Monday, February 21, 2011

My Grey Knight paint scheme

Everyone has a paint scheme and the one I use is pretty ancient.  This is the method that I was taught so many years ago and it's the same one I use today.

  • GW White Primer
  • Heavy drybrush Boltgun Metal
  • Badab Black wash
  • Mithril Silver drybrush
  • Enchanted Blue on the eyes and Psycannon
  • Asurman Blue wash on the eyes and weapon
  • Icy Blue dot on the eyes
  • Shining Gold on the gothic wording
  • Ogryn Flesh wash on the wording after
  • Red Gore on the purity seals/books
  • Menoth White Highlight on any cloth
  • Devlun Mud wash on the purity seals and cloth
  • Apply washes and such as needed

The end result looks something like this:

With the upcoming Grey Knight codex, I might try something new.  Devlun Mud wash instead of Ogryn Flesh and Black Primer instead of white.  What that'll do is darken the entire model and bring out the Mithril Silver drybrush contrast a lot better.  It'll also make the eyes shine a lot more.

What do you guys think?  I'm not the greatest painter, so I'd like some feedback.  I'd also like to hear what you guys are planning to do with your mans.


Anonymous said...

I like the psycannon!

David said...

Give the black primer and darker washes a try. From the picture its hard to tell if you did anything besides a solid coat of silver.

I would also consider a different colour for the power/force weapon blade. Blue like the psycannon?

Any thoughts on how you will base them?

HERO said...

Probably with space gravel.

bhsman said...

Personally, that picture gives me the impression that they are using a very dark-grey or even black color scheme, rather than a metallic.

Rob said...

I like the look of it with the white primer. I've been using black primer and more-or-less the same colors/process, and the results have been almost the same. The black primer hasn't made it significantly darker to me.

I have a fried who used Army Painter's Silver Primer to prime his and them just added a dark wash (I can't recall if it was Devlan Mud or Badab Black though). They looked AMAZING, but I was never able to replicate it myself and have it look even halfway decent.

I'm with the above comments though, I really like the Psycannon.

The Inner Geek said...

I would try the black primer and darker washes. If you do only one though, I'd do the darker washes. Especially on the gold to add more depth. I bet they will look awesome on the table regardless though!

Scott R said...

I'm going to chime in how good the psycannon is.

Looking forward to the Paladin models when they come out. Already have a Redeemer I purchased when I assumed that the Dark Angels would be getting that option for a Land Raider variant, and it's been languishing. I'm going to fill it full of Paladins and play a Coteaz based army using my existing Ordo Malleus army of ISTs and extensive odds and ends (now troops squads of retinue models), and probably a squad of purifiers in a rhino.

AoM said...

It's adding an extra step, but throwing a Chainmail drybrushing in before the Mithril will do a lot. Make the Mithril drybrush really really light so you only get that crisp highlight on the edges. From everything you've been talking about, you're going for more depth and a slightly darker tone. This will help you get the results you want without adding lots of extra time.

Then again, I paint single models and my true metallics are done with at least 5 layers of different metals, along with 4 or 5 washes and glazes to build up depth and shadows. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yaz here,
I was wondering if you are able to give me a few pointers; I have a set of GK termies and intended to go for non metallic colors - such as Black Grey base; white grey highlights with gold trimmings. Any suggestions?

HERO said...

I would do... Adeptus Battlegrey heavy drybrush after a white primer. Then I would do codex grey light drybrush and then use Badab wash to blend the two colors. With that done, highlight with fortress grey and things should be alright. I have no idea about the yellows though, I've never done GK NMM.

HERO said...

Here's my tip on how to do the Psycannon you guys love so much: Use Enchanted Blue on the nozzle and wait for it to dry. Then put a big dab of Asurman Blue wash in there and wait for it to dry overnight. The wash will naturally spread out, thickening along the edges and give you that beautiful natural blue swirl. In the morning, go back and apply a small dot of PP's Frostbite paint (which is like a 50/50 of skull white and ice blue). I also highly recommend PP's Menoth White Highlight because it's essentially a 50/50 mix between bleached bone and skull white. That's what I use for my ribbons/books and they turn out great after washing with devlun mud.

CABE said...

Wow, that looks really awesome.

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