Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BR: 2500 High Elves vs. Dwarfs

The mission: Breakpoint, He wins the roll to go first.
I rolled for and got Mystifying Miasma, Withering Hex, Pit of Shades and Okkam's Mindrazor.

My army list:


Lv.4 Archmage (Book of Hoeth) = 360
Noble (BSB, GW, AoC/GP) = 168
Korhil = 140

30x Spears (FC, War Banner) = 320
25x LSG (FC) = 350

25x Phoenix Guard (FC, Banner of Sorcery) = 455
25x White Lions (FC, Banner of Eternal Flame) = 415
12x Sword Masters (Musician) = 185

2x Great Eagles = 100

His army list:
Dwarf Lord
Great Weapon, Shieldbearers
RoStone, MRoSteel, MRoSpite, RoPreservation

Thane BSB, RoFury, RoCleaving
Runesmith, Great Weapon, MRoBalance, Scroll

Large unit of Warriors (FC)
Large unit of Longbeards (FC)
Large unit of Ironbreakers (FC)
Smaller unit of Warriors w/ Great Weapons
Small unit of Thunderers
Small unit of Quallerers
Grudge Thrower w/ 2x RoPenetration (S5), RoAccuracy, Engineer
Cannon w/ RoForging w/ Engineer
Organ Gun

Turn 1 Dwarfs:
His army moves up a little bit but nothing too outrageous.  A huge stone from the Grudgethrower lands comfortably on 15 White Lions and kills 13 of them even though I deployed wide (10x2+5).  I rage and scream but after a few minutes I sit back down.  Organ Gun kills more White Lions (was furious at this point).  Quallerers shoot and kill 2 Sword Masters.  I pass my panic test on the WL.

Turn 1 High Elves:
My entire army moves up a good distance.  My Eagles fly into next turn charge range to his Stone Thrower and his Cannon, my Sword Masters marched 10" straight to his large unit of Warriors, my White Lions SR'd into a smaller unit, everything moved up.  Magic phase sees Miasma and Pit of Shades (powered up) cast with IF on the Dwarf Lord's unit of Ironbreakers; I reduce their stats by 3 (rolled a 6) and my PoS misses with the large template and only kills a few.  My shooting phase has my LSG shoot at his Dragonslayer and I put a wound on him.

Turn 2 Dwarfs:
He advances his Warriors with the GWs up, but the placement of my PG bunker and the ruins next to it makes it difficult to charge.  His Lord's unit inches up, his Longbeards and Warrior unit moves up a little too.  The Grudge Thrower thankfully misses, the Organ Gun + Thunderers kills a few White Lions again (passing panic), and the Cannon fails to do anything.  During this phase, his insane Dragonslayer charges my LSG and they stand and shoot to kill him.

Turn 2 High Elves:
I charge the GT and the Cannon with my Eagles and charge the Runesmith's large unit of Warriors with my Sword Masters.  He holds across the board.  I SR my LSG and my Spear unit into fighting formation now that the templates have been engaged.  Magic sees a IF Pit of Shades miss the Ironbreakers again, but I miscast and kills 2 Phoenix Guard with a small template S10 over my Wizard's head.  Korhil and the BSB are saved by LOS! rolls.  Shooting from the LSG unit into the Organ Gun puts 3 wounds on him but he saves 1 of them.  Combat sees the Eagle charging the cannon killing the crew and overrunning into his Quallerers.  The Grudge Throwers' crew also lose combat, but thanks to Stubborn, they stay with 2 guys left.  My Sword Masters throw all their attacks into the unit and kill 6 total.  He swings back and only kills 2 guys, but he has the bonuses to stay in combat.

Turn 3 Dwarfs:
No charges are made this turn.  The Organ Gun fires at my LSG squad and kills 7 of them.  Thunderers shoot my White Lions and reduces them to 5 dudes.  I pass panic again and my White Lions are more grim-faced now than ever.  Everyone else that can move inches up and gets ready to charge.  Combat sees the Eagle with the Quallerers tie combat, I kill off the Stone Thrower and look at his Thunderers on the flank, and my Sword Masters throw their attacks at the Rune Priest/unit and kills him and 4 others.  Ranks and bonuses say otherwise and the Warriors hold in combat after only killing 1 Sword Master because of crappy rolls.

