Thursday, May 30, 2013

My new DE/Eldar list!

Man.. I wish they would redo BFG.

Alright guys, I've been thinking hard on this so let me know if you like it:

18 kp
*Allied Detachment

Succubus (Agonizer/VB) = 90
Farseer (Jetbike, Spear, Mantle) = 160*

5x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster) = 130
5x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster) = 130
5x Warriors (Raider NS, Blaster) = 130
10x Warriors (Raider, NS/SR, Blaster, SC) = 195
10x Warriors (Raider, NS/SR, Blaster, SC) = 195
3x Jetbikes = 51*

Crimson Hunter Exarch = 180*

Ravager (NS) = 115
Ravager (NS) = 115
Ravager (NS) = 115
Wraithknight = 240*

There you go guys, a list built for 1850 play.. although I don't know how much of that I'll be doing that anytime soon (at least 2 weeks).  What you have here is something I want to try.. primarily with the Farseer.  He's Lv.3 now so he'll be taking 1 into Runes of Fate and 2 into Divination every game.  Why?  Because he prays he gets Doom or else he auto-defaults to Guide.  I then roll into Divination and look for Misfortune or Forewarning, or else he just defaults to Prescience.  This essentially gives you 2 Guides to throw on your shooting elements; Ravagers, Wraithknight, or the CHExarch if you really want something to die.

Another thing I wanted to try with the Farseer is give him the Mantle of the Laughing God.  He loses his IC status, but he gains Stealth, Shrouded and the ability to re-roll failed cover saves.  On a Jetbike, this gives him a 2++ re-rollable cover save.  Because his footprint is so small, and the Jetbike takes him to all kinds of crazy places, he can move with the rest of this crazy fast army and apply powers wherever I need him.

I think the big issue with this army so far is the heavy focus on anti-MEQ/Tank with a low focus on killing horde armies.  Personally, I think this is a meta issue (with mine being a lot of MEQ and mech-based armies still).  The 2x units of Warrior Gunboats in there delivers a lot of anti-infantry material so I'm just banking on them for now.  With careful positioning, some good play and of course some luck, I think I'll manage the situation pretty well.  Honestly, the only thing that really changed from this list compared to others I've had is the increase of Eldar presence.  The S10 AP2 shots from the Wraithknight punches through AV12 pretty easily which is something lances naturally suck at.  With 14 Dark Lances on the opening volley and 2 shots from the Wraithknight, I'm really looking to pop open some vehicles and make a big impression on how the rest of the battle will play out.

Sadly, the Succubus will just hang out with one of the Warrior units and the 3x Jetbikes will probably come from reserve to grab some points.  I'm dying to try out the Crimson Hunter Exarch because I'm curious how this "ace" will do when everyone and their mother takes a Quad-gun.  I'm just hoping I kill that thing first before my dude makes his entrance or he's going to be one sad mofo.  If I need to, the Wraithknight can also charge into something and punch it in the face.  With 4 attacks WS4 S10 I5, he's not all that terrible as a MC.

Another tweak of the list would be: Adding a Fire Prism (or Warp Hunter), getting another Gunboat over a Lanceboat (5-man Warrior Raider), and buffing up the Bikes + having the Farseer join them.

What do you guys think?


taipan567 said...

Looking good. I personally think the new Eldar Flyers are as useless as the Tau ones, but time will tell. At least you only brought the one.

Any reason for not taking the new Wraithguard? For either backfield camping or offensive purposes (the new flamer weapon they get is insane), they'd add a tough element your list lacks. Also, the Succubus would like a melee unit to go with, and Wraithblades would bring her up to T6 against shooting.

If you're worried about horde lists, take the blast weapon on the Wraithknight. Three S6 AP2 blasts is pretty mean, even against Marines they'll hate watching you blow up their Terminators and specialists (Purifiers, Sternguard etc).

HERO said...

Indeed, the 40 points on the Mantle can easily be dropped to take the Suncannon/Scattershield layout on the Wraithknight. I'm not sold with the Wraithguard though, they need a Spiritseer to be made troops and are working opposite to what I want to achieve with this army: Speed. I need fast elements to support the rest of this rapidly advancing/retreating army.

Alsarion said...

Hi Hero,
Like the look of the army - just one thing I might venture.
Have you considered taking two squads of 5 warriors with blasters in venoms with additional splinter cannons? Rather than two lance boats I mean.
That should take care of any quadguns and give you a little more anti-infantry. Sure, you'd lose 2 lances, but with the buff-biker throwing out guide etc your existing lances should be fairly accurate.

HERO said...

That is definitely an option!

Kaleth said...

Or take a haemonculus barebones instead of the succubus and you got your 40 pts for the knight,alternative that would also give you 4 wrakcs (another troop) or 3 wracks and 2 venom swaps :D

Julie Johnson said...

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