Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tyranids, BFG and Overtime

Working, working, working..
Sorry for the lack of updates guys, but you know, Heart of the Swarm is coming out soon and we're crunching pretty hard for it!

Anyways, you might remember in my earlier posts that I acquired a fairly large Tyranid army.  This is true.  Now.. how am I going to run them?  Well, my Swarmlord will be leading the way, just like it did in 5th Ed.  Fortunately, we now get to roll some badass spells via Biomancy and its going to be pretty exciting to play with the new and improved Nids.  If Tyranids had a superhero, it would be Bioman the Fearless.

Check out the list:

Swarmlord (Bio) = 280
+Tyrant Guard (LW) = 65

10x Termagaunts = 50
Trevigon (Claws, Cluster, Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst, Onslaught) = 235
10x Termagaunts = 50
Trevigon (Claws, Cluster, Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst, Onslaught) = 235
19x Genestealers = 266

Doom (Pod) = 130
2x Hive Guard = 100
2x Hive Guard = 100

Trygon (Prime) = 240

It's one point over, but hey, if anyone really complains, I'll just drop another Genestealer and add more Termagaunts.  The idea here is pretty simple:  Cascading cover as much as you can while giving yourself the option to reserve hard or pressure harder.  Infiltrating Genestealers away from your enemy while your Trygon Prime and all your MCs run towards his lines will certainly make him sweat.  Target saturation is the name of the game and as long as you a lot of that, you're playing Nids correctly.  The last thing you want to do is get yourself into a situation where your opponent can focus on one thing at a time.  Spread your threats out and Tyranids will do just fine.

Doom comes in in the Pod on T2 on a 2+ because of Swarmlord and even though the Outflanking changes made Genestealers less stellar, it's still problematic for anyone who's bundled up.  No one wants Genestealers on their flanks in a reliable manner, and that's exactly what Swarmlord does with his Alien Cunning special rule.  As you can see, I don't have anti-air.  You know what?  I don't really care!  Air units in this game have to climb all over my little gaunts while I go ahead and score in the backfield.  Of course, should the need calls for it, I can always mod up an AA Flyrant with dual devos and call it a day.

At 1850, I add an additional Hive Guard in each unit and voila!


As for BFG, well, I honestly love the game.  I don't really play it for the rules because there can be some wonky imbalance, but I do love myself some space battles.  As some of you know, I play Eldar in BFG.  I used to own an epic asston of Corsair Eldar, but that was so long ago that I no longer own the army.  Looking through the current factions, I want to get CW Eldar, but I don't think I''m going to invest any more money in a game that's no longer updated/supported.

The current system of BFG is that you either play FAQ2010 or play with the older 2007 official rules, or play with BFG:R.  I hate it when games have to be "modded" in order for things to be fun.  As much as I love the mechanics of BFG (orders, weapon types, lore/fluff), I hate the fact that there are several different versions of the game.  The most popular version of the game now is FAQ2010, but it's not an official GW product.  Sure, it might have been made by some of the designers, but GW never signed off on it.  2007 is the official rules, but there's a lot of questionable stuff in there that's a little hazy.  BFG:R is completely fan-made and unofficial, so as good as it might be, it's not the real game.  In fact, it's pretty far from it.

Then, there's the price.  I looked at the GW website the other day because I was thinking about ordering a fleet, and holy shit did the prices change.  Given, it's been forever since I've played the game, but I didn't expect the prices to be this!  For crying outloud, most of the capital ships are 35 bucks a piece!  For solid metal, meant to be played in a dead/unsupported game.  You've got to be kidding me.  Who knows?  I might even alter/re-design some of the BFG rules to allow for Initiative/alternating player phases to playtest.

With that in mind, I decided not to jump into BFG with the actual product line, but I have a bunch of Aquan Prime sitting around doing nothing that I feel comfortable with proxying.  I asked around and it seems like no one really cares, since realistically, all you need are flight stands.  Oh, and I never understood why Eldar ships needed Solar Sails to get around the galaxy.  You're masters of the universe; more advanced than all save the Necrons, stealing suns, building cities inside different dimensions, and here you are cruising around in a fucking boat.  I never understood that nor cared for it, so I'm happy to use my AP models for some BFG.  Oh, and most likely we're going to be playing with the 2010 rules.


Did you guys hear that there's a new flyers supplement that's coming out for 40K?  I don't know if these are going to be new rules, new models, or errataing/FAQ'ing the existing models, but I'm really looking forward to this release.  Do not confuse this with high hopes though.  I have no idea what kind of supplement this is going to be, but I'm hoping for better flyer rules, maybe a points hike on some underpriced pieces of shit like the Vendetta/Valkyrie, and add some god damn Vector Dancer to my Eldar aircraft.

The buyer that wanted my BAs canceled on me last minute so the army is available again for sale.
Asking for 350 for the lot.  I will only sell it as a whole.

Blood Angels
30x ASM with BA Icons, kit-bashed with Death Company stuff
2x Infernus pistols as meltas in every squad, each squad has a Champ with Fist
3x kit-bashed Sanguinary Priests, 2 with JP, 1 on foot
1x kit-bashed Libby with JP
5x Sanguinary Guard, Fist, Banner
3x Baal Predators (new plastics)
Metal Tycho
Metal Mephiston
Metal Dante
An epic ass ton of BA sprues


Abdullah Mahmoudi said...

In the worst case you can shoot the HG at them. I still think that Cruddace did a terrible job with the nics, maybe one of the reasons we hear that GW is keen to push a new Armybook for them. Personally I am not sure if 3 Zoans in a pod would not be better then a Doom, but you could change that according to opponent, models present assumed. Yrmgarl GS can still appear and attack the turn they come, but ask for a valuable elite slot. Still something to keep in mind for those 2000 pts. games with double FOCs.

Black Blow Fly said...

I like your Tyranid list but I'd drop the stealers for a brood of Raveners... They are no joke. I think Hive Guard are not so good in sixth edition since MSU Mech has bit the dust big time. Trygons are really good.

Black Blow Fly said...

Also I think the Swarmlord is really really good but I'd beef up his Tyrant Guard. The new rules for cover saves in area terrain are so awesome now .

Kiki said...

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king said...

GS can still appear and attack the turn they come,
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but ask for a valuable elite slot.

Lily King said...

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