Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things I still need to try

First, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving day in the US.  It's actually tomorrow but I'm not going to be here.  I'll be flying back to Jersey to celebrate with my family and friends so no more killing for a while (except for the Turkey).

So here's what I tried out in the codex so far:
  • Asdrubael Vect - Good if you can afford the points.  You're really paying for the 4+ to seize and the better Agonizer.  His blast weapon definitely rocks if you can hit a chunk of units with it.
  • Archon w/ the Huskblade, Soul Trap combo - Too many points to be worth it.
  • Archon w/ SF, Agonizer - Great use of points right here.
  • Succubus w/ Agonizer - Basically the same thing as the Archon, but cheaper points wise.  You basically take her if you can't afford the Archon listed above.
  • 10x Warriors w/ Blaster and Splinter Cannon - Great unit, a lot of anti-infantry shots and the Blaster shot from 18" makes it the DE's version of the Grey Hunter squad.
  • 10x Wyches w/ Agonizer and Blast Pistol - Great unit so far.  With the right combat drugs, you can tear a lot of things apart, even MEQ.  Vs. GEQ, you will tear them apart without an issue.
  • Wyches with Haywire Grenades - Not sure if they're worth the points yet because I plan on using Wyches for CC specialists and keeping things in combat.  Haywire Grenades is 20pts in the wrong direction but it does increase their versatility.
  • 4x Trueborn in a Raider - Great!  They're really useful because you can't ignore these guys if you're running mech.  I would definitely take them in a Venom if there's f'n models for these.
  • Ravagers - Absolutely worth it with Night Shields and Flicker Fields.  Adds a lot of firepower to your army and has the same slim profile as the Raider.  Great for working around LoS, gaining cover and opening optimal fire lanes.

Some more battle reps

Played 2 games today against Vanilla Marines.

I got two pictures with me today, one of the first game's end game and one of the second game's 1st turn (after I moved).  I bet you can tell which game worked out better for me:

First game had terrain that I can work with; play LoS games, use cover and use my superior speed as an advantage.

Second game had no such thing.  To make it worse, my opponent tailored slightly with a list that consisted of 3x Typhoon Speeders in separate FA slots, 2x TLAC Dreads, a AC/LC Predator and Hunter-Killer missiles on every single one of his vehicles.  I'll tell you right now this is the last time I'm playing on a map that looks like this.  It was a turkey shoot.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DE Tactics: The Glass Cannon

Pictures are worth a thousand words.. even if it's a crappy MS Paint drawn one.

Rathstar asked in my tournament blog post:
Could you give more information on how you were able to fire at the Tau battlesuits while still getting cover from their return firepower. I suppose the raiders were just poking their front past a building, but how did the ravagers get cover while still firing all three weapons?

As a Dark Eldar, being able to inflict maximum damage while preserving your delicate units is vital.  Since DE is the premiere glass cannon army in the game, we're not supposed to be able to slug it out with the other races.  We must use our cunning, our guile and our superior intellect to triumph over our enemies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

DE: What are my troop options?

Based on the games I've played so far, I'm going to say that I absolutely need at least 5 troop units.  With MEQ armies, I don't feel comfortable playing without at least 30 scoring boots on the table.  For example, I always go with 3 squads of 10 full Grey Hunters for my Space Wolves and 3x10 ASM for my Blood Angels.  In the recent tournament that I played, the fact that a exploding Raider can kill half my dudes confirms my predictions.

For this reason, I don't see min squads of troops working.  Unless...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The tournament results are in!

First, the list:

17 kp

Asdrubael Vect = 240
Succubus (Agonizer, Haywire) = 90

9x Wyches (Raider FF, Hekatrix/Agnoizer/BP) = 205
9x Wyches (Raider FF, Hekatrix/Agnoizer/BP) = 205
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185

4x Trueborn (Raider NS, 4x Blaster) = 178

Ravager (NS/FF) = 125
Ravager (NS/FF) = 125
Ravager (NS/FF) = 125

This is the list I eventually went with and I'm very satisfied with it.  Before I say anything else, let me outline the mission types that we played.

