Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My GK match-up predictions

I wrote a article over at Bell of Lost Souls on all the GK matchups.  Please take a look at the article here.  I'll write the short-hand donation here and you guys can agree/disagree with me.  Be as vocal as you can because I love seeing other people's point of view.

GK = Marines (SW, BA, Vanilla)
GK > Chaos Daemons
GK < Dark Eldar
GK < Eldar
GK < Imperial Guard
GK > Necrons
GK > Orks
GK < Tau
GK >= Tyranids
GK < Witch Hunters

5 equal matchups
4 favorable matchups
5 unfavorable matchups

In short, I think we'll see the metagame shift towards plasma weaponry because elite armies with small model counts do not mix well with Plasma Cannons.  I know this, in every sense of the word because of 4th Ed. Dual Lash with max Oblits.  Dark Eldar also ripped me a new one in 4th and I think we'll see the same amount of damage done this time around.  Mech Tau just eats elite MEQ for breakfast, Eldar will be very strong still and Mech IG is just lol.  Witch Hunters is still a very competitive codex, don't let anyone tell you differently.

Go read the article, come back and let me know what you guys think.  I'm eagerly waiting your replies.


Unknown said...

Tau won't stand a chance against the psycannons, or the Dreadknights for that matter.

Teleport 3 into their face and watch them struggle to hold or even contest any objectives.

As for Space Wolves, I can see where you're coming from. But no one will want to put plasma cannons in their Long Fangs packs.

We need some lascannons in there already to deal with all the high armour.

HERO said...

I think Psycannons will hit Tau Suits and exchange pretty fairly. S7 AP4 Assualt2/Heavy4 with Rending isn't enough to instantly kill suits and will still allow armor saves. In turn, they can kill 40ppm models in exchange fire with Plasma and all kinds of other stuff.

Now if you take 3x Dreadknights and teleport 3 in their face, then yeah... things will get hairy for them for sure.

Space Wolves, I think, are in the best position to deal with GK. Rune Priest psychic defense is second to none and WG Termies should be a good match for GKT. I wish you were nearby so we could play some games. Cheers buddy.

Unknown said...

Funny you say that, because my optimised Wolf Guard Terminator unit will really make a mess of GKs with all their combi-plasmas and cyclone for good measure.

Only problem is that they need a Land Raider.
I'm not confident about cramming them into a Drop Pod.

I know what you mean. There's loads of great bloggers I'd like to play, but I seem to be in the wrong country. lol

Anonymous said...

I really think that it depends on the kind of army being played: if you were just using a terminator army, it can change the favourbility of your match ups. For example, if you had an army made up of 30 Termis, playing against an ork horde isnt really a game you want to be in :D

I think that when the codex is released it will enable us to make better assumptions surrounding which armies they will be good against (especially with the rumors regarding Warding Staves (2++ in CC only, or all the time?)).

Garth said...

I fail to see why GK < DE. Storm bolters will rip up all the AV10, Psycannons as well, with vindi's removing shadowfield and abilities like cleansing fire in CC, I don't see why would would come off second best vs DE.

Duke of Earl said...

If psycannons still ignore invulnerable saves then shooting up an Archon with his shadowfield should make for lots of instant death.

HERO said...

New rumors suggest the following:
Incinerator = S6 AP4 Template
Psycannon = S7 AP4 Assault2/Heavy4, Rending

Anonymous said...

The Incinerator will be invaluable in all termi lists for it anti horse properties :D

Anonymous said...

I think you meant Horde, not Horse

Anonymous said...

As a Witch Hunter player, I must ask: how widespread are invul saves/wound allocation shenanigans throughout the Grey Knight Codex? Because thats one determining factor of how well the Sisters of Battle will do against them (re: ability to deflect/soak Divinely-Guided bolters and flamers)

Anon said...

They are everywhere

Sea Dragon said...

I know this has been a while since someone posted however something that Garth said riled me a little.

I have 2 questions for him,
1) Does he have any competitive DE players near him?

2) Have you seen the destruction that tri-disintegrator ravagers can cause to MEQ and TEQ's? Or GOD forbid a Razorwing kitted out with twin disintegrators, Splinter cannon and mono-scythe missiles. They make a mess of everything that isn't a heavy vehicle.

Void ravens are just going to make paladins cry... AP2 blast that forces a wound test... 2/3rds of your Paladins ID'd. They can have multiple of these missiles.

Psycannons are 24" range... Night shields means that's 18" range.... most dark eldar weaponary can start cutting GK's down from 36".

Chris said...

I Know this is for Grey Knights and I don't want to detract from that, but stating Witch hunters as a "very competitive codex" got me excited. I have read most of your Grey Knight stuff and find you very informed and a good read, AKA I value your opinion.

Can Witch hunters be competitive with Pure Sisters? or do they need some of the other things to make them that way? and do you know any good tactics articles for them that you could recommend.

I ask because I have recently come into a large amount of sisters and I have always loved them so I plan or making my initial jump into tournament play with them.

Thank you

HERO said...

I still think Sisters is a good book. Cheap Bolter fire, great use of Faith Points and good long range AP1 fire makes the army formidable.

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