Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BR: 2500 DE vs. HE

Killin' er'body.

The list I used was:
10 drops

Crone Hellebron = 310

Lv.4 Supreme Sorc, Scroll = 245

Master BSB, 1+ RR, SoMight = 155

30x Witch Elves, FC, Razor Standard = 405
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110
5x Black Riders, Shield, RXB, Mus = 110

28x Executioners, FC, SoDisc = 381
3x RBT = 210

5x Warlocks = 125
5x Warlocks = 125
K-Beast = 160
K-Beast = 160

Opponent was HE:
2x units of Silver Helms core
shooty BSB
Light Wizard
3x units of 21+ White Lions, FC
3x RBT
2x units of Reavers
1x Eagle
1x unit of Archers
1x unit of Shadow Warriors

I got some pictures of the game, but they're not very detailed as to what happened.

Moving all over the place.
  • The Witches were deployed in the beginning with their backs turned, so they don't need to Frenzy check.  After the first turn, they SR'd to turn around and move into the forest after the Warlocks.
  • Flanks went hard on the sides with Dark Riders and a unit of Warlocks.  They shot at stuff, only managing to kill a few Reavers on the right.  Combined fire from the RBTs dropped the Reavers on the left.
  • My magic was absolute ass, rolling 1345 with Life, and defaulting to 0 for the Regen.  With that in mind, everyone got into the Executioners unit and went for the house ASAP.  Kharis went around the house to stay within range and hopefully dodge some bolts.  I ended magic by throwing Throne on myself with IF and stopping the miscast.

His army advances, I pick off what I can.
  • Magic is weak for me but for him, I let him have Speed of Light on the Silver Helms.  Nothing else happens as my opponent fails to get Timewarp.
  • Riders moved up on the left side to shoot at the Eagle, but only managed to put a wound on it.  Combined fire from 2x RBTs at short range didn't kill a single Silver Helm and he charged it into my Warlocks in the trees.  Combat saw the Warlocks lose and flee 1" away from the board edge.  He fails to restrain and this Silver Helms goes diving into my Witches.
  • His entire army center moved up.  I managed to clean up his far right RBT with good charge rolls, but next round he shoots and kills my loan Dark Rider and panics the Warlocks off the board lol.
  • His remaining Reavers that were on the right moved up to threaten my RBT, but one of my Kharis jumped on him and that was the end of it.  Both beasts are now hanging out on the right side of the house.
  • On his turn, his Eagle runs into my Riders but dies to ASF and good rolls.  I jump onto his RBT from there.

Combat is joined and the Blood Queen feasts.
  • I get my Executioners out of the house on my turn and got off Regen after he stopped Shield of Thorns.  My Kharis move into flanking locations to anticipate the charge and that's it for my movement.
  • The Silver Helms lose big on my turn and he flees like a coward.  His next unit of Silver Helms charge into the flank of my Witches while I rally my Warlocks.  Combat doesn't do anything as both units stay.
  • His shooting drops to rest of my Riders while my RBT shoots down a few White Lions after some sad rolls.
  • Magic has him throw a bunch of dice without IF at big Pha's, but I scroll that in a heartbeat.
  • On his turn, his charges come in hard with a flank on my Executioners unit, and another charge from the front with two units of White Lions.  He fails Fear on his flanking unit of White Lions at -3 from Cry of War, even with the BSB re-roll.  Hellebron lays into the unit in the front and kills 7 White Lions.  Attacks go off everywhere but Frenzied Executioners dominate the opposition.  I think it was something like 26 White Lions dead from both units and a Champion slain by the BSB in a challenge.  Hellebron takes a wound from the attacks back and after good Regen rolls, my Sorc also takes one.  He rolls his break, the left unit breaks, the right unit decides to stay.

Chasing down the cowards.
  • On this turn, the game pretty much ends.  White Lions get shot some more, Hellebron kills the rest of the unit of White Lions by herself, the Khari beasts charged in with nothing to eat because the Blood Queen's a psycho.
  • Combat runs down the Silver Helms on the flank of the Witches thanks to the Warlocks charging, and I'm hot on his heels with what seems like an unstoppable army.  I threw dice and got Regen on them again with IF, and dispelled the miscast via throne.  He calls the game here.

