Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rumors: Eldar pictures emerge!

Book cover!

And here they are...
Thanks to the BoLS lounge!


There's also a Iyanden supplement coming.. which is really cool because that means they might do supplements for other armies as well.  Black Templars onto Space Marines?


SJ-Mumbo said...

I think the knight looks good, I've also seen people complaining about it's arms being too short but I can't see it, they already come past it's waist any longer and it would be like a gorilla scraping them along the ground. Also the name, I think a name to bring it in line more with the titans rather than a wraith construct would suit it more

theraf2u said...

Wraithlord looks good, a bit boring though when you consider it's just a fat wraithlord. Still, I'm sure it'll look impressive on the tabletop. The flyer on the other hand looks absolutely terrible. It just seems like a bunch of old Dark Eldar Raider wing parts mashed together mindlessly. Here's hoping the photo just doesn't do it justice.

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