Monday, October 14, 2013

Dark Elves: Taking the Cauldron

At least she's lovin' it..

Sure, why not?  Let's go ahead and make a list with the Cauldron in mind.  I bet it won't be too bad, but it does drop the total number of drops I can put down for more killing power.  Reading from the actual rules of the Cauldron of Blood itself, it seems like the thing allows all units within 6" of it to gain re-roll wounds if they have the MP rule.

Strength of Khaine specifically says: "Friendly models with the MP special rule in UNITS within 6" of the Cauldron of Blood re-roll all failed To Wound rolls."  With that in mind, it's still hard to justify the obscene points of the Death Hag tax on top of this thing.  She's 100 points with Cry of War and honestly, that's about the most expensive thing ever for a 2W T3 model with no saves of any kind.  Sure, she gets 5+ ward on top of the damn thing, but I honestly think her price should be 60 base with the Cauldron itself supplying her with a 4+ Ward.  That's how I would of priced it anyway.

No matter, here's the list I've been brainstorming:

9 drops

Lv.4 Supreme Sorc, Scroll = 245

Master BSB, 1+ RR, SoMight = 155

Death Hag, Cauldron, Cry = 290

30x Witch Elves, FC, Razor Standard = 405
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110

26x Executioners, FC, SoDisc = 357
28x Executioners, FC = 366
3x RBT = 210

5x Warlocks = 125
5x Warlocks = 125

Everything looks pretty standard here to be honest.  You have the two units of 7x4 Executioners and the unit with less will have the SS and BSB to fill the ranks.  Black Riders and Warlocks will do their usual thing, with the big difference coming from the magic lore that I chose to go with.  I think Life's ability to Lifebloom the Cauldron, add Regen to the unit of Executioners the SS is in, and +T to the Cauldron's unit is pretty huge.  Regrowth can actually heal a few things here and there considering the list is made out of all infantry.  If I get Dwellers Below, that's a pretty nice spell especially since it can work well with the Warlocks' Soulblight.

I will probably play this list at least once so I can get the feel of the Cauldron.  On paper, it looks like a huge points sink, but I got to take the thing at least once just so I can tell you I told you so.  I'll probably start the thing on the board 7x wide in the unit of Witches so I'll have 2 Witches on each side of the Cauldron.  Hopefully with some good spells, I can make the thing work for the better.  Should I run into any trouble, the Cauldron itself will leave the unit and support whatever I need it to while throwing out its Fury of Khaine bound Frenzy spell.


colin said...

good luck with this list. I am not a big fan of the cauldron either, but would like to find a way to make it work without handicapping the army so much. Too many points for not enough gain imo

Grovel said...

I think you're misinterpreting that one Hero, it's models within 6" that are in units that have that rule - not units that have a model within 6".

Shig said...

Grovel, why even include the word "unit" if it only affects individual models within 6"?

Hopefully we get a faq on this

HERO said...

I dunno, looks pretty clear to me: "Models with the MP rule in units within 6". I read that as models with the MP rule, and in units within 6". Prob will need a FAQ though.

hads said...

Interesting list... maybe you're going to miss some more redirectors and I think the razor standard's not worth 45 points. The main issue with the Cauldron is cannon vulnerability: the hag will die 1st turn against a cannon list. But anyway, the cauldron can still be there with his 5W 4++ save.

Why the cry and not the Witch brew?

Where are you planning to put the cauldron?

What I'm wondering is wether the RBT will repeat rolls to wound when next to the cauldron. RBT's crew does have MP rule, but not the RBT itself.

HERO said...

I don't like the Cauldron, frankly. It see it as 275+ points of unneeded killyness when the army is already very killy. I disagree on the Razor Standard, it allows you to touch 2+ Knights when they would otherwise wall you completely.

Cry because it's cheap, and I don't want to spend a single cent on the Death Hag. I see her as fodder and a waste of points.

Cauldron goes with the Witches, in the center of the army flanked by 2x Ex units.

I don't know, right now we're just rolling a 4+ going for Cauldron affecting RBTs. An FAQ would be nice..

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