Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HE BR #4 vs. VC

I buy them frozen.

Played another game vs. Lucas' VC and this one was a killer game.  Tons of action, a lot of laughs and some horrible dice.

Here's my list..
10 drops

Lv.4 Archmage, High Magic = 285
Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown

BSB Noble = 149
GW, Armor of Caledor

Lv.1 Mage, High Magic = 110

30x Spearmen, FC, SoDiscipline = 315
15x Archers, Mus = 160
14x Archers, Mus = 150

27x White Lions, FC, BotWD = 431
25x Phoenix Guard, FC, BoEF = 405
5x Dragon Princes, Mus = 155

Frostheart Phoenix = 240
Great Eagle = 50
Great Eagle = 50

His list..
~14 drops?
Ghoul King, Red Fury, Quickblood, Peripat, Dragonbane Gem
Lv.4 Master Necro, Scroll
Wight King BSB, Nightshroud, GW, Heavy Armor
Mortis Engine
Huge unit of Ghouls that had his BSB and Wight King
Bug unit of Zombies that had his Necro
8x Crypt Horrors or something like that
5x Hexwraiths
4x Vargheists
4x units of chaff dogs
2x units of chaff bats

My beautiful, unpainted models that I've had for 12 years.

My notes:
  • Hey, what do you know!  I have pictures this time.. kinda.  Once the action started rolling, I stopped taking pictures and kept on the battle.  I will say that this is probably the last time I'm going to take High Magic.  That lore has been pissing me off like crazy.  I'll tell you guys why:  3x Direct Damage spells and 1 condition spell in the form of Drain Magic.  In a game where I roll all 3 DD and I had to swap my last spell for Drain Magic, I don't know what to tell you.
  • First round of magic, I threw 5 dice at Fiery Convocation, IF, lose the spell and a wizard level, and light the Ghoul bunker on fire.  Inside is his Wight King and Ghoul King, but I flat out burn down half of the unit.  On his next turn, he doesn't dispel it and it further burns down half the unit.  He's literally down to 10 Ghouls in that unit.  I deploy the best I can to meet his chaff and I manage to shoot down a bit of the dogs but not all of them.  I move very little on my turn, letting magic do all the work.  He saves dice for his Peripat.
  • Next round he makes bold moves and checks various locations with his chaff.  However, he makes the gamble in moving his Terrorgheist far up and gambles 5 dice on Van Hels while I scroll his Wind of Death.  However, I manage to dispel it and now his Terrorgheist is a little closer than he anticipated.
  • I punish the mistake with a charge from my Spears and my Frozen Turkey.  I cause 3 wounds from the Spears, 2 from the bird (thanks to S7 from Winds), and I lose 7 of my Spearmen.  Combat res gets recorded and the thing pops into dust.  I move my Eagles around for max annoyance as well as charging and winning combat vs. a Dire Wolf unit.  Feelsgoodman.jpeg.  My magic phase also saw a miscast (again) on from my AM vs. his Lv.4 Necro with the new Vaul's Unmaking.  I find out he has a scroll wtf! and I destroy it.  They tricksies us.
The charge that killed the Terrorgheist.
  • Next round his Vargheists charge my Spears.  I hold like real men.  Sadly, I lose combat by one and break like a bunch of stinking cowards because my BSB is half an inch away.  With Standard of Discipline, I break on a roll of 11.  They're caught, run down and I lose 315 points of victorious Spears.  Not feeling so good now.  Magic sees nothing happen from his casting but more of his Ghouls burn down.  I shit you not he's literally down to 4 ghouls now including his champ.  He reforms his Crypt Horrors to receive my Phoenix Guard's eager and surely charge.
  • I do exactly that and charge his Crypt Horrors with my Phoenix Guard.  Look at my numbers, here's my Phoenix and watch me clear more chaff.  I SR to meet his Vargheist with my Archer units and shoot at them for no effect.  I feel good about my chances until I roll for magic.  Double 1s; awesome.  My Frozen Turkey is now thawing.  Don't worry guys, I make 2 channels but now I can't cast jack shit because High Magic has 3 DD spells.  Fine, I'll throw Hand of Glory, my only god damn spell with 4 dice.  Guess what?  I miscast again and 3 of my PG eat shit before combat even starts.  Feedback hits my Lv.1 and Lv.4 taking a wound each.  When combat does start, my Phoenix Guard roll a ton of hits but end up doing crap for damage.  The Phoenix also rolls like crap and it's not looking good.  His fat Horror things hit me back and auto-wounds my Phoenix with 5 attacks.  I'm sweating beads and I roll some dice.  I take 3 wounds on the bird.  Caw!  The rest of the attacks and stomps goes into my PG but 3+ ward and WS8 tells them no.  I barely win combat and he pulls another fatty.
  • So, that kinda sucked big time, let's see what happens on his turn.  He places some more chaff around because he has a million more deploys than I do and reforms his Vargheists a bit.  They're march blocked, they fail and they only go 10".  His magic phase turns into crap as he miscasts Winds of Undeath onto himself  but they barely kill anything.  He raises some Ghouls with his left over dice before the fires rage again.  This time, only the Ghast remains.  Really?  Shooting from his Mortis Engine sees him scream into the bird and kills it.  I rage, but what can I do?  In combat, I barely win over the Crypt Horrors despite that not going as well as I hoped.  With my bird gone, I'm not feeling too confident.
  • Next round sees a bunch of charges by me just to kill some chaff.  I clear it up with my Dragon Princes and I charge my Archers into the Vargheists' flank.  This is where things got a little hairy because the way I overran my White Lions put them far ahead where my opponent and I argued about the Ghoul King's unit getting a flank charge or not.  After arguing like huge nerds, I said fuck it, let him have it.  This kindness turns out to be a mistake later on.  Sometime during this, I combo-charge my Eagles into some Wolves and kill them, but yeah, my Eagles run around killing undead dogs.  Magic saw nothing amazing happen and my opponent stores 2 more dice.  Combat sees my Phoenix Guard utterly obliterate his Crypt Horrors due to some fantastic rolling and I reform to meet his zombie unit with Lv.4.  In combat, my Archers kill his Vargheists and I reform towards the action.
  • Since I let the Ghoul King's unit get the flank charge on my White Lions, shit goes sour really quick.  A big magic phase saw him reach 12 die, dispelling the Convocation and getting off IoN twice on the Ghoul unit with nice rolls for bringing models back.  The unit regains like half its number in a single turn from being down to just the Ghast.  Hexwraiths charge the Dragon Princes and they flee because I'm out of position and I can't win vs. that just yet.  The Ghoul King single-handily tears the White Lions a new asshole and I'm unable to combat reform at the end because I took such a beating.  Stubborn stays.
Sure why not, charge my flank I says.
  • The Phoenix Guard charge into the Lv.4's unit of Zombies and murder a bunch of them.  I miscast again, the forth fucking time in this game and it's really starting to get annoying.  His Mortis Engine makes me pick the one that feedbacks my wizards and I lose my Lv.1.  My Lv.4 has 2W left as he fails to wound him.  I kill an ass ton of units there, but next round he just brings them all back.  The Ghoul King eats more White Lions and that unit breaks and runs.
  • The rest of the game is pretty strange.  I end up losing my Lv.4 to his Ghoul King once combat starts over there, but I keep both Phoenix Guard and White Lions alive to tie the game.  The Dragon Princes rallies and takes another charge from the Hexwraiths, but this time I hold and flank charge them with my Archers.  Combat res does them in and pops a unit I'm otherwise unable to hurt.  We count up points at the end and it's a draw.
I shit you not, that's all that was left.

