Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1750 Daemonic Evolution

If only the god damn KoS had Beast..

Yup, I keep posting lists because I love it.  No, really, what it is is me playing an ass ton of games and figuring out what works and what doesn't.  Here's what the list looks like now:


Lv.3 Lord of Change = 305
Divination, 2x Greater Gifts, 1x Lesser Gift

Herald of Slaanesh = 85
Beguilement, 1x Lesser Gift

Herald of Slaanesh = 80
Seeker, Grace, 1x Lesser Gift

20x Daemonettes (Champ, Instrument) = 195
10x Plaguebearers (Champ) = 95
10x Plaguebearers (Champ) = 95

20x Seekers (Champ, Icon) = 255
9x Screamers of Tz = 225

Seeker Cavalcade (2/1 Exalted) = 155
Seeker Cavalcade (2/1 Exalted) = 155
Burning Chariot of Tz = 100

  • Lord of Change is still there with Divination.
  • Heralds of Slaanesh are still there; one to lead the Seekers and one for the Daemonettes.
  • Only 2 MSU units of PBs to hold points, they DS on later or start on the map depending on many VPs there are.
  • New units here:  Double Seeker Cavalcades and 9x Screamers of Tz.  Why?  Because they are freaking fast, adds as a force multiplier, and can't be ignored.  When 20 Seekers, 9 Scramers, a total of 16 AV11 Hull Points, a Burning Chariot, and a Lord of Change is running straight into your lines, there's just too much to shoot everything.  The AV11 gives me immunity to bolters, answers MEQ in cover and provides something the daemon army desperately needs:  meat.
  • Again, I'm going for the offensive take on things, needing the Plaguebearers to score and that's it.  If I wanted to play D, I would play Nurgle.  You guys should know by now that that isn't my cup of tea.  I like it fast, really fast.

Remember, the name of the game is speed!


Last night I played against a SW/IG list
He had a Griffon, 2 units of scoring autocannons + guardsman, led by a Runepriest behind an ADL with 2 Longfang squads w/ missiles. 3 units of Greys in drop pods, Wolf Lord + 2 thunderwolves riding shotgun. And a Vendetta with Plasma Gun Vets and a CCS.

A pretty good list, but not over the top or hardcore competitive.

The mission was 1 VP each, long ways deployment, PLUS he seized on me. My LoC rolled re-roll invuls, had the Staff and S8 AP1 Lance 18". Rest of my guys took Etherblades. Although the seize was kinda bad, the remaining Chariots charged and killed one GH squad by themselves. LoC + Screamers killed the other squad that came down. Rest of the army ran up, with the Seekers taking the brunt of the damage.

The thing to take away from this was: I was able to relocate my entire army to his southern and exposed flank. Literally, in a blink of an eye, everything turbo-boosted, flew, and ran half way across the map and into one concentrated area, true Blitzkrieg style. I continued to do a sweeping advance upwards and forced a major victory, snatched from the jaws of an early seize.

I love how fast the army is and this is the one I'm probably going to stick with. The obvious weakness is heavy air, but with all those points spent on units that come in on reserve, I'm more than happy killing everything else and making my way across the field unopposed.


Ian Kershaw said...

I like it! The speed is insane in this list.

KillmaimBurn said...

I really like this list, but there are a few things I'm not sure about. Are the screamers being included over, say, flesh hounds, because you feel the list lacks anti-tank, or anti-TEQ? Also, are the champs on the plaguebearers in for any particular reason, or just because having champions makes everything cooler? I'd be tempted to exchange them for an etherblade on one of the slaanesh champs, but that's just me.

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