Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two games I'm looking at

Now that Diablo III is out the door (I hope you fellas are playing it!) and I'm back from Europe (it was amazing), let's get back into some minis!

To lead some stuff off, there's 2 games that's looking to be pretty promising.  Some of my friends are already looking into one of them and from what I hear, it sounds pretty damn good.  That game is Dust Warfare:

This game takes place in an alternate reality WWIII setting and it's pretty much Red Alert on the table-top.  There are 3 factions in the game; the Axis, Allies and SSU (Sino-Soviet Union).  It's pretty much one of my favorite settings in a game ever, but I haven't got my head around the rules yet.  From what I hear, it's really back and forth with players taking alternate/interactive turns like Infinity and Firestorm Armada.  I ordered the rulebook and its on its way!  I'll let you guys know one I read that thing in and out.

The next game I'm looking out isn't out yet.. but the minis alone is enough to get me into the game.  That game is called Dropzone Commander and it's about Sci-Fi alien races fighting against each other in a 10mm setting.  I guess 10mm is something smaller like Flames of War in terms of scale, but the setting reminds me of Aliens, Halo and the Scrin from CNC3.  The game is made by unheard of developer Hawk Wargames.  The minis and rules come on pre-order in the near future and that's something I'm pretty excited about.

Let me show you some of the minis:

From what I've seen from their latest interview, it seems like the game will be like Ground Control (RTS) on table-top.  Check it out here and here.

Hmm.. very tempting.  Does anyone know anything more about these games?  Which one should I get into?


Merkbc said...

After spending the morning going over all of the Dropzone Commander information I could find, I would go with that.  The Post Human Republic models are amazing looking as are the United Colonies of Mankind models.  I cannot wait until this releases so we can read the rules.  A "quote" from a Hawk Wargames employee also said that the prices for the models with be premium-average for a premium product; when asked how they would compare to GW products, the employee said that GW is way above average for the quality; hope at last!

Darkseer said...

Don't want to shoot down Drop Zone Commander, but when I was chatting to the people behind it at SALUTE a few weeks back, the only thing they had going for them was the models. Seriously, they had no idea how their rules were going to work, how big a standard army would be or even the cost of their miniatures.

Very worrying imho.

Gareth Jenkins said...

I aagree with Darkseer about the rules for DZC.  They have been very reticent with descriptions, and they didn't have  rulebook finalized when they revealed the models.  They are playtesting as we speak.  However, it has been in the works for 2 and a half years, so there must be some basis that they are working from.  Also, they have stated that the rulebook will be ready for order at the same time as the models.  So, there is no reason that you can't get the rules before you invest.  

Personally, I will be ordering the largest Shaltari deal available.  I love the models and the teasers of gameplay are enough to get me excited.  Also, I feel "epic" scale is sorely underutilized, and this company looks like they are handling it very well.  I am totally blown away by the quality of the minis, and the latest images (showcased on the Beats of War on their On the Table show) display the models in terrain, and they are simply gorgeous.  

DZC definitely gets my vote.

The rules for Dust are pretty good though.  Someone did an interesting article on them on BoLS, which gives a good overview.  The models just don't do it for me though.  They are well done, just not my bag.

Enrgie said...

I'm playing Dust Warfare right now and the UGOIGO system keeps me engaged. I love the Axis models and the details on those little fellas are amazing. It's not expensive to get in (compared to GW and it's annual price increase) and easy to start too. When I really need a unit, I just pick up a box, open it and play! No assembly or priming required. 

I do like the look of the Dropzone Commander minis. I will probably give it a shot too but FFG is a strong company and I can expect them to provide continous support. 

Darkseer said...

Hey Gareth,

just wanted to add to what you're saying. At SALUTE I asked one of the DZC guys some really tough questions, I can't remember his exact words, but I got the gist that while the miniatures and the universe were amazing the rules have a really, really long way to go. The concept of the game is that your drop ships can land ANYWHERE, which presents some interesting play test issues.

Also, they've been working on it for 2 and a half years because it's probably formed the basis of someone's CAD qualification!Don't get me wrong, the models are stunning, but the game play could be so-so. 

Gareth Jenkins said...

Oh yeah, I agree completely.  It is a warning sign that the minis come before the rules.  A game should really be developed the other way around.  Basic Concept --> Rules --> Final Mini Sculpts

I am really hoping the rules will live up to the minis, but only time will tell.  And it almost seems like they previewed the minis, and got so much buzz, and THEN started playtesting.  You are right, I wasn't at Salute, but even in interviews, there is a weird vibe when they mention the rules.

Sythica said...

Part of it will depend on how responsive they are to change after the game is released.  If it sucks and they take GW's approach, cool models won't save them.  If they work closely with the community and react to things that are broken, I'll be happy to participate (for a while) because of the potential.

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