Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Man-Mountain

So everyone knows about Arjac Rockfist right? In case you didn't know, he's a special character/upgrade character to Wolf Guards (essentially, a SM Sergeant equiv). That means he can be split up and put into a squad at the beginning of the game and can't be picked out in combat. If you think that's mean, he's WS5, always hits on 3s (Wolf Tooth Talisman), re-rolls vs. ICs and MCs, has a S10 AP1 Thunderhammer that can be thrown at BS5 at 6", has 4 attacks in the first round of every fresh combat (5 if you charged), and wears Terminator Armor with a Storm Shield, and oh yeah, he has Eternal Warrior with 2 Wounds. His S10 Thunderhammer known as Foehammer can crush the skulls of any MEQ, Tyranid Warrior or Nob Biker. He's 188 points and he's one of the best buys in the book.

I've taken him a few times and in the games I've used him, he has rarely died. He has always made his points back in the games where I've taken him.. killing tens of Plague Marines, Tyranid Warriors or Wraithguard, he's always a great buy. A lot of the players in my club are complaining that he might be too powerful; I agree with them. The fact that he can't be picked out in combat and is always swinging at targets of opportunity (such as ICs) is ludicrous. That S10 hammer threatens everything in the game and nothing is safe from it. I normally take him in a squad of 10x Grey Hunters w/ 2x Meltaguns, Mark of the Wulfen and a Wolf Standard. The fact that I can use Wolf Standard in conjunction with Arjac is also pretty funny. Being able to re-roll failed Terminator saves of 2+ or SS saves of 3++ is quite entertaining.

I think in every game I've taken him, he's killed triple his cost. If that's not a good buy, I don't know what is!

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Derrick Whittet said...

If only he could be squeezed into a Rhino, I'd never leave him at home. Alas, however, I dislike land raiders :(

Still... Drop podded GH or WGTermies with him are really sexy :)

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