Sunday, September 29, 2013

NEW Dark Elves stuff from the book!



For assasins and Death Hags:
Are gifts of khaine supressed or is there a list in the book (and of course can you write/picture it?)?
looks like i shall write here rather than post pics, maybe its safer for me :P
now assasin and hag use different things, former is 3 kinds of poison, latter is 3 kinds of gift. and remember hag can only take 50pts magic weapon, while assasin have access to 50pts magic items. for normal characters, they can only take one from the three. shadowblades and hellebron have all 3 kinds at the same time.
black lotus: for each unsaved wounds suffered by the character, he got a cumulative -1LD
dark venom: KB
manbane: +1 bonus to wound rolls

cry of war: fear, and all fear test made by the enemy unit in base contact with the hag suffer -3LD
rune of khaine: this model gain +D3 attacks
witchbrew: she and her unit get frenzy. if they already have frenzy, they become super-frenzy with +2A. but the unit suffer -3LD when testing not to charge.

Can I ask a background question please? What's the relationship between DEs and Slaanesh now? Does the cult of Slaanesh exist in fluff? It looks like the warlocks have something to do with Slaanesh from the captions in the pics, but I can't make it out.
sry i havent read the background. but one thing for sure is the warlocks have been cursed by malekith, if they dont find and kill the innocence, their souls will be taken by slaanesh. so they have to kill and satisfy the dark prince all the time for survival.

hydra regen works on wounds lost that turn or all she lost erlier and havent regenerated yet? And it works only in our turn or enemys too? Could You please rewrite wording of this rule?
Whats the cost of harpies, do they ve any special rules like no panic ti other DE?
Still 2 RBT per slot?
All lores for small sorcerress (2lvl) too? Is she 80pts?
for hydra, it's regaining wounds happens at the end of your turn only. RBT is one per slot, but it's special and you can take four. it's strange but certain. small sorcerer can also take 8 lores. and she's 80pts. for harpy, they're special, 15pts and do not have any special rule except for fly.

Whats about the rules of the Black Guard? Do they have changed? Does a Assassin gets mundane armor? Whats about the stats and rules of the cauldron. Does it have a 4+ Ward Save and does the hag get it aswell? Thanks!
the bg have eternal hatred to all enemies, that means reroll all failed rolls to hit every round. they keep other rules in 7E.(warrior elite took place by eternal hatred) assasin do not have access to armour, and cob has a 4+ ward save itself; it can give the hag and witch it joins 5+ ward save, other units a 6+ ward save.

Four more questions. Does the missing of an armour-option mean, that an assassin cannot get a magic armor aswell? Do Assassins count against the heroslotlimit? Is the Sea Drake Cloak avaibel for all characters- or just for corsairs? Are the Hydra and the Karbdyss watercreaturs?
no he cant; yes he does; yes the cloak is available to dreadlord and master; no they dont have sea creature rule.

That's a potentially solid debuff. What's the Ld of the beasts?
hydra is 6445552(3+remaining wounds)6, 160pts, 4+AS, 20pts for flame breath and 20pts for a 8'' shooting with multiple shots=remaining wounds, s=remaining wounds. kharibdyss is 650755456, 160pts, 4+AS, poison attack, abyssal howl(reroll successful ld test), feast of bones(if all attack hits, auto hit D6 S7 hits afterwards.)

Thank you for your enthusiasm Zhangyi. Do you mind if I ask you about how sea dragon cloak changed in this edition?
well it's now a 5+ scaly skin.

Just guessing now that zhangyi has left, but given that the scroungerunner's cost includes the bolt thrower, I'm quite sure the High Beastmaster can man the bolt thrower.
yes, he takes place of one crew. he get bs7.

