Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Kabal is finished

This is a full army view.

Totals up to:
3x 10x Warriors w/ Blaster and Splinter Cannon
3x 10x Wyches w/ Hekatrix w/ Agonizer and PGL
2x 7x Trueborn w/ 4x Blasters
1x Archon, built with Huskblade and Soul Trap
1x Duke, using the DE Lokir Felheart model
6x Raiders, using the Shark Fin sails
3x Ravagers, using the barbed thorns

This is the Archon and some Trueborn w/ Blasters - I used some left over Shredders for some Blasters.

This is my Duke with his body guard.

Here's a shot of all the Raiders and Ravagers.

These are my newly assembled Ravagers - I just finished them last night at 3:00 am.

Here's my battleline of Kabal Warriors.

These are my crazed and horny Wyches.

And these are the dice I plan on using with them.

Now that I'm done building models for a LONG long time.. all I need is a name for these guys.  Kabal of the blank blank?  This will be hard..


Sorrowshard said...

Bloody hell mate, that would take me months to clean up and assemble...


now paint it :oP

Gareth said...

How long did it take you for all of those? Didn't DE just get released?!? Crazy fast, dude. They look great! Where did you get those dice? I see you are a P90X-er! That is one hell of a program... hell being the operative word, lol!

HERO said...

Yeah, DE just got released like 2 weeks ago. I have a project log of building the units here:

The dice I got from Cheesex and yeah P90X is a pain. I haven't been doing it lately, but when I did it was rough.

Anonymous said...

Go with Kabal of the Violated Spleen

Gareth said...

Cool, thanks for the link and the info on the dice. Did you find that there was some good conversion options in the kits? Were you able to put anything together like you did with the blood angels you had in an older post?

Yeah, P90x is very demanding, the problem that I found with it, was that it was difficult to maintain such a high level of exercise over a long period. And then where do you go after the 90 days? I don't want to be killing myself forever, I just want some exercise. If he makes one for 3 or 4 days a week, I'm back in, otherwise...

HERO said...

I have plenty of extra bits left over to put together a great deal of Archins and Succubus. The one thing that sucks is that I don't have any more Wych kits to put together a Succubus for this weekend. The warrior kits come with a PGL whereas the Wych kits do not. Both come with a even number of legs so you need to buy an odd number of boxes of you want to scratch build hqs.

Warhammer Fan said...

Who doesn't love crazed and horny Wyches?

Anonymous said...

I f'ing hate you.

Angelust said...

Now get can of spray, mix up some washes, and get those guys painted! No more uber elite plastic-gray armies bro!

Anonymous said...

Kabal of the Gruesome Imagery? Cult of the Bad Touch?

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Cult of the Macabre Waltz.

Anonymous said...

Kabal of Rising Anarchy?

Turbo said...

Kabal of Cold Comforts / Barbed Hook / Ragged Edge / Sun's Suffering/

like the look of the army - i cant decide whether i want to hammer on and finish my army or just stick around until 3rd wav with Coven stuff comes out. i need many wracks.

i like your duke, i made all my trueborn with corsair cloaks

Anonymous said...

Kabal/Cult of . . .
Hope Dispelled
Stolen Dreams
Agony Prolonged
the Nightmare Rising
Nightmares Born to Life
Eternal Night
Hyperbolic Derivative of Pain
Inevitable Conquest
Unimagined Fear(s)
Trauma Born

Anonymous said...

Kabal of the dirty sink

Anonymous said...

In keeping with you usually play style I would go with Kabal of the Sore Annus. Your symbol, well you could get pretty creative with that.

HERO said...

How about Kabal of Endless Rage?
Fits me pretty well.. especially after Round 2 of this recent tournament I played at..

Anonymous said...

Kabal of the Purple Pain

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