Friday, January 11, 2013

Look what I picked up today

Looks like I got a bug problem.

Man.. Merry Christmas to me!
Looks like that some very alien battle reports are going to be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

Have fun with this one guys.  I need to grab myself the new Hive Tyrant kit and 3x Tervigons to finish it all.

PS - If anyone has any Carnifex Devourer sprues, let me know.  Two of my fexes don't have any weapons!

PPS - The Blood Angels are claimed! Everything else is still left!


Raymond Tan said...

That is a lot of you planning to paint them?

Rathstar said...

Very nice haul. I haven't touched my nids since 3rd edition, everytime I consider selling them I can't make myself do it.

i look forward to reading how you get on with them.


HERO said...

By not painting them. They're strictly for gaming purposes!

SpecialK said...


JUMBA said...

why so many carnifexes

Sophie Liu said...

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Anny said...

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Unknown said...

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HERO said...

Looks like Blood Angels are back on the menu boys!

Rowan Sheridan said...

any thoughts on a nid list?

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