Turn 3 High Elves:
The turn begins and the Elves do a tactical retreat back with the PG, the leftover WL unit and the Spear unit.  I also placed my PG in a way that prevented his Warriors w/ GWs from getting in the action since his Lord's unit would block any charge space.  For magic, I IF Miasma and Pit of Shades (in that order) on the Lord's unit and it scatters again (sadface), but the large template covers a good amount of Ironbreakers in the Lord's unit.  He passes his LOS! roll but 13 Ironbreakers fail their I test since they need 1s to pass!  I also miscast on my PoS and I damage everyone around me for a S10 hit.  Korhil and the BSB both take a wound from that and 2 PG die.  That's fine, worth the damage done.  I forgot to charge my Eagle into his Thunderers because I'm bad and shooting from the LSG kills off the Organ Gun.  I lose the combat with the Quallerers but that's fine.  The eagle did its job.  Combat from the Sword Masters kill off a good amount of Warriors again, but thanks to the full command and ranks, he stays in the fight after killing 3 more Sword Masters.

Turn 4 Dwarfs:
On his turn, his Longbeards charges my 30-man Spear unit and my reaction is to hold.  The Dwarf Lord's unit tries to charge my White Lions but fails the charge and advances 6".  The Warriors w/ GWs move up slightly on a angle behind him.  His Thunderers reform and face my Great Eagle and his Quallerers adjust to face the battle as well.  The Warriors with the GW are behind the Lord's unit but unable to do anything this turn.  In combat, the Sword Masters finally lose combat and they run with 2 guys remaining.  The Spears attack in 4 ranks, puts out 21 attacks with WS4 re-rolls and scores 4 kills on his Longbeards.  That's pretty damn good.  He kills 5 total, exposes what his BSB was armed with and wins combat by 1.  I stay on a roll of 6.

Turn 4 High Elves:
I can't flank charge with my LSG squad because my stupid fleeing SMs (they keep fleeing) are in the way so they reform and shoot at the Warrior unit in front of them (killing 2).  My PG backpedaled a little more, and I positioned my White Lions in a diagonal line so if the Lord's unit charged, their flank would be exposed to my PG.  Magic sees Okkam's Mindrazor go off with IF on my Spear unit that's engaged with the Longbeards.  I miscast again and lose a Wizard level and Mindrazor (rolled a 1 for d3).  That's fine, that damage is done.  My Great Eagle flies behind his Thunderers and out of LoS of his Quallerers and in rear charge range of his Longbeard's unit.  In combat, I put 4 attacks into his Dwarf BSB and the S8 mauls him down.  The rest of the attacks go into the Longbeards but he rolls a godly number of 6s for Parry but that's not enough.  A ton of Longbeards go down and they break in combat (I think 8 die), only for me to roll a 1 and a 2 to run them down.  He rolled a 4 (5, -1 cause he's Dwarfs).  I guess the Mindrazor left the Spears stupid or something.

Turn 5 Dwarfs:
His Lord's unit charges my White Lions and I hold for that.  His Longbeards rally and face my Spears.  The Warrior unit with the GWs move into a flanking position should my PG charge and the Warrior unit that killed the Sword Masters charges my LSG unit.  The White Lion's Champ went into a challenge with his unkillable Lord, loses terribly (overkilled by 4) and only 2 White Lions remain because the Ironbreakers whiff their attacks.  They hold because of Stubborn on a 8.  The Warrior unit ties combat with the LSG and that was it for combat phase.

Turn 5 High Elves:
I charge my PG unit into the flank of his Dwarf Lord's unit, my Eagle charges the back of his Longbeard unit in combination with my Spears from the front, and combat is all over the board.  Magic phase is weak but has Miasma cast at the Lord's unit (reducing it by 2).  Korhil issues a challenge, lands a Killing Blow on the Lord who then shows him the Rune-of-I-don't-care and pimp slaps Korhil into the mud.  The BSB chops up some Ironbreakers, the White Lions chops up more Ironbreakers and the Phoenix Guard follow suit.  I have ranks, flank, charge, BSB and kills so he needs double 1s basically after all combat is done.  He breaks, I catch him and the game is over because we hit the Breakpoint.

