Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going to Europe, be back later!

D3 is just a few weeks away and I'm in desperate need of a vacation!
Going to London, Barcelona, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and finishing our trip in Paris.

I will see you beautiful people after I come back on the 20th.
GL HF, play Diablo III when it comes out on the 15th :)


Shattered oath said...

if you have the chance dont forget amsterdam !!! 

Anonymous said...

Hero sorry this isn't an email but I currently don't have an address.
Anyway I was wondering if this is a good army list for eldar in 5th. If anyone else has some tactical advice please chime in. The more the merrier!
List is as follows:
Farseer runes of warding doom guide spirit stones 145 pts
Avatar of khaine 155 pts
10 rangers 190 pts
5 dark reapers exarch temptest launcher crack shot 217 pts
15 guardians warlock conceal star cannon 185 pts
15 guardians warlock conceal bright lance 190 pts
5 warp spiders exarch spinnerette rifle power blades 162 points
5 shining spears exarch star lance shuriken cannon skilled rider withdraw 252 pts
10 dire avengers exarch twin linked shuriken catapult blade storm defend 172
10 howling banshees exarch mirror swords war shout acrobatic 192 pts
1 d-cannon

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to mention my tactics with this list
Dark reapers rangers and the d cannon sit on my home objective. These units offer fire support and protect my own objective. The guardians advance alongside the dire avengers towards the enemies objective moving through whatever cover I can find. The howling banshees move behind them acting as a counter assault unit should the avengers or guardians be charged. The warping spiders and the shining spears move quickly to harass enemy scoring units and to offer support where possible. Thank you for any feedback.

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