Thanks....what are the rules for the Fleet Admiral and the Beastmaster characters?
they're both lord choice. fleetmaster is 155pts with 566433739. he has two hand weapons, light armour and sea dragon cloak. can take 50pts magic items. have a special rule called show no weakness that if he's fighting in a challenge or killed a character and still alive, the unit he joins become unbreakable till the end of that turn. high beastmaster is 300pts which must take a manticore or scourgerunner chariot by free. his 577433839 with spear, light armour and see dragon cloak. can take 100pts magic items. have a special rule called beastslaver that at the start of each of your turns, choose a friendly monster within 3''. that monster get +D3 A till the start of your next turn.

Hydra and Kharibdyss
and one more thing... hydra and the kharibdyss both are monsters now, without handlers. though u can see two on their base, they're nothing about them in the rules.

Magic items aren't that great but everything else seems awesome. Is malus the exact same? What's the pricing on sorcereress and lords?
he's been changed slightly, now the daemon gives him +1 to WS,S,T,I and frenzy. any to hit roll of 1 hit a friendly model in base contact. supreme sorcerer is 185pts with lvl3, dreadlord is 140pts. sorcerer is 80pts with lvl1.

Rules for kuran and tullaris?
kouran 596432739 join bg and make them unbreakable. have a +2s crimson death, and a 5+AS with armour of grief which make a S5 hit every time an opponent hit him. tullaris 566432739 join ex and make them frenzy. have a magic great weapon which called the first draich that gives him 5+KB

Are they champions or moved to hero slots?
moved to hero slot, u see they have w2 both.

Hydra Regen how specifically does it work ? Thank for answering all my questions by the way!
at the end of your phase if it still alive, u roll the number of dice equals the lost wounds. every 4+ it regain a wound.

This is nuts! If I don't go WE I may go with these girls and march and charge them up the field before they can get shot to pieces. Are they khanites and do they get the same bonuses from CoB as WE's?
no they're not brides of khaine, they're arena fighters. COB can give them 6+ ward save if join them... but still if they're 6'' within COB they can reroll all the failed rolls to wound. and COB have a bound spell can make them frenzy.

Which special characters are in, which are out?
they stay the same. no new special characters.

What does the magic item section look like, Do I still have access to the Hydra Banner (fingers crossed)
from my first glance they're not as good as HE. only 10 items, including one 100pts nearly useless sword(hydra blade, +D6 A, every close combat phase u must make a -2LD test or suffer -5WS, but gain HKB.) and one 100pts useless banner(banner of nagarythe, the unit take it will unbreakable). hydra banner is not there any longer, so does the banner make cosair frenzy.

Does Malekith get cheaper? Don't need points just wondering.
yes, he's only 510pts on foot. didnt change much of his rules, now the circlet grants him an bonus dice if failed his casting/dispelling attempts once per magic phase.

points and options for black guard and cold ones pls. Also what does the medusa chariot thing do?
BG=15pts, EX=12pts, cold one knight=30pts. the chariot make units from this book in 6'' +1LD, and all others -1LD, called aura of agony.

Witch Elves keep poison? How does Power of Darkness work? Available lores?
yes they keep poison. power of darkness is one of the two signature spell, which cast on 8+, target the caster's unit. all models in unit get +1S until the caster's next magic phase, and recover D3 casting dice, if you rolled 3 dice, the caster suffer a wound that cant be saved by armour. dark elf have access to all eight lores this time, cheers.

can you list the magic items and new spell lore. Do executioners still have Killing blow or are they now D3 wounds
still KB, not D3 wounds.

rbt and handbow rules? what about the bleakswords? any rules for them? What about shades? do they still have options for great weapons?
rbt is now special and 70pts, u can take four.(yes four) handbow become 12'', the rest stay the same. bleakswords have no other rules have to be metioned, 9pts. shades is 16pts, hand weapon and repeater crossbow, no armour. u can take great weapon or two hand weapons by 2pts/per model.

hows the assassin looking ? Manbane ? Repeater Bows armor piercing ?
90pts with poison attack. can get two hand weapon or a handbow. access to 50pts magic items and one of three poison. one is to wound roll+1, one is KB, the other is if u wound a model, his LD-1 for the rest of the game.

