Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This completely breaks my immersion

Yeah, I have a problem.

My Fast Skimmer with Aethersails moving 42" gets hit by a Guardman's rifle butt on a 3+.

Remember that talk we had a few days ago about good game design?  About immersion and how things make sense?  Yeah, the above absolutely kills all forms of imagination.

What about you folks?  What breaks your immersion in your gaming?

PS - I'm getting into BFG again.  My gaming group here's jumping in pretty hard.  Gonna play Craftworld Eldar, using the FAQ2010 rules.


a Sent One said...

What breaks my immersion in 40k is Eldar, Librarians and the Warp.

There are plenty of references that Eldar are the most psychically attuned race in the galaxy. Where almost all Eldar have a presence in the warp. Humans barely even register. Yet somehow Librarians are more powerful than the most powerful Eldar.

Please doubt that, please.

Ahriman lvl 4. Eldrad lvl 3. BullShit.

That breaks my immersion in this f'ing game.

Thanks for letting me vent, HERO.

richard hughes said...

not that im some massive chaos fan or anything, but 2 points id like to make:
A) i would kind of expect an already powerful human psyker who sells his soul to chaos for the promise of power to be pretty powerful
B) does anyone honestly think eldrad will be anything other than at least level 4 when the new eldar book finally hits?

Im totally with hero on this one, my fast skimmers get a decent cover save against any shooting after going flat out due to being hard to hit, but theyre equally as likely to be bitch slapped in assault as a rhino that trundled forward an inch? Ahem. Bull.

Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation said...

the worst thing at the mo IMO is how flyers are unable to push infantry bases out of the way. So a crowd of infantry can somehow stop a flyer moving over them, as if they were infinitely tall or all had barrage balloons tethered to their hats. Its stupid and unnecessary, all that is required is for either the infantry to be moved the minimum distance to make space, or better have all flyer bases flat enough to replace the infantry on top of them in their original positions.

Mushkilla said...

Flyers break immersion full stop, by fare the worst addition to the game. Not to mention what they do to game balance. So my supersonic flyer moves at the same speed as a rhino going flat out... Really. I want to play a skirmish level battle game not hide from strafing run.

Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation said...

you are right, flyers should be represented by off table mechanics, maybe a sub game to represent the clash between opposing purchased air support and interdiction. But then, as you say, this wouldn't sell any models.

HERO said...

That's exactly how I hoped it was going to be - supplemental to the ground game that is 40K, and more like the magic phase in Warhammer Fantasy. There should be air battles, with air rules, with careful positioning, feints and abilities, followed by the winner of the battles being able to impact the events on the ground. Sadly, this is not the case.

Valegorn said...

Let us know how your BFG is going. Funny enough I've been getting into BFG and would love to hear your thoughts on it!!!

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