Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some special rules for our Daemon friends

Well, it definitely looks like Grey Knights will have the upper hand vs. Chaos Daemons in April.  That is.. unless we provide them with a bit of fair play.  What do I mean by that?  I mean house-ruling some stuff just for them.  There is nothing fluffier than Grey Knights fighting Chaos Daemons.  I mean, come on:  Daemons' not a super strong codex to begin with.  Fatecrusher doesn't mean jack because not everyone and their mother wants to play that crap.  Now that Grey Knights are going to come out and more than half the army is geared towards eliminating Daemons, how do we make things more balanced?

If I fought against a Daemon player, I would grant him these special rules:
  • Your entire army can DS on Turn 1 instead of randomly rolling for which half.  In addition, the Daemon player can choose to deploy normally via the mission rules.  Why?  Because the Chaos Gods wants mankind completely destroyed, no one, not even the most righteous defenders of mankind will stand in their way.  I call this rule:  For the Glory of Chaos.
  • At the beginning of the game, Daemon players can choose D3+2 units and give them the ability to outflank.  Why?  Because the Grey Knights are completely surrounded by the forces of Chaos and the only one that's capable of helping them is the Emperor.  I call this:  The Darkest Day.
  • Which brings us to our next rule:  All Daemons have without number via the old 4th Ed. Tyranid rules with a daemonic twist.  If a unit of Daemon troops is completely destroyed, they may choose to come down via DS next turn or walk on their side of the field with their full unit intact.  I call this:  Daemonic Infestation.
What do you guys think?  I personally accept the challenge.


Anonymous said...

i imagine there will be some sort of adversary rules. GW won't punish a specific book without giving them a boost elsewhere.

But that said, always game for a challenge. Too bad the adversary rules were never realized in the previous book.

Angelust said...

I would give Daemonic Infestation only to their troop choices, but otherwise your houserules look good.

Man, just thinking about Draigo doing S10 hits on a Blood Thirster makes me smile. So much more epic than a JOTWW template or a 30 S5 power weapon attacks...

Anonymous said...

Like angelust said i would only give deamonic infestation to there troops.
But i fine with the rest of those rules it makes the fights between GK and deamons more fun.

David Padwick said...

As a daemon player, I would welcome these rules when playing grey knights. It would be unfair for gw to gear them to fight daemons without letting them strike back a little. They are chaos after all, they don't fight fair!!

Anonymous said...

The codex isn't even out yet and we worry about needing special rules to play against daemons? Let's wait a bit and see before panicking eh?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm not to sure about these. I know it look like their going to get kicked by the new book but there will hopefully be some redress for them in the codex.

The weird way that they have to deploy is one of the things i really like about demons letting them deploy normally just seems a bit well boring. Letting them not scatter or reduced scatter as BA DOA rules and eliminating the penalty for landing in cover would do a long way I feel to sorting some of their problems.

Simularlly letting them outflank so they can charge is again a bit mundane. I'd prefer to see some thing like the icons letting DS units within 6" act normally (eg allowing charging)which would make this bit of kit worth it points.

Daemonic Infestation could be fun with the GK being swamped with troop choice whist trying to take out their intended targets (MC).You might consider then giving the GK some bonus for killing of the bigger beasts such as extra kill points. Any thing that make the more basic choices more playable is a step in the right direction. This should be limited to troops alone mind.

Anonymous said...

Agree with everything bar the last one. Unlimited MC's is just stupid. Greater Daemons and Princes are relatively rare, because they're the generals of any daemonic incursion. Limit it to Troop choices, and it won't be so OP (can you imagine unlimited Soulgrinders?)

HERO said...

I did edit it to be troops only :)

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