Is there a sac dagger and pendent?
yes the dagger is there. no pendent.

sac dagger
everytime when u cast a spell but before dispelling, u can use the dagger. remove a man from the unit, and roll a D6, 4+ u get an extra dice and must be rolled and add to the result, then opponent try to dispell. if u roll 1-3 then u can try the dagger again and again until you get a dice, or you can simply give up.

WE Initiative?
they're I6

what's the chariot with RBT do ? is it special or core ? thx for the pictures and information!
it's my pleasure:P it's special, cost 150pts, profile is S4 T4 W4 with 5+AS, M9, two crew with spear and repeater crossbow. it has a harpoon launcher, like a bolt thrower but far more powerful. it's S7, 24'' range, and cause D3 wounds. if a monster suffer any wounds from it, the monster will be dragged D6'' directly towards it. if D6>3, the monster suffer another wound with no AS.

What would you say is the best magic item the DE's got? The dagger sounds pretty nice, how much does it cost?
25pts. DE have some "OK" items IMO, but i cant tell which is the best. wait for me to post them.

it looks like the Dark Riders now have shields? Is this a default now, or still an option which causes loss of Fast cav?
it's an upgrade with 1pts/per model. DR can have both light armour and shield without losting fast cavalry.

DE sorcerer cast dark magic gain +1 bouns in casting value. it's called HEKARTIS BLESSING

they're fast cavalry in rare with state 544431528, and M9 on horse. 25pts/per model. they only have hand weapon, but have 4+ward save except for wounds caused by model with mark of slaanesh or daemon of slaanesh. they're considered to be level2 wizard which is used like pink horrors. +1 for casting value for each extra rank except the first, to a max of +3. they know 2 spells, one is doombolt from DE army book(see #2221), the other is soulblight from lore of death. great unit.

I'm afraid to ask but... how much for a Dark Rider?
16pts per model with light armour. 1pts for shield, 3pts for crossbow.

what's the basic warrior cost ?(without spear , shield , RXB ..)
shield is auto. spear is another auto. 9PTS for spearmen and swordsmen.RXB is 12pts without shield upgrade(+1PTS)

Last masochistic question: Sisters of Slaughters?
they're rare choice with very impressive state 564331629. 15pts/model, with shield and hand weapon. can have a magic banner up to 50pts. 4+ward save in close combat, and every close combat phase it can choose an enemy unit in base contact. they lose parry and rank bonus in combat result.(still can steadfast). if any enemy model in base contact with them have highter WS or S(before weapon matters), they get +1 to hit and wound rolls.


aracersss said...

holy mother of awesomeness ... thanks ... just thank you ... black guard are one of the coolest looking models ever released ... and they would make a great fight against phoenix guard same with executioners and swordmasters

The Warlock said...

Damn, that chariot looks epic, like an evil sleigh. Thanks for the pics, I'm actually really, really tempted to get a small DE force. Any word on the new battalion contents?

aracersss said...

do you happen to know what is the S(+ weapon) of the executioners, and if they are the equivalent of either white lions or swordmasters

HERO said...

Probably the same as before.

executioner rss said...

HMMM still not much on the Medusa.

Kazadhun said...

Have they lost eternal hatred across the whole army except for the black guard.
and is this all for the banners and magic item section

HERO said...

yes and yes

HERO said...

no word atm

carlo said...

sorry to ask for the obvious but do you have the stats of both executioners and black guard ... would be nice if you can give me the full stats

HERO said...


buddythedarkelf said...

How much are the poisons/gifts of khaine?

Keencommander said...

Any info on cold one chariots? Did their stat line/armor save/point cost change? Also I heard an odd rumor that the charioteers have three attacks now.

Wupin said...

Given the current information, how powerful will this book be?

Tier-s, 1, 2, bottom?

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