Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why start a blog?

I've been holding out on starting a blog for a long time. Maybe it was pure laziness that prevented me from transferring my ideas onto paper, but due to the encouragement of my peers, I've finally decided to get started.

In this blog, I will talk about the various aspects of computer gaming, table-top gaming or any form of game-related material that I happen to come across. I can't help it really.. I work at a gaming company and I'm surrounded by games all the time. My big focuses right now is SC2 beta, Warhammer 40K and some Warhammer Fantasy. Don't be surprised if all you read is Warhammer 40K for a while.. that's my big thing right now with the new Blood Angels Codex coming out April 3rd. It's safe to say that I'm very excited about it.

By reading my blog, you'll understand the thought process that I share when playing the games that I enjoy. I am a competitive person and I love a good challenge - this is what keeps me motivated to become better. I will go through the various aspects of competitive gaming, why certain methods of gaming are better than others and how anyone can aspire to greatness if they try.

Here are some strategy guides that I've done in the past:

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