Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dark Elves and X-Wing

I guess this is a Sorc?

Yes, you read that correctly.  Last night, I put in a purchase for X-Wing because that's the latest hype in my area I'm dying to play a dogfighting game.  I've decided to go with Empire and I'm pretty excited to put the smack down on some Rebel scum.

Tonight, I played a game vs. VC.  It was not a standard list but it did have a giant horde unit of Ghouls, but lacked the Blenderbus and Terrorgheists.  What it did have was a giant unit of Grave Guard with Barrows and a Blenderlord on foot.

Here was his list in a nutshell:
Lv.4 Blenderlord on foot
Big horde unit of GG with Barrows
Big horde unit of Ghouls
A lot of Wolves chaff, I think 4x5
A unit of Zombies for bunkering
2x Death Wizards in zombine bunker
2x units of Vargheists
2x units of Hexwraiths

The list he fought was my Dark Elves, Hellebron list:

9 drops

Crone Hellebron = 310

Lv.4 Supreme Sorc, Scroll, Gem = 250

Master BSB, 1+ RR, SoMight = 155

30x Witch Elves, FC, Razor Standard = 405
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110

24x Executioners, FC, Discipline = 333
28x Executioners, FC = 366
3x RBT = 210

5x Warlocks = 125
5x Warlocks = 125

I'll write up a proper BR in Battle Chronicler sometime this week, but for now, know that I'm really excited about playing some X-Wing.  Hmm... I'm also thinking about trying Light Magic for my next list.  Not sure how that's going to play out, but it'll give me some WM protection.  Will it work with Hellebron? Probably not.

Stay tuned to find out what my Empire X-Wing list will look like!


Dalinair said...

X-wing is great, i took the plunge and went mental on it buying about 20 ships after 1 game i liked it so much. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Are you missing the big monsters at all in your games with the dark brethren?

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Love X-Wing. It was nothing like I thought it would be and it is really refreshing. It's really all about movement and positioning. Very simple game but quite tactical.

Duncan Wright said...

who won?

HERO said...

Ugh, my computer BSOD'd during making the BR and I lost all the Battle Chronicler files. I won though, with big moments like IF Dwellers on the Ghouls for 21 killed, good magic phases for me where I got off missiles to kill the Hexwraiths, 5 Warlocks killing 3 Vargheists when they charged, and T7 Executioners laying into his Grave Guard and Blenderlord. Even with T7, I lost combat and rolled a 4 to stay, and killed his VL in the next round of combat for the game.

Duncan Wright said...

The Warlocks seem like they definitely are worth their points, given this. Plus, Dwellers like a boss!

Von said...

Can we ever expect that battle report? I'm interested in seeing how that Vampire Counts list fared, and how the Dark Elves (I hear they're the best things ever) managed.

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