Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Army specific strategy guides

I'm going to be staring my High Elves vs. X army tacticas sometime soon.  That's going to be a pretty big project that it'll probably take a long time to finish because there's 15 armies total (including the mirror match).  I'll also probably have to update it like crazy since the metagame in 8th Ed. will be constantly changing and new power builds will arise.

With that said, I need your help.  Which armies would you like to see me write about to get started (pick top 5)?  These guides will be competitive and thus will include the most optimal choices to maximize our win chances.  If you don't like it, too bad.  The entire purpose of strategy guides is to help others claim victory.


Rhellion said...

I'm interested to see your thoughts against Skaven, and their many possible builds.

HERO said...

I think we might be in trouble because they're one of the most ridiculous armies this edition. I'm playing against my Skaven friend next week, I should have something to tell you after.

Anonymous said...

Please do vampire counts because i just started them because of the new addition and was wondering how i should play them =D

HERO said...

Erm.. I can show you how High Elves can kill them? :)

Anonymous said...

Dark Elves!!!

I have played a few 8th ed games against my friends (Orks and Beastmen) and have gotten pretty cosey with the fact that I get plenty of re-rolls to hit in combat. What happens when that huge advantage gets taken away because the enemy army has (in general) equal initiative? and it is then "they" who are getting the re-rolls (grr hatred)

HERO said...

You still get re-rolls for being EQUAL or greater initiative :)

TrekkerYu said...

Any chance for strategies against Lizards? Last edition they did everything the High Elves did, but better in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps start from the lowest rung? - the Wood Elves :)

HERO said...

I will do Dwarves, Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Empire and Lizardmen first.

Pariah Stevo said...

I second skaven. I would start with the armies that will be the hardest to beat, and that is why I think skaven is a good choice

Anonymous said...

My Local group mostly play:

WOC (No. 1 popular), DE, Skaven, and Dwarf.

The 5 you chose sounds great, but I think we will see a lot of Skaven players out there.

Also, I would like to know how to get rid of WOC warrior block and DE/Skaven Regen Hydra, HPA.


HERO said...

The reason why I chose to save Skaven for later is because I'm going to be playing them on Tuesday. I already called out the challenge, bring your nastiest list and let's do it. It's going to be crazy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good :)

Anonymous said...

please oh please include Dogs of War somewhere in your plans!

i don't care if GW no longer supports them as a tournament army, they still have a perfectly valid 7th ed. list and the Aussies seem to think they still have a place in both competitive and casual play.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see the skaven like everyone else, but also like to hear what you think on the Dwarfs. They can bring a scary number of guns.

etu said...

I wound like to see how to play against TK and O&G.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on how to deal with slann mages? A friend of mine just bought a massive Lizardmen army pro painted, it's around 4k points in total. and thing is it's fully assembled so i have no clue of what's coming. :S I think the slann is what i will have biggest problems with? We play 2500 games mostly.

Anonymous said...

guy having trouble with Lizards;
try Lore of Death on a Level 4 Archmage with Book of Arkhan (the +1 cast and +1 to dispell item...)
Single Dice 'caress of Laniph' on the Slaan will result in the lizard player trying to dispell it like crazy (wasting probs 2 of his dice). Add fate of Bjuna on the same target and his dispell dice should go down the toilet or kill his slaan, leaving you with (hopefully!) enough dice/ magical superiority to use the Purple Sun of Xereus to nuke his saurus.
Doom and Darkness + spirit leech should deal with Stegadon/ other monsters fairly well...
otherwise, you shoot better. So try and keep him at arms length by redirecting and shoot the crap out of anything you can.

Um, helping with the 'kill via magic' attack on his slaan, banner of sorcery helps out with the power dice, Bound spells (either of the two in the army book may help...) should get rid of his dispell dice. I know you can't get all the spells which help with killing things, but try to only have one of the caress of laniph/ fate of bjuna and ALWAYS go for the purple sun if you roll a double. aspect of the Dredknight is the only spell in thi lore that you don't want against the lizards...
Hope that helped

Anonymous said...

Just as an add on vs. Lizardmen, the magic killing technique only realistically works if they don't have the magic resistance (3) discipline. (the 4+ ward save, while standard, is not going to be relied upon by the player, leading to the DD being used up at a prodigious rate
If they do, you have two options;
1. Kill the basted in combat. Not easy because of the temple guard, but can be done.
2. The Purple Sun. If you can draw out dispell dice and suprise the lizard player with the banner of sorcery or something/ Irresistable Force this spell, it doesn't care about magic resistance/ ward saves (thank you HERO, for mentioning this in your magic tactica), meaning it's got an initiative test to make or it (along with most of it's unit) is going to die. Note that, as initiative 2, it's got a 67% of dying from said spell.

Anonymous said...

I'm still relatively new to the game but I hear Daemons of Chaos are pretty solid. I've got a 2000pt battle lined up later this evening and was hoping someone already had some tactics on this forum. Guess I'm out of luck.. so I guess I'll be the first to recommend something.

High Elf vs Chaos Daemon 2000PT (1997pts..)

SG x 25 +Sh w/ FC(minus champ) +Lion Standard Archers x 11 w/ FC(minus champ)

Sword Masters x 12 w/ FC +Dragohelm on champ
Dragon Princes x 6
Phoenix Guard x 9 w/ FC(minus champ) +Sorcery Banner

Great Eagles x 2


BSB Noble +GW +DA +Sh +Banner of World Dragon
Noble +GT +DA +Enchanted Shield +Reaver Bow

Now before I go any further, I would like to point out that I'm aware I could make 1 solid star group to maximize utilization of my world dragon banner, but I really don't want to be an ass heading into my first official battle. I'm already bringing Teclis, and I'm pretty sure my buddy (who is brand new to the game) has no clue how good this guy is.

I'm bringing plenty of shooting, because other than his flamers (who are incredibly kick ass) he's got none (and his core is T3 w/ only 5+ ward save).

I'm bringing Dragon Princes because of the dragon armor, as well as stacking my characters with dragon armor. I plan on placing my non-BSB noble on an eagle to make him somewhat of a mobile bolt thrower (Reaver Bow).

I'm thinking Lore of Life to both buff my units and to protect Teclis vs all miscasts. I'm also placing Teclis in the PG unit w/ the World Dragon banner to prevent that nasty Tzeentch magic from raping my General (Teclis).

Wish me luck, and feel free to butcher my list. I'm relatively new and could use some pointers.


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