Thursday, May 9, 2013

I have a guide on

This guy looks cool, let's go with that.

I've been getting a lot of Emails asking if I have a consolidated knowledge pool floating around somewhere.

The answer is yes! and it's located on  Clicky.  On this site, you will find many other army blogs because the generals that play them all play quite differently for the most part.  I'm just one of those generals.

Also keep in mind that a lot of plays under ETC restrictions whereas I play uncomped or with very little comp.  Be aware of this at all times when browsing because it'll change the way your lists are constructed significantly.

One more thing -- Is there any more High Elf stuff you want to see from me in particular?  Thanks!

Here's my latest army list.  I'm really excited to give the new Sisters a go!
10 drops

Lv.4 Archmage, Shadow = 285
Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown

BSB Noble = 149
GW, Armor of Caledor

Lv.2 Mage, Heavens = 150
Scroll, Ironcurse

30x Spearmen, FC, SoDiscipline = 315
15x Archers, Mus = 160
14x Archers, Mus = 150

25x Phoenix Guard, FC, BoEF = 415
24x White Lions, FC, BotWD = 392

10x Sisters of Avelorn = 140
Frostheart Phoenix = 240
Great Eagle = 50
Great Eagle = 50


Moonstone said...

I'm curious, why Heavens?

Can't wait to give my elves a go, have to wait until this weekend or the next, so few fantasy players around my area these days :(

HERO said...

Heavens for the guaranteed useful sig and hopefully Harmonic Convergence.

Moonstone said...

I'd forgotten about convergence, this has many possibilities, combines nicely with stuff like withering, or ballistic skill hand of glory on a unit of sisters.

Curse of the midnight wind could be fun when combined with the Frostheart :D

Steve said...

Where will your characters start out? ( which units)

HERO said...

That completely depends on deployment. But probably AM with Lions. The Lv.2 hangs out with the Archers and stays in the back while the 3 Infantry battalions advance.

John Murrie said...

Just curious you mention that Swordmasters have lost their re-rolls in your guide but I cant find that rule change anywhere. They still have ASF which means they still get re-rolls as do White Lions - and I cant find anything in the FAQs to contradict this. Could you put me in the right direction?

HERO said...

They're using Great Weapons which has the ASL rule. ASF + ASL means they just strike at I.

Jack Champion said...

Would love to see some sisters in action and what unit size works best for them. I am really tempted to give 21 a go, but just think its way too much points wise.

Chronowraith said...

10 work well at most point levels. I wouldn't go much higher than 15 though (at any point level) due to points and not being worth the volley shots.

John Murrie said...

I missed that completely - its because Speed of Asuryan was removed right?

HERO said...

Yes, SoA overrode the standard rules of ASL + ASL. Now that that rule is gone, ASF + ASL cancels out.

Jack Champion said...

With 21 you can do 7 by 3, but the points are prohibitive. I'm going give 15 with a handmaiden a try, but that means another box alas.

Elthinar said...

I'd like to see how you would put together a 'monster' list (3 x Phoenix in 2500pts)

David Gordon said...

I'm curious about where to start with a small points list, say a thousand point skirmish. At that size I'm wondering about going heavy on the cavalry since infantry block sizes will be small.

Malcontent said...

The link appears to go to your 7th edition guide, you might want to change that.

HERO said...

Thanks! Try now. They split the thread recently to get rid of my 7th Ed. stuff.

HERO said...

Silver Helms are now Core so you can incorporate an elite block along side your heavy cav.

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Pretty sure he will have a good read.

CoolioBanderas said...

Could you give me the page for where it says it cancels out eachother? I know I've read it somewhere but can't for the love of what's holy find it again :P

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