Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grey Knights nostalgia

Damn.. this sucks.  I have High Elves coming out in September and November.. and now I have Grey Knights to look forward to.  I am going to be SO poor!

So going back in time.. Grey Knights was the first army that I ever owned.  The first time I walked into a GW store, I was asked to pick out a blister and paint a free mini.  Guess what I bought and painted?  A Grey Knight Terminator because the model was absolutely bad ass.

My paint scheme was...
Prime White
Boltgun Metal basecoat
Black Ink wash
Mithril Silver drybrush
More washing on the parts that needed it
Enchanted Blue + blue ink wash on the eyes
Red Gore + Blood Red + black ink wash on the books
Bleached Bone + Skull White mixture + brown ink wash on the Scrolls
Shining Gold + Chestnut Ink wash on the gold parts
Blue ink wash layering on the weapon

I painted so many of these bastards and to let them go for a measly 350 bux is just really really sad face. I had something like 27 Grey Knight Terminators!  This just comes to show you guys.. NEVER EVER sell your minis.. especially your painted ones.  If you get bored from playing them, just shelve them for a later date.



As for the current rumors.. here's what we know so far:

Codex: there is much less focus on Inquisition aspects, and no SoB. No Allies. A GK army.

Storm Raven. obvious choice. Options for BA, GK and ???
TA knights: 5 pack, Paladin upgrades, squad upgrades. Psycannon, NFW, SSTH, banner?
PA knights: 10 pack, justicar upgrades, squad upgrades, extra bits. NFW, psycannon, incinerator, banner?
Walker: There have been some rumors of a GK driven walker. I have not personally seen this in any incarnation. However, there is a boxed walker of some type. I suspect this is a dreadnaught box set that will also have bits for BA.
Tank: I have not seen mention of a GK troop transport. Rhino based with psycannon options has been in some PT. I list this as possible, but unlikely, 4 box sets of this size are about par for a release, 5 would be a surprise.

New Stern
New Chaplain?
Justicar upgrade character
Paladin upgrade character
Inquisition character
2 other blisters unknown contents

Later release of GK themed terrain set? Concepts are out and some "preview" shots are floating around if you hunt. Nothing more I can say on this.

Rule bits, these are very subject to revision, but not for much longer, to hit a Jan/Mar window codex needs to be tied up and sent to printers soon:

NFW lose the changing abilities based on rank of user. standardized to PA NFW is PW with special abilities vs Daemons, TA NFW is FW with same.

Some interesting Psychic abilities. just about all squads have psychic options. Heavy on they disabling side. Enemy psychers beware.

Not a lot of Mech. But quick to deploy.

Psycannon profile PT changes to 24" H3 AP3 S6, special against daemons and psychics. or if unmoving 5" blast 36" range

Army wide. Daemonic Infestation makes summoned demons less instable?

No allies from/to other Codii. new fodder units in codex. not same as guard units.

New options for Dreadnaughts including libby. psycannon arm. Purge weapon...large pie plate, special abilities include forcing instability test for daemons, including DoC armies, pinning in other armies.


The Inner Geek said...

All the rumors have me wanting to dust off and finish up some of my Grey Knight goodies. Sorry to hear you sold yours some time back, but I bet it seemed like a good idea at the time!

The Inner Geek said...

Oh, also! My first GW mini was an old Rogue Trader era Grey Knight Terminator. Small world.

Kelvin said...

Wa... same here... Grey Knights were also my first 40k army that I started years ago, have been loving them more and more each years... haha. Really looking forward for the new ones coming soooon. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I think that this sucks! Don't get me wrong, I love the Grey Knights(best loyalist army out there, from minis to background!!) and they really needed this, but its really annoying that only Loyalist Marine armies are constantly getting codexes and updates.
There are 6 different Codexes for Space Marines (including Grey Knights) and what do Chaos get?? A half assed, water down, half-a-dex. These are the Ultimate Badasses of the 40k universe, the Veterans of thousands of campaigns!! And yet I'm constantly seeing them get there asses handed to them by the new-blood, fresh faced, barely trained Space Marines. Seriously, its ridiculous. Not only do they barely have 1 Codex, but Legions like the Night Lords and Alpha Legion can't even be played with according to their Background. And that's to say nothing about the Iron Warriors and Word Bearers. GW needs to sort out this mess, cause its getting pretty boring having to play a Chaos army with a Space Wolf codex to make it anyway fair.
I mean, what's the point in making all these kickass Hero-boy armies if they don't have a true tryanical Villian to play against??

HERO said...

I long for a new C:SM codex as well! The current book is just so favorless..

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