Saturday, June 30, 2012

6th Ed. Army FAQs posted!

Fuck man, my Huskblade!

Here here!

IG is as strong as ever.. the Vendetta is just out of control.  Not to mention Deathstrike just pours down S10 Large Blasts with not reduced damage, and the Hydras have Skystrike and don't allow Jink saves.

SW Frost Weapons are now only AP3, except for the Frost Axe which is basically a Power Axe.  A few things changed so that Ragnar's Wolf Howl can only effect SW models, and Arjac has to issue and accept a challenge whenever possible.

BA loses the ability to Scout Smoke their Baals, most of their buffs like FNP and FC can only effect friendly BA models (no Allied bullshit), Red Thirst ICs can only join Death Company and a few weapon changes (like the Chaplains using Power Mauls).

DE definitely saw a nerf in Huskblades and Agonizers as they are now only AP3.  Razorwing and Voidraven both lose Aerial Assault so the only one who has it is the Ravager.  Allies cannot use the webway portal, and  you definitely cannot assault when your units come out of them.  On the bright side, you can now FF against Dangerous Terrain tests.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dark Eldar in 6th Ed.

Don't nerf my Huskblade!

These are my predictions for what will happen to Dark Eldar in the next edition.
I haven't been wrong about predicting what will happen to an army over editions for a very, very long time, so I don't think that'll start happening now.

Below, I will list my sources, then talk about how this will effect the Dark Eldar army.  I don't think I'll cover the Space Marine armies because the entire warhammer internet has exploded about all the possible things that can happen to Space Marines.

Anyways, my sources:

I guess the biggest question is:  Will Dark Eldar be better or worse next edition?  Well, let's go over a few details and then I'll let you guys figure it out.

Let's start it off with...

If a Fast Skimmer moves at all, it gains a 5+ cover save.  If it goes Flat Out, it gains a 4+ cover save.
Does this make Flickerfields useless?  A little, but FF is an invulnerable save that can still save things from flamethrowers, close combat attacks or anything that ignores cover saves.  However, I will say that I'll be dropping FFs from all my vehicles and keeping the Night Shields instead.  I've always been a fan of Night Shields, so there you have it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6th Ed. Ramblings and Predictions

I will have the book this weekend.

First, my sources:

I don't want to go too far and deep into this, but I have some predictions for 6th Ed. that you might or might not agree with.  Please, feel free to chime in and let me know if any of this is incorrect.

Lets start with some of the things I noticed.  Please excuse me if this is unorganized, but I just wanted to write some shit and get it out of my head.  There's a lot of info here, so open up the two threads I linked above so you can follow along.

Also keep in mind that I'll be talking from a DE, SW, BA player's perspective, as well as touching upon GK, Tyranids and other armies I find interesting.  I will use bold and italicized to cover army specific stuff.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

300pt Dust Warfare Recap

Yes it did.

I played a 300pt game of Dust Warfare on Tuesday and it was quite enjoyable.  As most of my BRs are more self-reflection and bullet point analysis these days, this will be short and to the point.  I'll talk about some of the stuff I found interesting and tactical mistakes and good plays that happened during the game.

First, the army lists--

My 300pt Axis force had..
PU: Implacable = 15

C: Heavy Kommandotrupp + Lara = 64
1: Axis Gorillas + Markus = 48
2: Heavy Recon Grenadiers = 30
3: Battle Grenadiers (+Pzshrek) = 20
4: Battle Grenadiers (+Pzshrek) = 20
S1: Sniper Team = 12
S2: Medium Pz Walker-B "Ludwig" = 40
S3: Medium Pz Walker-B "Ludwig" = 40

My opponent (Chris) had:

Combat Platoon
C: Ranger Command Squad
1: Ranger Combat Squad
2: Ranger Recon Squad
3: Ranger Weapon Squad
S: “Pounder” Medium Walker
S: “Steel Rain” Medium Walker
S: Observer Team

Elite Platoon
C: Ozz 177
1: Heavy Ranger Assault Squad
2: Heavy Ranger Attack Squad
3: Heavy Ranger Tank Hunter Squad
S: Sniper Team

Ozz 177 attached to the Heavy Ranger Assault Squad.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Been playing Diablo III

Addiction is bad.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, but I've been playing a lot of D3 lately.  I have a Monk in pretty good gear but I'm still getting hammered in A3 and 4 Inferno.  I do quite well in A2, even though I do die some times.  A1 Warden and Butcher farming can only go so far so I'm definitely hoping for more dual wield possibility.

Here's some pics of my Monk's stats:

These stats are with Enchantress buffs.

My skills look like the following:

Concussive + Resolve is king.

And here's a pic of my gear:

I need better resists.

I also played some Dust Warfare last night (300 pts), so I'll write up a short recap/BR of it in a little bit.