More notes:
  • I am not feeling High Magic man.  Too many DD and conditional spells when I'd rather have 2-3 hexes or Mindrazor.  I'm really feeling that Shadow will be the lore to go to, even if I don't get the +1 to cast or the stacking ward.  I hate not being able to cast into combat and my opponent is throwing out Van Hels, re-roll wounds, raising shit left and right, seriously, enough is enough.
  • The Ghoul King, F that dude.  He single-handily just tanks on my White Lions because he knows the unit has the Banner of the World Dragon and I honestly think he knows that by now.  I personally don't think he should of gotten the flank charge, but since it's a friendly game my care factor is low.  We're friends so it's all good.  If you notice, at the end I'm running away with 1 White Lion and my BSB, saving all the points from that unit.  Probably just as stupid if not more than his one surviving Ghast after 99% of the Ghoul unit burned down from Fiery Convocation.
  • Miscasts suck, I don't know why.  Oh, and on the one turn that I needed the Phoenix to kick ass along side those Phoenix Guard, I roll double 1s for winds and the Phoenix ends up dying half a turn later.  Ugh, I don't know how I punished his Terrorgheist so hard just to fall victim to back luck.  Karma?  See!  That's why you need two of those damn birds.


Prince Yrellian said...

Man I hate fighting VC's. Those and Chaos are so tough to beat. I dont even know what Im going to do now that I cant take flaming banner on my seaguard. I dont know what it is about VC's vs High Elves, but its a tough match up. I think High Magic might be better suited to a sit back and shoot army? Just because of all the DD spells, plus the boosting of BS spell. On my level 2 in my moon dragon list is level 2 with dispel and ring of khaine, so I can have 3 spells casting. Hopefully that works, havent had a chance to test it yet.

Crash of the Games said...

Hi! Very nice game :-) com see main blog

Chronowraith said...

I agree with High magic. The ward save buff is fantastic lore attribute but I don't know why they chose to go with so many direct damage spells for that lore. It tends to limit the effectiveness of the lore late int he game when it should be more effective. To me is should have been 1-2 direct damage, 1-2 hexes, and the other spells as augments. I guess it could be worse, they could be all magic missiles.
Alarielle. I've found that taking Alarielle is the way to go if you want a level 4. Even if you don't choose to do the Light Council (which works amazingly well by the way) then you have Light or Life, both of which are awesome Lores. Give her a single High magic spell so that her unit can get a boost from 5+ to 4+ ward she gives them (or to draw out dispel dice) and then with her banner she gets a massive +8 to cast spells from Life or Light.
I know that Life isn't everyone's "thing". It's a much more reactionary magic set than Shadow or Death (or Light!) but it does make up for some of the glaring flaws in a high elf army (namely, durability).

Moonstone said...

So I've got to ask, is that Phoenix glued to its flying stand, and if not, how did you manage to keep it balanced on that ball joint?

HERO said...

Simple, don't use the ball joint! I cut off the ball itself, filed it down to fit a small hole to go into the center of the Phoenix. Look at the second picture.. you'll see that I balanced the Phoenix's weight to fit the center of the chariot base :)

Moonstone said...

Brilliant, thanks :)
Will have to do the same thing with my Skycutter as well.

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