Monday, July 12, 2010

New 8th Ed. Army Predictions

I think most of you have read the article I posted over at BoLS some time ago detailing army tier predictions for 8th Ed.  If you guys missed it, here's the link.  Keep in mind that that particular article was written maybe a week or two before the FAQs were released.

Today's short blurb will be my predictions on what the army tiers are going to look like now that we have the FAQs and people have started playing games already.  Before I go any further, I'm going to use a different way to represent the tiers since there's no definitive tiers yet (lacking actual stats).

Here are the armies that stand out a good amount above the others:
Warriors of Chaos
The Empire

Here are the ones that are smack dead in the middle.  The ones that I feel are slightly above the curve with all things considered are in red, and the ones that are not are in blue.  Depending on the build of the army, these spots are inter-changeable.. which is absolutely fantastic because it shows 8th Ed. will be extremely balanced and fun.
High Elves
Daemons of Chaos
Dark Elves
Vampire Counts
Ogre Kingdoms
Tomb Kings

And here are the armies that I thought lost more than they gained:
Wood Elves

What do you guys think?  I think this list is pretty damn accurate as of right now, but it'll most definitely change as we play more games and discover new combos and tactics.  Stay tuned for my upcoming Army Reviews for 8th Ed. on Bell of Lost Souls.  I got a 3-part article spread coming out soon.


Anonymous said...

Looks accurate to me, haven't had much games played in 8th edition so far though.

Anonymous said...

As a suggestion to future articles, I for one would like to see kind of army specific stuff. Do's and dont's against various armies. Their strengths and weakness and how to exploit / counter them best.

HERO said...

Agreed. I plan on doing many of those in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I will be looking forward to it.

Turbo said...

what exactly is it, in a nutshell that everyone thinks will make dwarfs so much better?

Kenneth said...

Why does everyone think Empire will be so good. The changes to warmachines aren't a big deal (most people could near enough laser guess) and the infantry changes won't make a massive difference as the infantry is still crap, detachments have to get bigger (to ~15 to disrupt ranks after casualties) and the changes to magic benefit everybody. While the other "horde" armies have cheaper (and better) troops (orcs, LD10 skaven etc...) and the elite armies will still be winning every combat trough kills.
I know the STank is T10 but who really killed the steam tank outright in most games? Most times it takes ~2 wounds and then does nothing dangerous.

HERO said...

@Turbo, check out my latest post on BoLS for a better idea of why Dwarves are awesome:

Anonymous said...

hey hero, what about orge kingdoms where do they rank?

HERO said...

OK is under Vampire Counts. They got pretty good this edition with all the ranked monster buffs + stomp.

MC Nedelsky said...

Why is that Vampires and Deamons are no longer the giants they were?

HERO said...

Check out my article on BoLS for more info. Parts 2 and 3 are coming soon!

Anonymous said...

1.) Dwarfs.
2.) Empire.
3.) Skaven.
4.) Dark Elves.
5.) Orcs and Goblins.

Is my top 5 for the armyspecific tactica.

Anonymous said...

1 - Dark Elves
2 - Dwarves
3 - orcs and goblins
4 - any undead army
5 - warriors of chaos

for amyspecific tactica.

Anonymous said...

Warriors of Chaos are definetly not top tier they have some nice units such as marauders who are very cheap for what they can do but as a whole they just arent that strong.

The Empire might go to top tier tho i think more likely just a strong middle tier army.

Skaven top tier.

Dwarfs middle tier. Sure they are great but they also cost alot. Thunderers? 14pts before shields. Then theres empire who can outshoot dwarfs while also having magic.

High Elves most likely mid tier teclis is the only thing that stands out.

Daemons of Chaos imo will still be top tier. Different than the 7th edition armies but still very good.

Dark Elves middle tier.

Lizardmen not sure on LM things like slann will be susceptible to many new I based tests. Most likely mid tier.

O&G maybe just sneak into mid.

Beastmen dont have any experience with them cant comment.

Bretonnia cavalry suffered alot most likely bottom tier.

Vampire Counts they will still have very stong magic phases. The only possible problem is core choices being overcosted now, ghouls still pretty solid. Rest of their list is very strong just look at their rare choices they are all amazing. Then theres big units/horde of GG. They will be high/mid tier.

Ogre Kingdoms Not much experience tho probably still bottom tier.

Tomb Kings Bottom tier.

Wood Elves bottom tier.

Ozymandias said...

Promote Orcs and Goblins to amongst the best armies. I've played a couple of games against him and in 1 I rolled incredibly and only managed a bloody draw and the other I just got nailed. Doom Divers are fantastic, + the crazy stuff like Squig Hoppers can be painfully effective. Plus, they can generate a lot of power dice and when that Waaaagh! magic got through it hurt. In my book they're not quite as good as Skaven but way more entertaining. Top tier.

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