Monday, October 7, 2013

Blood Queen Hellebron

I am Death Incarnate.

It was only a matter of time before I let her loose.

10 drops

Crone Hellebron = 310

Lv.4 Supreme Sorc, Scroll = 245

Master BSB, 1+ RR, SoMight = 155

30x Witch Elves, FC, Razor Standard = 405
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110

28x Executioners, FC, SoDisc = 381
3x RBT = 210

5x Warlocks = 125
5x Warlocks = 125
K-Beast = 160
K-Beast = 160

Everything pretty much looks the same here except for 1 less RBT and a few less Executioners.  The idea here is that Hellebron hangs out with the Witch Elves and I shoot enough targets/win the chaff war that she can just go forward and kill what she wants.  Ideally, she starts on the board with her unit deployed backwards so she doesn't need to break formation from Frenzy.  After all, even with Ld.10, her unit now tests at -3 Ld. because of the Witchbrew.  I'm thinking with the Supreme Sorc hiding in the Executioners' unit, I'll keep throwing stuff like Regen on her unit and +T on the crazy girls' unit.

Warlocks and Black Riders will be Fast Cav harasser units, as well as inflicting Soulblight onto a unit so I can Dwellers them for greater effect.  Life is chosen primarily because I wanted to keep Hellebron alive and maybe heal a few K-Beasts while I'm at it.  I don't like having only 3x RBT, but that's the price you pay when you take someone as killy as the Blood Queen herself.  With 7 attacks base + D3 more, WS7 I9 ASF S10 Poison with re-roll 1s to wound, she's pretty much death incarnate.  I'm not really counting on her Cry of War to happen every game, but sometimes it turns out pretty good.

Story time:
I played a game earlier where my opponent charged me with his unit of Prince, BSB, and 3 Helms into my Witches unit in the flank due to a lucky overrun roll. I then threw 4+ Regen on my Witches unit and the Blood Queen Hellebron makes way to the flank to intercept the Prince's attack. They fail their Fear check from Cry of War even with the re-roll, and then Hellebron threw out her attacks. 5 on the Prince, 3 on the BSB and 1 into the Silverhelm Champ (rolled a 4 for +D3 attacks). ASF cancels by and with Hatred, S10 and re-roll 1s, I kill all of the High Elf royalty. Attacks back resulted in 1 wound done to Hellebron, which I heal back next turn from my Life mage. Then I proceeded to 6-dice Dwellers and kill 19/24 White Lions.  Khaine was pleased.

I do think this list has potential.  This list is just pure death for an armored list and no one wants to charge into KB central or Hellebron's unit.  Especially when you have 2 K-Beasts hanging out in tow.  The trick in using Hellebron I think, is how to keep her alive the entire game.  Having +8 to dispel on the Witches is nice and it'll pretty much stop any attempt to nuke them aside from IF, but Hellebron herself is quite vulnerable.  At T3, 3W with no saves of any kind, making this list work will be a challenge.  I'm definitely up for it.


Danny McDevitt said...

You put the sorceress in the witches? Bold move. I put a 2+ save master in them and they took one of his wounds before combat.

HERO said...

She started off in the Executioners unit but moved to the Witches in T2. Still, too stressful, probably won't do it again lol.

Prince Yrellian said...

Man, that list looks soo good. I was musing last night, what are your thoughts on MSU witches and/or executioners? Im not a huge fan of the warlocks, can you sell me on them? Id feel better with a unit of 20 rxb to put my sorceress on. Is the hydra a waste now compared to K-Beast?

HERO said...

To answer some questions, I think MSU Witches and Executioners is perfectly usable, for sure. They're some of the best damage dealers in the army book but they're both very weak in defenses. This makes them some of the best MSU units out there. Warlocks are just fantastic, they offer Lv.2 Wizards, they can channel, they move ridiculously fast, they can kill other chaff, they can cast Doombolt for harassment, Soulblight for debuff, and they're relatively cheap for what they can do (125 for 5). The Hydra is fine I guess, but I think the K-Beast brings more to my army for the points. The 5 attacks at WS5 S7 with possibly more is very attractive. Not to mention the Leadership debuff that they provide, making it impossible to get a BSB re-roll if they pass their first leadership test. This can be devastating for break tests and Fear rolls.

Prince Yrellian said...

What size of MSU for witches or executioners would you run?

HERO said...

Small and cheap, 5x2 or 6x2. 7x2 might seem awesome for attacks, but you're really starting to get wide and borderline expensive there.

Prince Yrellian said...

No command? Also, if I wanted a block of executioners, would it work with a BSB and Hellebron in it? Or should she stick with witches only?

HERO said...

Prob just Mus with Champ.

WarlordEXE said...

whats the 1+ RR from? is that the same build from over on talking about bsb builds? Over all i really like this list. You got two power house units, plus enough anti chaff/chaff that you dont have to wory too much about getting trolled by enemy chaff/anti warmachin skirmishing stuff. Plus, if your opponent doesn't have a alot of chaff/anti chaff then you can hunt his warmachines and redirect all day. Also what i love th emost is the sorta Har Ganeth Theme going. My army is supose to be a contingent from har ganeth XD

HERO said...

Yes, I was the same one who commented on the 1+ RR build. It's by far the best build on foot I think, you maintain good attack vs. line and file and you have excellent resilience.

Furbyballer said...

Hey Hero, would Hellebron recieve the 5+ wardsave if put into a unit of witches with the cauldron?

Timbucktoo said...

Sorry, very new here. MSU?

HERO said...

Multiple small units

HERO said...


Timbucktoo said...

How do you keep her alive in either unit? Doesnt she die on the first charge?

HERO said...

The only feasible way I've noticed is if you take Lore of Life. If she's in the unit of Witches, you have to pray you get the +T spell and spam it on her. She needs constant reforming so you can relocate Hellebron to the corners of charges that she'll receive and will do well against. She will need to challenge frequently to lock herself in combat, and she'll need to make good use of Make Way! Her objective is to kill her targets before she receives damage in return, and should she receive damage in return, she needs to survive with T5-7 from Lore of Life. If you're going to be taking serious damage from sources that'll overwhelm your Toughness (like a charge from a Steggy that causes Impact hits and D3 wounds), you'll absolutely need Regen. Unfortunately, this means she'll have to bunker with the Sorc, who will be with the Executioners.

Lurifix said...

Sorry for the dumb question but what does the RR on the master mean?
and How do you feal about hellebrone now after some games without her? still worth it?

HERO said...

It means 1+ armor save with a re-roll.
I feel she can be worth it in certain matchups, but suffers immensely from others. She absolutely, positively depends on Lore of Life to survive, and that's not always a good garauantee you're going to get the spells you want.

khurdur said...

she certainly is a nasty piece of work...would a vampire lord with nightshroud deal with her? does it work on her?

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