Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New 40K flyers incoming!

I make the Guppy look pretty.


Here they are folks.  They look... alright I guess.  The SM one is a little lackluster.. maybe if you strip a couple of the oversized gun pockets off it'll look like a CNC Orca Gunship.  At least the Ork and Necron ships look pretty good though.

Necron Nightscythe and Doomscythe.

Orks orks orks orks orks..


Kevin Spyrle said...


Groltag said...

Damn, and I was just about to start a Space marine army, now I've a reason to do it even more. I like the Stormtalon for it's C&C eqse look...

Bitten By Design said...

I had been wanting to see what the rules looked like, and now I have seen them, I am tempted to get two to attach to deep striking units. Having a terminator squad turn up on the table WITH heavy firepower support... Or a drop pod assault arriving with some serious firepower? Makes for a serious arrival of firepower against horde armies.

But I do think a squad of multi-melta landspeeders is cheaper and better suited to anti-vehicle roles in the marine army.

Dimitri Del Castillo said...

Ork air is surprisingly meh. I expected supa shootas to have at least an equal profile as a Deff Gun and A3 is pretty pathetic at BS2. None of the bombs on the planes are <AP4 which is flat out lame. No help killing MEQ and no help knocking out tanks which is really what orks needed. GW had an amazing opportunity to make an Il-2 Sturmovic analog here and just didn't get it.

Looks like Vendettas are still the flyer with all the value.

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