Friday, July 30, 2010

A change of pace - Dwarfs

Everyone knows that I play High Elves.. but did you know I also play Dwarfs?  Yah.. I have a bunch of the beards in the closet and haven't played with them for a long time.  So without further ado, I give you my 2500 Dwarf list.


Lord (SB, GW, RoStone, RoResistance, MRoSteel, MRoChallenge) = 281

Thane (BSB, MRoGromil, RoResistance, RoPreservation) = 155
Runesmith (Shield, GW, MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking) = 151

30x Warriors (FC, Shields, GW) = 355
25x Longbeards (FC, MRoGrungi, Shields, Great Weapons) = 425

30x Hammerers (FC, RoBattle, Shields) = 445
Grudge Thrower (2x RoPenetration, RoAccuracy) = 155
Cannon (RoForging, RoBurning) = 130

Organ Gun = 120
Organ Gun = 120
Gyrocopter = 140

I have a lot of WS4/5 GWs in this army.. which is perfectly fine for me because Dwarfs are slow anyway.  The 30x Warriors with HW/Shields and Great Weapons are pretty good utility since they can take a lot of damage and swing back hard.  The Grudge Thrower is S5 simply because it destroys entire regiments and the Cannon offers S10 D6 magical/burning wounds upon impact.  I have two Organ Guns in this list to deter flanks and offer cheap, powerful shooting and I have a Gyrocopter to annoy people.  Being able to fly 20" and burning people with a S3 -1 template should be very annoying indeed.. especially to Elves or Skaven.

My idea is that the Dwarf Lord sits comfortably with the 30x Hammerers and have the Longbeards chill out with the BSB.  The Runesmith can hang out in the Hammerer unit too to offer serious protection.  I'm thinking that if I deploy 6 wide with the Hammers, I can have the Lord up front with the BSB and the Runesmith will be forced to go in the back.  Since Command has to be in the front, as long as my champ is alive, the Runesmith will be safe.  The battle plan itself is going to be quite simple:  Weaken the enemy forces with superior shooting and then charge in for big damage.  I'm not sure how the light shooting is going to play out in a game vs. horde-like armies, but it'll be a lot of fun regardless.  The Dwarf Lord is a challenge monster and I doubt he's going to die in combat since he has a 1+ re-rollable and everything above S5 counts as S5.  He will probably use his MRoChallenge to pull units in combat with him.. and no one in the game wants a piece of 30 Stubborn Ld.9 Hammerers with a red-faced angry Dwarf Lord leading them.

Oh, and the Dragonslayers.  I might take some of these guys over my 2nd Organ Gun simply because they're T5 WS6 Dwarfs with Slayer Axes.  Sure, they might die if you shoot at them or if they're in combat.. but that's exactly how they like it!  Not to mention they're just there as speed bumps since they can offer warmachine protection, add to combat res by flanking, charging and killing things, and can soften up enemy attacks if they choose to allocate to him.  Not bad for 50ppm!

Whatcha guys think?  I think the list looks pretty good.  On a sad note though.. overtime has hit again at work and I'm going to be a little slower on the blog posts.  Sad face indeed.


Anonymous said...

You could drop the Champion from the Hammerers and run them 5 wide. Then you don't have to worry about the champion dying and the runesmith stepping forward.

I like the army. As an aside, are the shields on the Warriors and Longbeards purely there for the save against shooting?

Anonymous said...

spitted from afar is no death for a slayer

HERO said...

Yah, the shields are just there to save against shooting/magic.

Anonymous said...

i like your army but in my new 8th edition experience i have found that the dwarf list works amazingly!!! when used with few character upgrades and lots of cheap choices like big units of warriors with great weapons and for shooting cannons and boltthrowers as i feel thunderers are a little over priced for the damage output they give and i think a flame cannon should be in all dwarf lists from now on character wise i favour tough thanes with GWs and a rune smith with spell breakers horde up a dwarf list and watch your opponents sad face

Anonymous said...

2 concerns:

1) Gyrocopters now "Hover" as per the FAQ. No 20" movements anymore.
2) As an HE player, you should think hard before including the magical/flaming on your cannon. It's a liability against opponents like HE as Dragon Princes and heroes will be immune to its shots. Of course, against Skaven HPAs it's worth twice its weight in gold.

Other than that, it's a solid list. I generally like to have a Master Engineer and more Clansmen, but you've got a compact and deadly list there so no complaints.

HERO said...

Yeah I don't even know what to say about your point #2. The list is a all-comers list, I would never shoot at Dragon Armor, and Organ Guns are much better vs. Knights.

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