Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FW models allowed in normal games?

Cock locked and ready to rock.
So I played a friend of mine yesterday and I decisively defeated his Blood Angels with my Dark Eldar at 1500 pts.  He tells me today he's going to take a LR Achilles in our next engagement and I said no way.  I was under the impression that FW models are unofficial and permission only (being mainly used in Apoc games) but he shows me his book and it reads:

This is the opening statement in the new IA books:
This unit is intended to be used in 'standard' games of Warhammer 40,000, within the usual limitations of Codex selection and force organisation charts.As with all our models these should be considered 'official', but owing to the fact they may be unknown to your opponent, it's best to make sure they are happy to play a game using Forge World models before you start. 

So I guess it's official now that you can use FW models in games of 40K?

I personally hate FW models.  Well, not the actual models themselves but the rules that come with them.  If you think GW rules are bad, I think FW rules are just outlandish.  The reason why is because they WANT to put something out that GW does not put out.  D-weapons, great.  Immune to melta/lance, great.  A drop pod that allows a Furioso to charge on the turn it lands, awesome.  In order to sell models that are 3x as expensive, the rules must own as much right.  I mean after all, how much are people willing to pay for proxies of a normal Land Raider?  They want something that can wreak havoc and make that 100 dollars well spent.  Thus, the rules are developed to go with them.

Anyone else feel this way?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time for some Firestorm

Aquan Prime BB.

I'll be playing Firestorm next week hopefully.  Pretty damn excited.  My fishmans (Aquan Prime) haven't seen the light of day in forever.  Maybe they were hibernating?  Or maybe they're just waiting for SG to get out more ships and MARs!  Did you guys see some of the new Dreadnoughts and Destroyers Spartan put out for Firestorm?  They look quite bad ass.  I'm a huge sucker for space combat and I'm about to indulge myself in some casual, exploding dice fire frenzy.  I'll try my best not to rage quit and throw my models across the table if they blow up.

Here's what I plan on bringing at 1k points:

Poseidon BB (3x AP) = 215
Poseidon BB (3x AP) = 215
Manta BC (9x AP) = 275
4x Storm CL = 240
2x Pirahna FF = 40
+3x Interceptor Wings = 15

Also thinking about possibly dropping the Manta's AP for max Pirahna squads.. but realistically, they're probably just going to have to swim somewhere and hopefully not die.  Might also drop a CL for max FF, what do you guys think?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Your army is overpowered

Got another thread for you guys to look at:

Yes, it's from Warseer, but I've seen stuff like this on a billion other forums:  Dakka, Heresy, B&C, BoLS..etc.  It seems to me that everyone and their dog seems to think Grey Knights are overpowered.  Is this true?  Personally, I do think that aside from the outrageous fluff that the book is a little strong.  I think the book is more Space Marine hunters than Daemonhunters, but hey, to each his own.

Let me sum up this thread for you guys in a nut shell:
  • The OP is a Space Wolf player calling Grey Knights overpowered.
  • Several IG players chime in calling Space Wolves overpowered.
  • Blood Angels are mentioned briefly but dismissed because they are overshadowed by Space Wolves, IG and GK.
  • No GK players come to defend themselves.
Does that mean GK, SW and IG are the only OP armies?  Is that what the internets have decided?  What about you guys and what do you think?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Tactical Marines ought to be

Saw this thread on Warseer:

Thought it was interesting.  There's a ton of proposals in there, but I have one of my own:
Let Tactical Marines take 2 special weapons, 2 heavy weapons or a combination of both.

That is all, thanks for listening.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BR: 4K BA vs. Necrons

Pages 1+2 has the game photos.

Haven't played the game yet, but I will be playing it in the next couple of hours.
It will be a 2v2, Blood Angels vs. new Necrons, 2k points each player, so 4k total on each side.

My list looks like the following:
3x 10x ASM w/ PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns
2x Priests w/ JP
3x Baals w/ TLAC and HB sponsons
3x Preds w/ AC/LC config

My friend's (Darian) list:
3x 10x ASM with PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns
2x Priests w/ JP
Furioso Dreadnought
Contemptor Dreadnought (FW, opponent's permission approved)
2x Stormravens w/ TLLC and TLMM, totting Dreads in the back

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just a heads up for 40K

I hear Tau and Chaos Legions is next in that order.

I will be doing both:  Tau because it was either them or Grey Knights back in the day, and Chaos Legions because I own 40 Forgeworld Deathguard.

Yep, that is all.

Edit: Oh wait, there's Vampire Counts coming out early next year too.  Yep, doing that too.  Damn.. next year is going to be expensive..

Monday, November 7, 2011

Necons: Thinking outloud

A collection of Necron tips and tricks!

Tip #1 - Lychguard Deathstar
Submitted by HERO

Say you have Nemesor and Obyron.
Nemsor sits on a perch with 20x Warriors and a Cryptek with Tremorstave in cover with good LoS.

A Necron Lord w/ Res Orb, a Cryptek with Gaze, Obyron, 10x Lychguard with Dispersion Shields fly towards the enemy in a Night Scythe going Supersonic 36".  The Night Scythe has 3++ due to turbo and Stealth because Nemesor says he does.

They get out, and start wreaking havoc.  If things go poorly, they just teleport back to Nemesor.

Random thought:  Anyone assaulting that squad will not have Furious Charge, the Necrons themselves will have Counter-Attack and defensive grenades.  It's just all kinds of bad news.

Tip #2 - Destroyer Lord and Wraiths
Submitted by HERO

On the flank, you have a Destroyer Lord with Res Orb.
His bodyguard does not consist of Destroyers, but 6x Wraiths.
3++ bodyguards with 3 S6 Rending attacks each and a 4+ WBB for later.
Not bad for roughly 380 points.

Tip #3 - The World trembles
Submitted by HERO

A good amount of Crypteks with Tremorstave in transports.
36" range blast that on hit, makes the unit suffer Difficult Terrain.
C'tan with Writhing Worldscape on the field somewhere.
When you blast things, they're taking difficult and dangerous every time they move.
Note:  Difficult for vehicles is always considered Dangerous, and they fail on a 1 and 2.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Necron Codex Review

Well guys, it's been quite a long time since I posted.  I had a lot of chores with the new house, threw a house-warming party, got a new position at work, worked ridiculous hours at Blizzcon, then got sick after Blizzcon.  In short:  Shit's been really crazy lately and I haven't had time for any minis gaming.  It's alright though, I received the new Necron codex this weekend and this review will hopefully nail all my thoughts on the book.

First, some self-made rankings and numbers:
Overall Power: 7
Internal Balance: 8
External Balance: 7
Creativity: 9
Fluff: 9
The verdict:  A solid 8