Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Blood Angels unit bucket

So with the release of every new codex, I look through the book and find the best stuff and the worst stuff.  I erase all the garbage units (Chaos Spawn) in my head and concentrate on two sets of units; my competitive units and my fun units.  The competitive units are normally the best units in the codex; whether its because they're cost effective or just really good.  The fun units are the units that are fluffy, fun to take and mess around with, but I wouldn't take them in a serious game.  I completely understand that by dismissing the "garbage" units I throw out half of the units that I can possibly play.. but this is a money game in every sense of the word.  Maybe it's the RTS gamer in me that makes my use of resources so overly-critical, but I think anything with limited expenditure should be taken seriously.  It's all about being cost effective ingame, and in real life because you should only purchase models you know you'll use.

Before we continue, understand that these are my opinions on what the best choices are.  You don't have to agree, in fact, I encourage you don't.  That way, we can all engage in a wider spectrum of gameplay and playtest diversity.

Here is my competitive units bucket:

  • Librarian w/ Jump pack or without.
  • Reclusiarch w/ Jump pack or without; but I'd rather see him without to save points.
  • Mephiston and Corbulo as the only worthwhile SCs.
  • Honor Guard w/ either 2-3 PW or Special Weapons.  In a Razorback is best, but JP isn't too bad.
  • 10x ASM w/ PF/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns or Flamers
  • 10x ASM w/ PF, 2x Meltaguns or Flamers in a Rhino
  • 5x ASM w/ a Meltagun, PF or PW in a Razorback w/ purposeful shooting.
  • Sanguinary Priests; naked if possible, JP if you must, or TDA with Assault Terminators in an LRC.
  • 5x Assault Terminators geared towards Furious Charge; 4x LC/1x TH/SS.  This obviously means you must take a LRC.
  • Furioso Dreadnought in a Drop Pod with either Blood Talons, Fists, Librarian or Frag Cannon.  It's all good as long as he's in a pod.
  • Vanguard Vets w/ Jump Packs, naked or with 1 more PW.
  • Baal Predators w/ HB Sponsons
  • Attack Bikes w/ MM
  • Vindicators w/ Dozer Blades
  • Predators w/ LC Sponsons
My fun bucket basically includes everything else.  Death Company has changed from a staple in our army to something more on the lines of fun.  You can't really expect a non-scoring unit that can't be controlled to be played competitively.  With that in mind, this basically sets Astorath, LeMartes, DC Dreads and other crazies in the same direction.  I guess Astorath not so much because he can still act as a army buffer.. but he's an army buffer based on chance.  Sanguinor costs a lot more but at least his sergeant buff and the +1A 6" bubble is constant.  But if you're really looking some SC fun, you might as well go with Seth and go with a Flesh Tearers army with the full DC crazy package.

Blood Angels are a fast moving, assault-based army that takes advantage of getting the charge (Furious Charge) and preventing return melee damage (FNP).  That is their hallmark in the new book and that's how I'm going to play them.  Tactical Squads and Devastators do not fit this mandate.  They are too stationary to carry out the needs of my army and thus they do not belong.  Keep in mind that this doesn't mean they are bad units.  The Tacticals have always been the same and the Devastator weapons are cheaper now so you have more options.  They just don't fit in with my particular playstyle.

Let's face it, a lot to this game is based on fun, but not always.  Take whatever units that floats your boat, but realize that some units out there are better choices than others.  I have my go-to unit bucket whenever I'm making a list and you probably have yours.  It makes list constructing a hell of a lot easier because you know all these units by cost, function and capability.  You will understand that a fast list requires fast units and you'll know which units to pick.  You will be able to envision the battleplan in your head with the units that you've chosen, thus improving the clarity of the lists' true purpose.  Making a resource list for yourself not only improves your organization but gives you focus when constructing your army.


Anonymous said...

I dug out my 3rd Edition era marines that I had collected but never used and was wondering what you would add/subtract.

Currently I am building towards the following.
1 Librarian on Foot
2 Priests (one being Corbulo, could have the other with a JP to follow the ASM squad around)
10 ASM w/JP 2xMelta
10 Tac w/Rhino + HB/Plasma
8 ASM w/Rhino + Flamer (was going to attach my Librarian + Priest to these guys)
7 of the metal BP/CCW Scouts
1 Vindicator
1 Dread w/2 CCW
5 Death Company

Future plans on release where to get a Baal Pred, and a Drop Pod for the dreadnaught at least while also potentially filling out the DC with another 5 and bolters, give them a Pod as well. I am not even sure what point total that would come to as I dont currently play marines, but any thoughts you may have would be appreciated.

HERO said...

What you have there is more than enough to get started on a good list. Simply play the Dread as a DC Dread since you already have Death Company in your army.. although I would stick them in a Rhino over a Drop Pod.

I advocate strongly for a 10-man ASM squad when taking them in Rhinos because you get access to that 2nd Special weapon. If you plan on taking the Libby or Priest with them, you might as well run with a smaller squad of 5 in a Razorback. If the Librarian really wants to cast powers, he should be on a Jump Pack for range/LoS flexibility.

Other than that, some Baal Preds are always a strong choice in any list.

Anonymous said...

My competitive bucket:

1 Captain with Power Weapon
1 Sanguinary Priest
10 Death Company with 1 Power Fist 1 Power Weapon in a Pod
10 Tactical Marines with Power Fist, Plasmagun, Multi-Melta, Rhino
5 Assault Marines with Power Weapon, Meltagun, Razorback

My Fun Bucket:
1 Librarian
1 Reclusiarch
1 Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack
1 Sanguinary Priest with Plasma Pistol
5 Honor Guard with Power Fist, Power Weapon, Meltagun, Flamer, Razorback
5 Sternguard with 2 Plasmaguns 3 Combi Plasmas in a Pod
5 Tactical Terminators in a Pod
5 Assault Marines with Power Weapon, Flamer, Jump Packs
5 Devastators with 3 Missile Launchers

Obviously I will take the first list and add from the second list depending on enemy.

Scarvet said...

Few things that I disagree

1) Dante and Tycho is more the worth while. The former cripple any IC, and gave you unit Hit&Run. The Later have Rite of Battle and have a good arrangement of wargears. Corbulo on the other hand seem trivial....

2) Sergent Weapon: Handflamer is superior to infernous pistol, gives some leverage against unit that your assault squad do not have a clear advantage, especially for the 5 man Razorback units.

3) Furioso Librarian is not on the same line as the rest of the units in your bucket. Especially the fact that it may not be able to take any upgrade.

HERO said...

Corbulo is worth the two Priests in cost. He has the same amount of wounds, almost the same number of attacks but his weapon is better (S5 Rending), and he's pretty much invulnerable to normal attacks (Fists scare him to death though). I think he's a pretty good buy.

I am willing to give Dante and Tycho a try when I can. Dante's actually not bad.. it's just the fact that he's 225 points that makes him expensive. He's probably going to be the guy that I'll try first (in hopes of promoting him to my awesome bucket).

Your other points are very valid. Thank you for the suggestions :)

Scarvet said...

Is Corbulo I5, that would make him worth it...

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