Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Swarmlord Tyranids list

Here's the list:


Swarmlord = 280
+2x Tyrant Guard w/ Lash Whips = 130
Warrior Prime (BS/LW) = 95

10x Genestealers = 140
10x Genestealers = 140
14x Termagaunts = 70
14x Termagaunts = 70
+Trevigon (Catalyst, Onslaught) = 190

3x Raveners (Rending) = 105

2x Hive Guard = 100
2x Hive Guard = 100
2x Hive Guard = 100

Trygon Prime = 240
Trygon Prime = 240

Strategy, deployment and game plan:

  • Termagaunts form a wall of cover in 2 14x1 formations.
  • They will cover the Hive Guard who will in turn, cover the Swarmlord & Co.
  • The Warrior Prime will be moving from the Swarmlord's unit to absorb wounds with T5.
  • Genestealers will deploy in reserve and will outflank with the help from the Swarmlord.
  • A single Gene unit can also opt to deploy behind the Swarmlord and offer a strong counter-charge unit.
  • Trevigon will be behind the Hive Guard ~around the Swarmlord and generate more cover.
  • Catalyst will be cast on the Termagaunts giving the cover or be used on the Swarmlord's unit.
  • Raveners will be a distraction/harassment unit that will apply pressure on any long range guns.
  • Hive Guard will shoot at everything that needs to be shot and can-opened.
  • Tyrgons will be in reserve and will come in to apply pressure on the opponent's flanks or rear.
  • Hopefully things don't suck for me and I roll my opponents off the board.

Let me know what you guys think.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, not enough units on the board. You'll be shot to pieces by any decent ranged army and combat focuses ones will wreck you (with the exception of the swarmlord unit). Just make the Trygons regulars, remove the raveners, and either spend the points on hormoguants or gargoyles.

Make use of Hive Commander with the hormogaunts

HERO said...

I agree, it does look a little light on units. I thought the 2x14 Termagaunt wall will be enough, is it not?

Lyracian said...

I play the Swarmlord and with 18" synapse have never had a problem keeping everything covered. So I would drop the Trygons upgrades and the Ravenors for Gargoyles. Also give the Tervigon Toxic Sacs.

Brother Captain Uriah said...

Agreed. There's really no reason to take a Trygon Prime unless you're playing Apok and he's leading in a fleet of DSing ravenors/gargoyles. The increase to his shooting isn't that big a deal and you want him to charge and wreck face on the first thing he can get to so not being a synapse creature isn't a big deal.

evilamericorp said...

Gah! My Swarmlord's base isn't finished in that pic! You should at least photoshop in a pile of dead enemies for him to stand on.

Though I am glad you liked my model enough to post a pic of it as an example of Swarmlord-y perfection.

HERO said...

No worries! That model is fantastic and is better than I can ever paint. The Swarmlord is one of the coolest reasons to play Tyranids though. I do agree that dropping the Primes will give me 80 more points to work with. Awesome stuff, thanks guys.

Gmorts Chaotica said...

Based on my personal experiences with Tyranids I'm not convinced that you have enough shooting to deal with Mech armies or anybody with a Land Raider that doesn't oblige you by staying still.

Also The Tervigon could do with both Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands in order to make the Termagants actually of some threat to...well...anything really.

Rather than type it all here in your comments section, if your interested my attempts at making a Tyranid army work are chronicled here,


The 2000 point list is here,


There are some Battle Reports in there as well but there quite early on so are more a guide to how not to use Tyranids, lol.

Good luck with your army and that Swarmlord model looks awesome by the way.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, why no Zoanthropes? I agree that they are a bit short-ranged, and really need a Mycetic Spore to be used effectively, but they're also the best thing in your list for taking out Land Raiders and the like (except for your monstrous creatures, that is, and those have to run across the board and survive some serious shooting before they can tear into any crunchy AV14 meat).

warhammer tyranid said...

The Necrons are mysterious robot-like creatures that have come back from their 60-million years of dormancy to haunt the galaxy once more. The Necrons were once frail creatures, who were searching for answers to increase their short life span.

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