Saturday, November 6, 2010

And so it begins..

My Dark Eldar boxes have arrived and today begins the long trek of assembling them.  I don't believe in painting before playing anymore, so as soon as I get these boys assembled they're going to see never-ending bloodshed on the tabletop.  Here we go..

Total Army Count so far:
4x Raiders
30x Warriors
10x Trueborn
20x Wyches

Saturday, November 6th, 2010 - 5x Raiders completed
Hint: Don't glue the sails or the Dark Lance turrets.  I wasn't using my head and ended up gluing all the sails on when they're perfectly capable of being snapped in.  I later went back and forcefully pulled them off (with no damage) so I can store them better.  Without the sails glued on, they're 100x easier to transport.  Trust me.

Sunday, November 7th, 2010 - 20x Warriors completed
It's been a long time since I've worked with Eldar models.  Maybe it's my eyes failing or my fingers getting too fat.. but god damn these are tiny models!  The great part is that the DE Warrior kit is one of the best kits I've ever worked with.  Very little cleaning needed and everything pretty much fit perfectly.  Watch out when building with tiny models and plastic glue though.. gotta be careful not to get glue on the details.  Since my DE Corsair conversion for the Trueborn turned out to be a failure (the heads and cloaks don't fit at all to these Warrior sprues), I'm just going to give the Warriors all helmeted heads and the Trueborn will have helmet-less heads.  Who needs to breath in outer space when you're a Trueborn?  Since my list have lots of Blasters, I'm going to give the Warrior squads the Shredder models to count as Blasters and use the actual Blaster models for the Trueborn.

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 - 20x Warriors completed
And yet more Warriors!  Well, not all Warriors.  The ones without the helmet are Trueborn :)  That means I have another 2 boxes of Warriors to put together and then I need to put together some Wyches.  I also ordered 2 more Raiders so once they get here, I'll put 'em together for a total of 6 Raiders.  My Ravagers will be here by the 20th and then after those get assembled, it's time to spam games.  Can't wait!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 - 20x Wyches completed
Got some Wyches together.  I got my army building technique down to a science.  Since I have 3 15-min breaks per day at work, it takes me roughly 2 days to complete 2 packs of dudes.  Here's my formula based on 6 15-min breaks:
1st 15 - Clean legs, glue them to base.
2nd 15 - Clean bodies, glue them together.
3rd 15 - Clean arms/weapons, glue them to body.
4th 15 - Glue bodies to legs.
5th 15 - Glue heads to the bodies.
6th 15 - Time used if any of those need more time.  Otherwise, I bask in my glory.


Anonymous said...

Damn those look sexy. I have too much of the old stuff to rationalize buying the new!

ColKillgore said...

I have a pile of the old models and I plan to buy another pile of the new ones too.

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