Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crimson Fists

"There is only the Emperor!"
"He is our shield and our protector!"
Warcry of the Crimson Fists

The first army that I started with in the C:SM codex was the Crimson Fists.  Being a Seconding Founding Chapter of the Imperial Fists, the Crimson Fists received its unyielding tenacity from the Primarch Rogal Dorn.  Lately, tragedy has befallen the Chapter and their Fortress Monastery on Rynn's World has been destroyed the Orks.  Though injured and severely outnumbered, Pedro Kantor, Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists rallied the remnants of his Chapter and fought courageously to purge the Ork invaders from Rynn's World.

Ingame, Pedro Kantor is actually one of the most price effective choices in the entire book.  He's a Chapter Master so he automatically has access to Honor Guard and Orbital Bombardment.  His special rules replaces the entire army's Chapter Tactics with Stubborn and Hold The Line!  Stubborn makes it so you always take morale checks at max leadership when you lose combat and Hold The Line! makes all your Sternguard Veterans count as scoring units.  Probably the biggest bonus that he offers is an amazing 12" aura of +1 attack to all friendly units within 12" called Inspiring Presence.  This is huge!  It makes your basic Marines fight like Veterans and your Veterans fight like gods.  This also effects Dreadnoughts so your Ironclads get 5 attacks on the charge.  Aside from that, he comes with a S4 AP4 Assault 4 Storm Bolter at BS5 and a Power Fist at WS6 and 3 attacks base.

The way I envisioned my Crimson Fists army was to be a list with Pedro Kantor leading a small but elite army capable of shattering the fiercest opponents.  Since most of the Chapter was wiped out when the Fortress Monastery was destroyed, they only have limited resources to play with.  This however, does not mean they can't be competitive.  With veteran squads carrying mankind's greatest weapons and one of the most courageous Chapter Masters to lead them, traitors and xenos alike will learn to fear the wrath of the Crimson Fists!

Crimson Fists

Pedro Kantor = 175
Librarian (TDA/SS) = 140

10x Tacticals (Rhino, PF, Meltagun, LC) = 245
10x Tacticals (Rhino, PF, Meltagun, PC) = 240

5x TH/SS Terminators (LR w/ MM) = 460
6x Sternguard (RB TLLC, 2x PC) = 245
6x Sternguard (RB TLLC, 2x PC) = 245

The first thing you'll notice here is the single Land Raider Godhammer pattern (to symbolize Rynn's Might) and the 2 squads of Sternguard Veterans.  Because the Crimson Fists cannot afford further losses to their already diminished Chapter, the army is designed to play defensively and take advantage of their expert weaponry, Stubborn and Pedro's 12" Inspiring Presence.

The Sternguard and their Razorbacks with TLLC will deploy close enough together to allow the rest of the army to assist them if needed.  Depending on player turn and board layout, Pedro will either deploy with them or inside the Land Raider.  On my opening volley, I should be able to shoot out 4 TLLC shots from the Land Raider and two Razorbacks, and a single Lascannon shot from the Tactical squad inside the Rhino.  If Pedro is allowed to deploy with the Sternguard, he will use his Orbital Barrage and hopefully bust open the heaviest transport available.  This will hopefully damage enemy transports and make them exposed to my next round of fire which will consist of 5 Plasma Cannon shots from the Sternguard and Tactical squads.  The Librarian with Terminator Armor and Storm Shield will probably have Avenger (S5 AP3 Template) and Vortex of Doom (12" S10 AP1 Blast) and he'll be assisting the counter-charge with the 5x TH/SS Terminators.  In the presence of Pedro's heroic presence, they will get 20x Thunderhammer attacks on the charge.  Easily capable of destroying most squads in one turn of combat.

I personally think I captured the theme of the Crimson Fists pretty well with this list.  I take advantage of Pedro's Hold the Line! rule that makes Sternguard scoring and at the same time I keep the list small and elite.  Once I am satisfied that I have done enough damage to my opponent's army, I will pack up my Sternguard squads in their dedicated RBs and make way to the closet objective.  They will camp there while the rest of my army assists with contesting or point control.


Jack Badelaire said...

Very cool list. I've picked the CFs as my first Codex SM list (once my Wolves are done), and I'm looking to build perhaps a reserve company force, to represent a slowly rebuilt company with 1st and 10th company support. I'd actually like to build just a small, perhaps 1K army, and use it as a "training army" for new players interested in learning 40K.

HERO said...

That would be very cool Badelarie. Most of my C:SM armies are now "trainer" for fun armies as well.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Sternguard have their strengths in close range firefights where they can use their specialist ammunition better; which is why I think that PCs in a sternguard squad seem rather like a waste of either rapid fire super bolters or of the PCs - why not put them in devastator squads instead, and have sternguard doing what they do best?

HERO said...

Well, Sternguard can take 2 heavy weapons cheaper than Devastators can.. so in list like this, they function as Devastators who can score!

While I agree that their special ammunition provides a lot of close range options, they still die like normal marines. Since the objective of this particular list is to play defensive, I chose for long-range Sternguard over the close-range ones.

Max said...

Go CFs... if I ever go Space Marine and want to do an established chapter, it'll be those guys.

Mr One said...

Sounds like a good fun list nice gunline while taking advantage of the rules that Pedro provides. Would be fun to play and play against.

Scarvet said...

I would op for more mobile and up close approach with Crimson Fist. This list however would be nice for Imperial Fist.

jpwyrm said...

As a CF player myself, I really like your list and all the thoughts you've put behind it. I must say I agree with the argument of SG being more effective at short range though.

I was wondering if it could be effective to include a SG squad at max number with 2HF and a Rhino. This way, you can either split them and have the half with HF runing around in the Rhino and flaming to death Infantry, or keep them as one big unit that can either defend or attack with good chances of success. Don't know if this would fit the points limit though...

I'll be watching this Blog avidly in the future, I like what you're doing.

HERO said...

I will get to short-range Sternguard in greater detail in my next blog entry on Salamanders :)

Jack Badelaire said... Sternguard in your Sallies list? ;-)

HERO said...

Not in my current one, but I have used them in the past! I especially liked my "Dragon's Fire" unit of Sternguard hehe.

Jack B said...

Hello HERO,
Sorry to revive a very old thread but I would like to know your opinion about revisiting that list for 6th edition. IMHO, it has all the ingredients of a sturdy 6th edition list (with the possible exception of anti-flyer weapons).
I would really appreciate your insights!

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