Sunday, January 20, 2013

I think I'm a Xenos player

Reminds me of Epic Armageddon.

After looking through the Dark Angels codex briefly, I can't help but look through my collection of armies past and present and make some self reflections.

I started Warhammer 40K playing Grey Knights.  I then bought into Space Marines, followed by Space Wolves and then Blood Angels.  Eventually, I sold all my Grey Knights for Eldar and Dark Eldar, but ended up selling them before I moved to Cali.  Somewhere along those lines, I got into Death Guard as well.  In short, I was a Power Armor player for the longest time.  As much as I won with my PA armies, my win rate didn't even come close to the success I had with Eldar.

So that's when it hit me.  Am I meant to be an Eldar player?  I pretty much accepted the fact that my knowledge of the game from an Dark Eldar perspective is a lot more profound.  There's just a lot more thought processes going on at once.  I write better tactics, share more in-depth strategies, and give more responsive feedback.  As a result, I also preform a lot better on the table.

What about you guys?  Which armies do you own and which one defines you the most as a player?


Eusier said...

I am a Tau/'nid player. I started out with Black Templars, and still love them for the fluff. But the last two rule passes don't do them justice; in fact, I find them unfitting for the army. After trying them out a couple of times, th rmain shelved and I try to sell them.

There's too much power armour allready, so I settled on xenos. The two armies are both good at diffeent xtremes: ranged and cc. Also I like the big monsters.

Atm I am not playing much, as I got a bit of the 40k bore. It's Malifaux for me now. Anyways, I will stick to my Tau and 'nids. Would like to repaint y ids one day, but as I dipped them, that will peobably be difficult...

Adam said...

Likewise, I couldn't stand being a power armour player after a year or so, because my success seemed to revolve around how well I could pass a 3+ save. Meanwhile my units weren't particularly mobile and the army felt rather blunt as a whole. That said, I was playing Space Wolves.

Have turned to Eldar and am having a great time, in a similar way I used to with my Tau, but actually have the Speed and the Range to get away and fight from afar and swoop in to claim objectives now.

Mushkilla said...

I have to say I had a similar experience with 40k, I just kept coming back to Dark Eldar. I have actually got rid of my other armies, they just aren't as enjoyable to play. With eldar you can refuse flank, bait, feign retreat, flank, etc. The army is fast enough to be able to use all these concepts. I also find out of my gaming group as the only Dark Eldar/Eldar player I have the most thorough understanding of the rules, we as Xenos players need to know them inside out to get the most out of our armies.

Look forward to seeing some Dark Eldar blog posts as this has always been my go to DE blog! :)

Von said...

I think I'm definitively non-Imperial. I've played Orks (thrice), Chaos Space Marines (thrice), Dark Eldar (twice), Tyranids and Necrons over the years, and the closest I ever came to anything Imperial was a tiny Dark Angels army (the two squads from the second edition box, plus a Predator and a Captain) and a single squad of Black Templars...

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