Wednesday, May 1, 2013

High Elves: Brainstorm #3

Core, core, core!

Let's talk about Core really quick.  No bullshit, right down to the nitty gritty.  If one thing's for certain, it's that there's tons of discussion regarding our Core right now.  This is a very good sign as it shows tons of flexibility in regards to playstyle and function.

Spearmen - 3.5/5
Pretty solid option still.  If anything, they are overlooked a lot because they're exactly the same as the last book.  I've always liked Spears.  They give a lot of bodies that absolutely shred other core-based infantry in the game and can be buffed to levels that upset a lot of people due to the amount of attacks they put out.  Compared to similar Core, High Elf Spearmen are amazing.  Not to mention they can take a magical banner while no one else in core can.  Keep that in mind!

Archers - 4/5
Went down in points, cheap, and throws out a good amount of shots.  With Martial Prowess now affecting Archers in 3-ranks, a unit of 5x3 lets loose 15 S3 shots from 30" away.  This is a great way to clear enemy chaff and they're an absolute staple to the High Elf war machine.  Always have some kind of archery in your army lists unless you're going for a pure melee approach.

Lothern Sea Guard - 3/5
These guys also went down a point and still retain the same function as before.  Sadly, they can no longer take a magical banner and much like archers, cannot take the Banner of Eternal Flame to threaten regen units from far away.  Honestly, LSG are a pretty decent unit.  They double up on shooting and function like Spearmen once they reach close combat.  You can feel comfortable with putting them in a unit of 6x5 and comfortably count 18+3+3 in terms of shots from 24" away while attacking back in 4 ranks in close combat.  Due to their flexibility and points drop vs. the unchanged Spears, they're not a bad choice.

Ellyrion Reavers - 4/5
Take these guys in 5s and never look back.  They are cheap, Fast, Vanguard cavalry which can shoot, block, obstruct charge lanes, and kill chaff.  As solid as these guys are, I can't rank them above Archers.  Archers gives you more shots, more bodies and can keep chaff without ever having to commit.  Reavers, on the other hand, should be used like Eagles that travel on the ground.  They're cheap enough that you can also  employ double flee mechanics.

Silver Helms - 4/5
I graded these guys assuming you don't take them as a Prince bus.  As a bus, I would probably give these guys the max.  With Martial Prowess extending to the third rank, you can now take a decent sized cavalry bus that can chip in more damage than they did before.  With the points of these guys coming out of Core, you can now run a Cavalry Prince with a lot less points commitment from the rest of the army.  Any bit of 2+ armor in core is good, but Ithilmar Barding, ASF and Lances.


Nathan Crew said...

Really great I'm a big fan of your stuff :)

John Aspinall said...

First among equals is still in the new book,the only change is now only a spearmen unit can take the magic banner.I think that is why the Spearmen didn't get a point reduction.

HERO said...

Source? And how many points worth of banners?

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