1st Round
Spearhead Deployment
Seize Ground 5 Objectives
At the beginning of turn 2 and 4, roll a scatter dice for 2d6 and replace the objectives (except for the middle one)
Nominate a HQ; killing that one gives you bonus points
You get bonus points if the HQ he nominates lives when the game is over

2nd Round
Pitched Battle
All HQ, MCs and Vehicles (including Dreads) are worth 3 points (Squadrons count as 1 choice)
All Troop choices (not including vehicles) are worth 2 points
All Elites, Heavies and Fast Attack are worth 1 point.
Killing double his kill points gives you a decisive victory.

3rd Round
Spearhead Deployment
Seize Ground (3 Objectives)
One objective is in the middle and each player places an objective in the quadrant to the left or right of him.
Capturing all the objectives gives you a decisive victory.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Kabal is finished

This is a full army view.

Totals up to:
3x 10x Warriors w/ Blaster and Splinter Cannon
3x 10x Wyches w/ Hekatrix w/ Agonizer and PGL
2x 7x Trueborn w/ 4x Blasters
1x Archon, built with Huskblade and Soul Trap
1x Duke, using the DE Lokir Felheart model
6x Raiders, using the Shark Fin sails
3x Ravagers, using the barbed thorns

Thursday, November 18, 2010

1850 Tournament this weekend

It's going to be quite sick.  I haven't played in a tournament for quite sometime because of this ridiculous OT.. but as of today, I'm done with that!  Not only is this going to be my first couple of games with Dark Eldar, but it's also going to be a tournament.  Hopefully my 4th Ed. Eldar-ish skills haven't worn out completely.

Here's the list I plan on using:

15 kp

Asdrubael Vect = 240
Succubus (Agonizer) = 85

9x Wyches (Raider FF/AS, Hekatrix/Agnoizer/PGL) = 205
9x Wyches (Raider FF/AS, Hekatrix/Agnoizer) = 195
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185

5x Trueborn (Raider NS, 4x Blaster) = 190
5x Trueborn (Raider NS, 4x Blaster) = 190

Ravager (NS/FF) = 125
Ravager (NS/FF) = 125
Ravager (NS/FF) = 125

I will make another post Sunday or Monday night with the tournament results.  Tomorrow/Saturday night will consist of me putting together 3x Ravagers in preparation.  Go me!

PS - The picture has nothing to do with 40K, but the first person to tell me where that's from gets a cyber cookie.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Swarmlord Tyranids list

Here's the list:


Swarmlord = 280
+2x Tyrant Guard w/ Lash Whips = 130
Warrior Prime (BS/LW) = 95

10x Genestealers = 140
10x Genestealers = 140
14x Termagaunts = 70
14x Termagaunts = 70
+Trevigon (Catalyst, Onslaught) = 190

3x Raveners (Rending) = 105

2x Hive Guard = 100
2x Hive Guard = 100
2x Hive Guard = 100

Trygon Prime = 240
Trygon Prime = 240

Strategy, deployment and game plan:

  • Termagaunts form a wall of cover in 2 14x1 formations.
  • They will cover the Hive Guard who will in turn, cover the Swarmlord & Co.
  • The Warrior Prime will be moving from the Swarmlord's unit to absorb wounds with T5.
  • Genestealers will deploy in reserve and will outflank with the help from the Swarmlord.
  • A single Gene unit can also opt to deploy behind the Swarmlord and offer a strong counter-charge unit.
  • Trevigon will be behind the Hive Guard ~around the Swarmlord and generate more cover.
  • Catalyst will be cast on the Termagaunts giving the cover or be used on the Swarmlord's unit.
  • Raveners will be a distraction/harassment unit that will apply pressure on any long range guns.
  • Hive Guard will shoot at everything that needs to be shot and can-opened.
  • Tyrgons will be in reserve and will come in to apply pressure on the opponent's flanks or rear.
  • Hopefully things don't suck for me and I roll my opponents off the board.