Post-Game Thoughts:
  • It's always a risky game to play with Hellebron, especially since I have everything in that unit of Executioners.  What if he had rolled a crazy kill spell or Fiery and lit my dudes on fire?  I hate putting everything in one unit, but with my spell selection being balls, I had no other choice.  I needed the Regen to keep Hellebrone alive and the only way I was going to do that is stay in the same unit.
  • I think I could of kept the Witches a little closer frankly, they were in a great position by the trees and getting hard and then soft cover, but what if they lost combat?  I guess I looked across the battlefield and didn't think I was going to lose combat to White Lions.  I had high hopes that Hatred and Murderous Prowess would rip through a unit by themselves.
  • Silencing those Warmachines and keeping my own up was pretty well-done by me.  I killed his chaff and reduced his units down to something I can coordinate attacks at more readily.  It sucks that one of my Warlock units paniced off the board, but what can you do.


James said...

Are you still liking the K-beasts?
Personally i think that's 320 points wasted which could be going towards another unit of executioners or another unit of 25 witch elves and tullaris which would give you much more versatility dont you think

Fakhri Ashour said...


James said...

sorry, 20 witch elves.
Or a big unit of repeater xbows as a bunker for your wizard and have them on chaff clearing duty

James said...

Lol. Okay lets see where i start.
Yes it could beat a warsphinx. but so could witch elves, which as i said, you could get in return for the K-beast, but ok I will give you that.
As for the rest? What monstrous cav unit could this K-beast kill? Demigryphs? Skullcrusers? Mourfang? All 3 of those would tear the k-beast to shreads and that is if got lucky and managed to dodge all those cannon balls to even make it to combat.
As for the dragon, yes it would probably be a good match up, however they guy on top of the dragon would probably kick the k-beasts ass.
If they just gave it the extra D6 auto hits i would say it was worth it as its basically 2d6 thunderstomp. That fact that you have to hit with all 5 of its attacks for it to work means its useless.
Just from reading Hero's batrep it doesnt seem to have done anything usefull. It either seems to panic off the board or sit back and baby sit a bunch of bolt throwers which is a rather expensive baby sitter

Prince Yrellian said...

why would Monster cav tear it apart? Is it only tough 5? If so then yes I agree, if not, than i feel it can hold its own. Especially since hatred doesnt affect mounts for empire, they are not getting rerolls. And the fact its str 7 means its going to tear through that armor, plus neither side gets stomps and he gets a chance to generate a pseudostomp. Witches could be a potential to kill a sphinx sure. But thats why the book is good because it gives you choices, both witches or Kbeast can be good against monsters and infantry. Against monsters, I think the Kbeast is a bit more suited, and witches more suited to massed infantry, but both can fulfill multiple rolls. And whats wrong with protecting bolt throwers? I use my demigryphs to protect cannons. Its what lets us keep enemies an arm reach away and dictate fights. If someone sends 1 unit of scouts in, fine, use xbows to clear that, but if they burn a unit of silver helms, etc down a flank towards warmachines, a Kbeast is definitely going to make him stop and think.

HERO said...

I do like the model a lot, but I can definitely see where you're going with this. If I dropped the 2x Beasts, I could have a big unit of Shades and a supporting caster, or a unit of Dark Shards with Flaming Banner. I think what you have to ask yourself is what your army needs in general. Personally, I think the K-Beasts add a punch to an already punchy army. This scares a lot of people and their added re-roll leadership makes them prime candidates for flank attacks to force a break/fear test. Since I like the models and the price, I'll play a couple of more games with them before letting them return to the depths.

Duncan Wright said...

Wow, Hellebron tore it up! Did you count how many White Lions she killed?

HERO said...

7 in the first round, 10 in the second. Khaine was pleased.

Duncan Wright said...

What are they, 12 ppm? That probably made 2/3 of her points back right there, and that's not counting her support abilities.

HERO said...

13ppm, so 221/310 points :D

Duncan Wright said...


Duncan Wright said...

Love the new model, too(if not the excessive makeup in 'Eavy Metal's paint scheme).

Dalinair said...

We are going to play some games capped at 1000 points, what would you suggest from your experience would be the best HQ? I was considering taking a block of wyches but wasnt sure if at that points the cauldron would be viable.

HERO said...

At 1000, you can either go for some magic or none at all. Either 1+ RR BSB on foot or a Lv.2 with scroll. Being a Lv.2, you want to take spells that are easier to cast. Cauldron would not be viable at that time.

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