Friday, March 19, 2010

My balanced approach at 1750

Here is my 1750 SW list.  I named it "Steel Rain, Armored Column".

11 kp

Rune Priest (Chooser) = 110

9x Grey Hunters w/ WG (Rhino, PF, cbM, Meltagun, WS, MotW) = 243
9x Grey Hunters w/ WG (Rhino, PF, cbM, Meltagun, WS, MotW) = 243
8x Grey Hunters w/ WG (Rhino, PF, cbM, Meltagun, WS, MotW) = 228
10x Grey Hunters w/ Rockfist (2x Meltagun, WS, MotW) = 368

6x Long Fangs (5x ML) = 140
6x Long Fangs (5x ML) = 140
LRC (MM) = 260

The idea behind this list is quite simple. You force a reaction out of your opponents army by shooting the hell out of him with 10 rockets per turn. S8 AP3 at 48" means I can reach out and threaten everything he has so I'm satisfied in that department. I mean, I could go for max beard and take Razorbacks for those Grey Hunters and min-max my list to shoot, but I like my friends so I think I'd rather keep them. Space Wolves, believe it or not, can shoot the living crap out of you with 15 missiles per turn (3x6 Long Fangs) with Razorbacks w/ TLLC and supporting Cyclone Launching WGT. All that fits pretty comfortably in your heavy support choice too.. which is pretty scary.

This list I have here is a solid mix of both shooting and close-range aggression. I have the tools to reach out and poke at my enemy and at the same time, I can rapidly respond and close in around him with rapid firing Grey Hunters. The way I have my Grey Hunters setup is so they're extremely diverse in their roles and can survive after taking a charge. Among the mountain of beard and fur stands the man-mountain himself, Arjac Rockfist. If any IC or uber creature is giving my army a hard time, he will be there to deal with them in CC. But first, his squad will shoot off their 2x Meltaguns and Arjac will throw his S10 hammer of doom into the face of his adversary.

This is a very balanced wolf list that utilizes the best the army book has to offer: The Rune Priest, Grey Hunters, Long Fangs and the great equalizer, Arjac.


Angerbot said...

This seems like a perfectly effective list to me, nothing wrong with it in the least.

And it's totally not the kind of list I like to play. It is too stagnant in variety of choices and options, and for me gets pretty boring pretty quickly. I also don't really find such lists fun to play against, as they typically have a single tactical response.

Diverse lists are harder to make competitive, but much tougher for your opponent to read, crack, and respond to.

I guess that's why I don't really care to play 40K uber competitively. For me it sucks the fun out of the game. Not because I lose, but because the game that is produced is too predictable and lacks flavor.

Anonymous said...

I liked the old title better. Steel Rain!!

HERO said...

Me too.. but I felt it might be confusing for those who read the next blog post :-)

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