Let me know what you guys think.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Summing up the IG Codex

The most realistic way to analyze IG from a competitive standpoint:

  • Cheap CCS with options to take Plasmas, Meltas
  • Colonel Straken with his ridiculous 12" bubble of Furious Charge and Counter-attack
  • Astropath for +1 reserves and re-rolls to outflank
  • Officer of the Fleet for -1 opponent reserves and re-roll his outflank
  • BS4 Veterans as troops with Plasmas, Meltas or Demo Packs (S8 AP2 large blast)
  • Dirt cheap HWTs and Guardsman that can be spammed
  • Dirt cheap Chimeras for AV12 everywhere for everything
  • Vendetta Gunships for 3 TLLC shots, fast, scouting, skimmer with transport options
  • Valkyrie does the same thing but has missiles
  • Psyker Battle Squad, full squad, 10 dudes, auto-rape morale
  • Marbo surprise rape with a demo pack, anywhere you want
  • Tanks, tanks and more tanks.  Tanks in squads too.
  • S8 AP3 large blast everywhere.  Eat shit marines.
  • Hydra Flaks for DE, Deathstrike for Rhinos and Basilisk for anything else.
  • All the competitive options are questionably priced (by that, I mean underpriced).
  • Everything else not mentioned is shit and need not apply.

Really makes you wonder what Robin Cruddace was smoking when he wrote the Tyranids codex.  He gave IG players everything they ever wanted to be competitive for years to come.  Good job, now everyone else has to catch up.

Also note that I'm not saying that IG are unstoppable or that they're overpowered.  They're just.. really good.. and this list is to show people why.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DE vs. Mech IG and Tyranids

I don't normally take anything from Warseer seriously because most of that forum is filled with terribads and trigger happy mods.  Good thing that once in a while, I'll run across a thread or two that's actually worth a damn.

The topic of the day here is about footslogging IG being a problem for Dark Eldar.  Umm.. no.  I don't know how many times people have tried to talk across the table in 5th Ed. and have lost.  If you're not playing Castle Eldar or Horde Orks w/ Killakanz then I have no idea what you're doing outside of transports.  The only time I've seen Horde IG work was against 50/50 Blood Angels list because there's too many IG dudes to kill before they shoot you to death.  Seriously, one of the worst things to happen to assault units this edition is not being able to consolidate back into assault.  You know what, I really hope next edition features some kind of "overrun" option for assault troops winning combat.  In this edition, you almost always want to stay in combat so you don't get fucking shot in the face by Mech IG's 3 billion AP3/2 blast weapons before you can do anything heroic.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How do you paint Dark Eldar?

I was thinking of something really simple and easy, but looks nice.  Definitely something table-top ready but nothing too competition like.  I just to be presented nicely on the table and to say I have a fully painted army.  I'm used to bright, awesome looking Grey Knights.. so this is pretty alien to me.

So here's what I was thinking:

1. GW Primer Black
2. Drybrush Liche Purple
3. Wash with Badab Black on the dark shaded areas
4. Highlight those surface edges with Liche Purple

I'm trying for a sinister looking, dark army with hints of purple.  Does anyone have experience doing such things?

What about that Leviathan Purple wash from GW.  Is that any good?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ER: Wracks worth it?

ER = Email Response:

Hey there,

I was curious what your thoughts are on Wracks?  Do you plan on using them at all?  And how would you go about modelling them?  Haven't played 40k in a long while, but the new codex has me wanting to dust off all of my DE in the closet and stealing some souls.

The wracks look pretty beefy with a heamonculus with them.  Instant FNP/FC with double poison weapons.  Seem almost better than wyches, barring cover because of no plasma.

Also have you done any play testing or have any thoughts regarding the new talos/cronos. If I do go this Wracks route I could stick a webway on the heamonculus.

Just curious of your thoughts.



Saturday, November 6, 2010

And so it begins..

My Dark Eldar boxes have arrived and today begins the long trek of assembling them.  I don't believe in painting before playing anymore, so as soon as I get these boys assembled they're going to see never-ending bloodshed on the tabletop.  Here we go..

Friday, November 5, 2010

BR: 2K BA vs. Air Cav IG

I looked across the table in fear when Chris pulled out 2 Valks and 4 Vendettas...