High Elves claim major victory over the Dwarfs!


Anonymous said...

so how was it playing with a lvl 4 instead of teclis in this game? allso i just had to laugh at what happend to the WL turn one but thats new dwarfs i guess lol, great game though good reading hope your next game goes the same

Anonymous said...

Awesome BR. I just started WFB with this edition and got a question. Where does it explain in the rulebook about hiding your magic items cause I didn't saw it. If it isn't in the rulebook, how does it work?

Anonymous said...

seems you miscasted like hell.. guess thats BoH

Frost said...

BoH only miscasts on double 6s, its not any different than normal casting. You just get IF off doubles.

HERO said...

Yeah.. I rolled a lot of 6s when casting. The Lv.4 instead of Teclis felt pretty good.. it just meant that most of the time I'll be getting off 2 spells instead of 3. Teclis adds a good amount, but the Lv.4 with Book is pretty much the same thing because you're only taking him to break through magic defense.

As for revealing magical items, it's just something that I'm used to. I'm not sure where it mentions it in the 8th Ed. book if it's still there. Is it like 40K now where your opponent must tell you what he has? That would be good to know.

Bloomfield Cricket Club said...

Nice write up good to get a perspective on the Book of Hoeth LoS combo seems to be very popular atm

As for not knowing what your opponent has if its a friendly game I see no reason why you cant have open lists keeps it fun. Most tournaments are open list as well removes any argument over "I had this - no you didnt" kind of thing

Anonymous said...

Loosing 13 WL to 15 stonethrower hits, How??

Avgs says he should have only killed 4/5 did you remember you get armour saves vs rocks now?

HERO said...

His was a S5 Grudge Thrower that hit 15 guys, wounded with all of them, and I rolled like ass to save. That's how.

The Complex Games Apologist said...

It sounds like between the eagles and the mage, you were able to force the Dwarf player into the tactical disadvantage, making him attack out of joint. Rest=gg.

I've been concerned over the fragility of everything elf vs. a shooty army like dwarves or empire, at least when they can sit in their half of the board...but in this case your opponent was forced to attack--I'm unclear on why he had such a paucity of war machines when dwarf bolt throwers can visit the field in such abundance, nor why he didn't place a priority on taking out the eagles before they locked the WMs...another whoops that leads to GG, it seems.

did you fight with 'all comers' lists, or knowing which race your opponent would be?

HERO said...

I knew my opponent was Dwarfs, but this is the same list that I would take vs. other opponents. In the last couple of games of 8th, I noticed that 30x LSG are too much of a point sink and 20x Spears was not enough. Seeing that as not optimizing my points, I switched the two around. I also noticed in my games vs. TK that Eagles are needed to silence their Warmachines and add to the total number of threat on the field. It gives him something to shoot other than my units (or else I silence your guns), which is always a good thing. This is indeed a all-comers list and I see this as my main list from now on. I just wonder how this will fair against another magic powerhouse since I only have 1 Archmage.. hmm..

Frost said...

What kind of list would you do that included Lion Chariots and DPs? or would that suck... Trying to figure out what to buy next, have the battalion, 12 FC and a couple lion chariots and a Dragon Mage(sad).

HERO said...

Well, you can swap the Sword Masters out for 6x Dragon Princes.. or drop the Sword Masters and both Eagles for 2 high pressure Lion Chariots. You can also opt to drop the number of Phoenix Guard down and free up some points that way.

Ben said...

The Archmage was in the Pheonix Guard the whole game right? Do you find that it is the safest bunker for him, especially with onl the BoH, The ward saves against miscast explosions would be great. Would you go anyless than 20 in your opinion 10?

HERO said...

I would take no less than 20! Always. That's because their damage potential has been increased and their survivability has stayed the same. They're a great buy.

Anonymous said...

is a dwarf player a newbie? what a bullshit roster he had

Frost said...

Appreciate the response, back to army builder I go.

Anonymous said...

Do the White Lions get a save versus strength 5? I thought they only have heavy armour so that should have denied them a save.

HERO said...

White Lions have heavy armor and Lion Cloaks, which gives them a 3+ vs. shooting.

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