lot in my area, but I think I'm going to get back into it in a big way.  It's a solid game system and 8th Ed. has really made it more fun contrary to what other people believe.  By the way the current books are rolling out, I'm sure we'll see a more balanced game once the 7th Ed. power armies get rotated out (DE, Lizzies, Skaven).

Here's what I'm currently building towards at 2500:

12 deploys

Lv.4 Vampire Lord = 548
Lore of Vampires
Quickblood, Red Fury, Beguile
Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Nightmare
Dragonhelm, ToPreservation, Ogre Blade

Lv.2 Vampire = 233
Lore of Death
Aura of Dark Majesty
Heavy Armor, Lance, Barded Nightmare
Enchanted Shield, Cursed Book

Lv.1 Necro = 90
Lore of Vampires

40x Zombies (Standard) = 125
20x Zombies (Standard) = 65
35x Ghouls (Ghast) = 360
5x Dire Wolves = 40
5x Dire Wolves = 40

10x Black Knights (FC, BoSwiftness) = 305
5x Hexwraiths = 150
Spirit Host = 45
Spirit Host = 45

Terrorgheist = 225
Terrorgheist = 225


The main thing to note here is that I'm going for a pretty balanced approach.  There's a mini-cav bus, less screams than a scream list, and a good amount of magic as well.  The Vamp Lord and Lv.2 Vamp will ride in the Black Knights, 6x2 formation and they'll fly shotgun next to 2x Terrorgheists.  With 12 drops total in the list, I'm looking to match if not beat most deployment.  I won't have enough to out-deploy MSU armies, but this is a pretty good start.

Lv.1 Necro functions as a caddy and sits in the smaller zombie unit.  Ghouls will be a hitting force that'll benefit greatly from Van Hels, but it's the Lord and the Terrorgheists that'll do the heavy lifting.  Spirit Hosts are great units to have and Hexwraiths are severely underrated.  They're one of the best chaff removal units in the game and being able to scare off/kill Eagles/Sabretusks/Ratdarts are a huge bonus.

Anyways, this is what I got for now.  Construction of the army will probably take place now and into April, with enough time to get some games in before my primary army, High Elves enter the fray in May.  Tau comes out next and I'll probably get my hands on the book just to write an review.  Otherwise, I try to stay away from the blue goat fishmen as much as possible.


riotknight said...

Maybe it's your area, but Hexwraiths have never been "underrated". I still routinely face armies that have 2 units and even with a proliferation of magic attacks in my armies they still cause havoc used well. They did take a hit when the Warriors book came out (knights and skullcrushers massive amounts of magical attacks), but you are absolutely right in that they are great at removing chaff, and things like pulling out Fanatics with immunity.

Chris Fritz said...

You're not alone in your sudden interest in VC. I've been looking at my old Army of Slyvania trying to find ways to make it 8th edition playable. I've also been toying with the idea of a heavy Strigoi theme combined with a level 4 necro and a mortis engine.

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