Sunday, November 7, 2010

ER: Wracks worth it?

ER = Email Response:

Hey there,

I was curious what your thoughts are on Wracks?  Do you plan on using them at all?  And how would you go about modelling them?  Haven't played 40k in a long while, but the new codex has me wanting to dust off all of my DE in the closet and stealing some souls.

The wracks look pretty beefy with a heamonculus with them.  Instant FNP/FC with double poison weapons.  Seem almost better than wyches, barring cover because of no plasma.

Also have you done any play testing or have any thoughts regarding the new talos/cronos. If I do go this Wracks route I could stick a webway on the heamonculus.

Just curious of your thoughts.



Hey Dave,

I think Wracks are really great if you plan on running multiple Haemonculi with them. 10 pts is dirt cheap and you can give them 2x Liquidifier guns if they get up to 10 dudes. If you plan on taking them in a Raider, 9x with Liquidifier w/ a Haemonculi w/ Scissor Hands and a Liquidfier is what I would take. This gives you reliable killing machine and 2x Template weapons to boot. If you're taking them on foot and using them as a field cap unit, I would take 20 of them and have a WWP ready nearby so they can run out and crush things or cap for you. Take the Haemonculi with the same configuration with them, you just need another Haemonculi with a Hexfire Rifle and a WWP to plant the portal somewhere important. That one should go in a Raider with 9x so you can reach your area, split off and then hide with the Hexfire sniping stuff.

In open field, the poisoned attacks > any number of Wyches. In cover, with FNP and FC, they are still > Wyches in CC lol. The only reason why people take Wyches these days is because they're readily available and count as generic troop choices if you don't want Haemonculi in your army.

The Talos/Cronos is definitely worth it too if you're planning to take an Haemonculi army.. and even more so if you're running some on foot through the WWP. I would do 2x Ravagers and 1x Cronos so you get that balance between MC Pain Token support and anti-tank.

I'm busy building up my DE Kabal with mass warriors and wyches so I haven't gone into Wrack strategies yet. For modelling purposes, I would use some of the Fantasy Zombie/Ghoul from Vampire Counts and kit-bash them with my left over sprues from other random armies (CSM and their possessed tentacles are awesome).

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Anonymous said...

hey hero i met you when you played chris's air cav guard. I finally got to play my wych cult themed DE army and i have to say wyches perform much better than on paper. Their subtle strength is that when they charge they don't completely wipe out squads allowing you to finish off combats on your opponents turn. IMO your main fear of that list is walkers though but having a shard net in each squad (at least 1) allows you to tie up combat indefinately

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