Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dark Elves: Brainstorm #2

Calm down pirate guy, no one will take you.

The big question for today would be:  To Cauldron or not to Cauldron?  There are some plus and minuses for both and frankly, I'm not sure which is the right route to take.  Shall we examine this a little bit closely?

Cauldron with a naked Hag is 275, so if you buy this thing you might as well make it 300 with the BSB.  If you want to take Warcry on her (which you prob should), it'll cost more, and if you want WS10 with Fencer's Blades, it'll cost even more.  The layout I had yesterday only had Fencers with the BSB for a total of 335 points.

Here's what the Cauldron does:
+Allows all MODELS with the Murderous Prowess rule to re-roll ALL to wound rolls within 6"
+Gives Witches 5+ ward as well as having 4+ ward on itself
+Drastically increases the damage Witches because it'll be re-rolling wounds
+Comes with a bound level Frenzy spell

-Really expensive if you think about it
-All your RBTs will be in the same location if you're looking for the re-roll wounds bonus
-If you put it in the Witch unit, it'll make the unit very large and unwieldy
-Pretty much naked BSB in the form of the Death Hag that you can challenge out
-The Cauldron itself has 2 Witches and a Death Hag, so you get less attacks overall

Alright, there it is.  Just to put into perspective on the price of the Cauldron, I'll throw out another list that you guys can see.

11 drops

Lv.4 Supreme Sorc, Tome = 245
Dark Magic

Master BSB, 1+ RR, SoMight = 155

34x Witch Elves, FC, Razor Standard = 449
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110

30x Executioners, FC, Eternal Flame = 400
4x RBT = 280
Hydra, Breath = 180

5x Warlocks = 125
5x Warlocks = 125
K-Beast = 160
K-Beast = 160

By dropping the Cauldron entirely, I am able to take a 1+ re-rollable BSB and a Hydra with the S4 breath attack.  That increases the durability on my army flag, gives me another monster, and gives me another drop. Even with the Hydra gone, I get pretty much any unit in the book because you've hit that sweet spot for extra points.

What do you guys think?  Cauldron or no Cauldron?


Druchiilad said...

I kinda feel the Cauldron is a little too many points 300 for supporter that is quite fragile is too much. If it had stayed in the 200 points area then maybe, but if you look at it you can have 1 Cauldron or 2 K-Beasts! If it have 5+ ward to all units then I'd take it to give the Executioners some protection, but as is... Need play test time.

colins said...

I like this list more. I am usually of the opinion that less is more. Fewer points spent of one big thing, for more units and flexibility

dan said...

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Prince Yrellian said...

Also, you dont get rerolls on ranged attacks.

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