Sunday, February 6, 2011

Been playing DoW2: Retribution

It's been something over two years since I played DoW2.  I played the game back in beta and in the early days of retail and managed to get up to Lv.60 SM and TS39.  Of course, that was a long time ago and now I'm a noob again.  Well.. not a complete noob but it's like playing a completely new game.  The metagame has evolved so drastically and all the new units are alien to me.  I've been playing around with Eldar, Nids and CSM and so far I'm liking CSM the most.  I usually play Plague Champion and break out the Death Guard after the Blood Crusher, but occasionally I throw in the Chaos Lord as a starter hero.  The game's pretty fun so far and I'm enjoying the beta a lot.  I might even get in when it comes out if I see enough motive from Relic to fix the balance problems.

Anyone else playing the beta?


Killswitch said...

Im playing beta, steam name predatormc999


Unknown said...

GOing to be rocking this soon as well, steam ID strife_omitsu (riotknight = ID name)

Joshua said...

Call me crazy, but Company of Heroes and Starcraft 2 are just so much better games. I played DOW 1 and 2 and frankly I think the single player is better then the multiplayer.

I like the 40K universe for the most part that is really one of the few reasons why I played it...apart from the nice visuals.

The argument most people give me cant compare DOW 2 to COh and SC2. Well yes you can. and in my opinion I just prefer COH and SC2.

I like the idea of little to no base management but everytime I play I say to myself...the visuals are nice....but it does not seem as challenging to me.

Shane said...

Company of Heroes is Dawn of War 2, but with melee.

SC2 is a good game, with a super fast pace where deliberate and swift action is the cornerstone of the game.

DOW2 and CoH are set-up games where smaller engagements focused on incrementally holding larger and larger pieces of the battlefield.

What DOW2 lacks is large single player maps that would allow for a bit more strategy and less pure micro intensive than it is now.

My steam name is katydavis33 or loganjz1973

Valegorn said...

I LOVE the original DoW, but to be honest, there is a mod for it that blows the normal game away, its the "Firestorm over Kronus", they made the models more crisper, the sounds better, and its more like the codexes.

I've also been playing DoW 2 Ret beta, I really enjoy the single player campaigns from the last two games, but for some reason the multiplayer just evades me, I either do really well, or really suck.

I keep hearing its a strategic game, and I can see on certain levels it is, but it just seems like I'm constantly trying to keep points capped.

I'm pretty sure there is more too it, but my puny brain can't handle it. DoW2 is CoH, except CoH lets you have more units (not too much more, but more)

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