2 objectives - one in mid, one on the far top left (from my side of the table)
Dawn of War - 1st round is night fighting.

My list:

Blood Angels Expeditionary Force
Mephiston = 250
10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250
10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250
10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250
2x Sanguinary Priest (JP, MB) = 160
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Predator (AC/LC) = 135
Predator (AC/LC) = 135
Predator (AC/LC) = 135

Thank you Chris for supplying your army list!

Steel Legion Air Drop
CCS, Astro, OotF, 4x Plasma in Chimera
Vets 3x Melta in Vendetta, Heavy Bolters
PCS 4x Plasma in Valkyrie, MRP, 2x HBs
Infantry Melta in Vendetta, Heavy Bolters
Infantry Melta in Vendetta, Heavy Bolters
HWT Autocannons
HWT Missile Launcher
SWS 2 Flamer, Demo in Valkyrie, MRP, 2x HBs
SWS 2 Flamer, Demo in Chimera
2x Leman Russ, 2x Lascannons, HB Sponson

I was a little fuzzy on my DoW deployment rules but my opponent was a champ and refreshed my memory.  Dawn of War deployment kind of sucks and there's no way in hell I'm going to reserve vs. an IG list with an Astropath and Officer of the Fleet.  I win the roll to go first but I let him take first turn.  He chooses to hold everything in reserve while I keep everything off the board so I can roll up from the board edge when the game starts.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revisiting Asdrubael Vect

I was brainstorming today on how my Dark Eldar lists will play out if I went for more Warriors over Wyches.  Sure, Wyches are nice, but how do they compare to Warriors overall?  Warriors have the ability to inflict a lot of wounds at range as opposed to close combat.  Wounding on 4+ vs. everything is better than S3 in close combat for the most part.  Sure, the 4++ invulnerable in close combat is nice from the Wyches, but at the end of the day, killing things for that fast FNP is a must.  Plus, Warriors can take more AT from range and have the option to go either Dark Lances or Splinter Cannons depending on role.

Then it came to me.. what if I take a list with Warriors, Trueborn and Vect.  Just Vect, no other character is needed, but I'll also take his Dais of Destruction for a lovely AV13/13/13 shell for a 9-model retinue.  Since Vect has to come with 9 other models, I decided to gear them for dedicated CC.  Here's what the list looks like:

14 kp

Asdrubael Vect = 240
+Dais = 200

9x Wyches (Hekatrix/Agnoizer/PGL) = 130
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185
10x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster, SC) = 185

10x Trueborn (Raider NS, 4x Blaster) = 250

Ravager (NS/FF) = 125
Ravager (NS/FF) = 125
Ravager (NS/FF) = 125

Monday, November 1, 2010

My 1750 BA, SW and DE

Blood Angels

11 kp

Librarian (JP) = 125

10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250
10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250
10x ASM (PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns) = 250

2x Sanguinary Priest (JP, 2x HFlamer) = 170

Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145
Baal Predator (TLAC/HB) = 145

Predator (AC/LC) = 135
Predator (AC/LC) = 135

I could run Mephiston at this point level, but then I would only have 20 boots on the table.  I don't know about you guys, but I get really shaky when 2 groups of 10x ASM is all I have for scoring.  By dropping Meph and a AC/LC Predator, I can fit another squad of 10x ASM in there with the same melta-loving configuration as the other ones.  I find that to be a much safer option.  The 2x Sanguinary Priests on JPs will carry around some Hand Flamers and call it a day.  They're there only to spread the 6" bubble of FC/FNP love.  With 5 AV13 tanks on the table, I'll have plenty of shielding and cover against my enemies as I advance up the field in full speed.  The 11 kill points is also very low since I'm making my enemies work extra hard for each 10-man T4 3+ FNP unit kill.  As for psychic powers, I'll probably take Sanguine Sword and Shield of Sanguinius.  Unleash Rage can work as well since there's no such thing as overkill for Blood Angels.  At 2K, the Librarian disappears and Mep-shit-on you takes his place.  Add one extra AC/LC Pred and we're good to go.