Wednesday, October 23, 2013

X-Wing: Let's try another list

In Vader we trust.

Alright, this is proving a little more difficult than I thought.  There are quite a few options when dropping Carnor Jax from the list because I don't think he's worth it.  Having 3 more hull points and another ship to damage is a very good thing.  The key to making a successful list at this point is to make feint importance and make it so every model on the table is a threat somehow.  Whether this is Soontit Fel by himself, or his wingman Turr Phennir flying hard flank, or the two named Ties coming straight in, it's all good.

Here's what the list currently looks like:

100 points

Soontir Fel
Push the Limit
Stealth Device
Targeting Computer
Royal Guard TIE
Turr Phennir
Veteran Instincts
Stealth Device
Targeting Computer
Royal Guard TIE
"Mauler Mithel"
Veteran Instincts

The Elite 4.

With this list, I'm going for more hull points and more potential damage in the ways of Mauler Mithel and Backstabber.  This puts the list's pilot skills up to 9/9/9/6 and increases the total hull points to 12 from 9.  I'm planning to take Soonit Fel and Turr Phennir in every single Imperial list I make from here on, but everything else is adjustable.  I know, this doesn't really leave many options, but I really like the fluff and look of the 181st Saber Squadron.  Nevermind, I take that back:  I bought a Slave 1 last night so I'll be making some lists with that in the near future.

Here's the tricky part with the above list:  I can drop Targeting Computer from Turr and get Howlrunner to run with my list.  Likewise, I can drop Mauler Mithel completely and replace it with Howlrunner.  The problem with running Howl in my list is that she really works better with more ships.  What really sucks is that if I take Howlrunner in my lists, I'm begging myself to fly in formation just so I can utilize her special ability to shoot better.  With Tie Interceptors, this doesn't work well because standard Tie Fighters can't really keep pace with them.  With Targeting Computer as an option, they also don't benefit too much from Howl's re-roll.  With that said, Howl's also a giant target on the battlefield.  I feel that if I want to take her, I'll want to take her with protection and thus, increase her points cost.  That's something I want to avoid as I'd rather have regular Tie Fighters that can do good damage by themselves.

It's all good, the above is the list I'm going to run for a few games and see what happens.


ImmateriumPress said...

A lot of guys prefer having Turr OR Soontir Fel and not both. Turr with Veteran Instincts likes to have initiative, so he can shoot first and get his free move before they shoot back, and that means writing a list at 98 or 99 pts to stack the odds. With Turr, also remember that you can't do the same action more than once per turn, so you can't barrel roll and then barrel roll again after shooting (same thing with boosting and boosting of course). Some folks do that wrong with free actions.

Meanwhile Soontir Fel likes to NOT have initiative so he can move dead last and reposition himself carefully after every enemy ship has been placed, and help with that you basically have to spend the entire 100 pts and hope for the best.

Another simple but scary list I've seen using the Imperial Aces cards had:
Carnor Jax w/ PTL and Targeting Computer
3x Royal Guard w/ Veteran Instincts

4 Interceptors with PS8 and no need to fly in formations at all, which makes them a bit less vulnerable to bombs and Assault Missiles (which lots of people take to deal with ye olde Howlrunner TIE swarms).

HERO said...

Interesting, I don't think that's necessary. PS9 should be fine on getting Turr to go first in shooting and thus moving to a desired location. I've been running these guys for several games now and I haven't seen a problem with them together. Did you have issues with them if they're in the same list? Can you give specific examples of issues caused when you have/don't have Initiative?

Eruletho said...

I like running Howlrunner, Mauler w/ Vet Instincts, Backstabber, and 2 Sabers w/ PTL. That list can really bring the pain, as everyone but Howl shoots with 3-4 dice often enough, and the crazy interceptors, despite moving a good bit earlier than the rest of the team (9-8-7-4-4) are amazing at lining up shots that Howl can then go boost.

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